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M-Yoga App: Every year on 21st June, International Yoga Day is celebrated. Along with India, other countries also celebrate Yoga Day. This year too many programs have been organized in India on the occasion of Yoga Day.

This year one of the biggest programs of vaccine campaign was also done on the occasion of Yoga Day. Along with this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also launched an app. The name of this app is M-Yoga App. It is also called WHO-mYoga App. Today in this post we will learn about M-Yoga App. So let us now know all the information about M-Yoga App one by one.

What is the M-Yoga App?

The Government of India and WHO together developed an app to teach yoga to people, which is known as M-Yoga App or WHO-mYoga App. M-Yoga App has been launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of International Yoga Day on 21st June. You can easily learn yoga by watching the videos of yoga available in this application. T

he application is completely secure. In this you are not asked for any kind of information. Also, by downloading the videos available in the M-Yoga App, you can learn yoga by watching it offline as well. There are 31 learning videos in this app which are divided into 3 different sessions. Also it has 3 audio sessions.

M Yoga App Full Form

This yoga app is known as M-Yoga App or WHO-mYoga App. AlthouThis application was launched for the entire world on the event of International Yoga Day on 21st June. M-Yoga application has just been launched in Hindi and English language. It can be expected that in the coming time it can come in more languages.

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Benefits Of M-Yoga App

Today the entire world has been a Covid, so M-Yoga App can be viewed as a decent drive of WHO and Government of India. Along with corona, many other diseases are flourishing. Our body’s immunity plays an important role in fighting any disease. If our body is healthy then our immunity will also be more. As seen, yoga plays a very important role in making the body healthy. Therefore M-Yoga App can also play an important role in fighting the disease in this era.

Due to Corona, today a very good girl is suffering a lot mentally. Because today people are not even able to meet each other and some people are also feeling the pain of losing themselves and their business. Due to this many people have also become victims of depression. As it has been found that doing yoga also relieves mental stress. If we want to live a stress free life then yoga should be included in our daily routine. So M-Yoga App can play a very important role in our life.

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M Yoga App Download

If you want to download M Yoga App then you have to search WHO mYoga App on Play Store. There you will see the WHO mYoga App at the top. When you search mYoga App on Play Store. There you also see a list of many yoga apps. But you install only the Yoga App shown in the image below.

There are many yoga apps on play store. If there is some of these, then there are such that it may not be safe for you. That’s why we have also given a download button below for your convenience, through which you can download and install WHO mYoga App directly from Play Store. Before installing the app, you must keep in mind the people of mYoga App in the image given below.

Free Yoga Classes Near Me

In today’s time many people want to do yoga. That’s why people keep searching for Free Yoga Classes Near Me and women Yoga Near Me For Ladies on the internet. But after the arrival of WHO mYoga App, now you will not need to search for Free Yoga Classes Near Me and Yoga Near Me For Ladies again and again. If you use WHO mYoga App. You can easily learn yoga at home through videos available on WHO mYoga App.

Yoga Videos Free Download

As you must have known by now that WHO mYoga App is a pre-recorded yoga video platform. You can watch the video available here online. If you want, you can also watch Yoga Videos offline by downloading it for free. Now you do not need to read Yoga Videos Free Download again and again on the internet. You can Free Download Yoga Videos on WHO mYoga App.

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Yoga For Weight Loss Video Download

Friends, I would like to tell you that you can easily learn Yoga by watching Videos available on WHO mYoga App. However, the video available here is not specifically for Yoga For Weight Loss. But if you are searching about Yoga For Weight Loss Video Download, then I would like to tell you that by watching the video available WHO mYoga App, you can practice Yoga well. Which can also help you to lose weight. Now it completely depends on you, how much regularity and diligence you practice yoga.

Yoga Personal Trainer

Are you looking for a Personal Yoga Trainer if yes? So I would like to tell you that you can use the WHO mYoga App launched by the Government of India and WHO. This app can be useful as your Yoga Personal Trainer. You can do yoga yourself by watching the videos available here. The way Yoga Personal Trainer comes to you by practicing Yoga. WHO mYoga App will also help you to practice Yoga. You can download the WHO mYoga App through the download button given below.

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