Liveworksheets: Step-by-Step User Guide

Liveworksheets: In terms of education, the optimization of traditional tasks has been possible thanks to the use of digital resources. Tools like Google Classroom with clear educational purposes. This is how the Liveworksheets web portal has made life easier for both students and teachers. And it is that, not only will you be able to make those traditional cards to which we are accustomed, but you will be able to add any amount of visual and auditory resources to them if you wish.

Everything mentioned has helped stimulate learning in the youngest through an extra boost of motivation. On the other hand, it is possible to optimize the correction time by teachers, as well as helping to preserve the environment. The best part of all this is that you don’t have to be an expert in the field to take advantage of these incredible tools.

What is Liveworksheets?

Liveworksheets is a web portal designed for students and teachers , which allows the creation of traditional printable worksheets or interactive online worksheets. Its strength is, therefore, the creation of these interactive cards as a more attractive tool among its users.

With the help of Liveworksheets you will be able to add sounds , videos , interactive drag and drop exercises … Also join with arrows, multiple selection and even exercises spoken through a microphone. All this can be done in doc, pdf, jpg formats, among many more depending on your needs. You can even add them to your website or blog.

How to use Liveworksheets?

As we have mentioned before, its use is very simple to carry out. Liveworksheets itself gives us detailed instructions on how it works. However, to avoid any confusion, follow step by step what you have to do:

  1. Enter and register on the Liveworksheets web portal.
  2. Open the Liveworksheets Maker.
  3. Choose a doc, docx, pdf, jpg or png file on your computer and choose the “Send” option.
  4. Draw text boxes on your card.
  5. Enter the correct relevant answers in these text boxes.
  6. In the “preview” button , you can have a preview of your file to check its operation.
  7. Save your file in the “Save” button.
  8. Enter a title, your username and your password to get the link to your interactive sheet.
  9. Share your file with other people, granting your authorization. You can also keep it private if you wish.
  10. If at the end you are not completely satisfied with the created file, you can discard it in the “Discard” button .

Liveworksheets interactive worksheets

The use of this tool can be much more extensive. You should be able to handle a few little tricks if you want to get the most out of all the Liveworksheets Maker features :

  • Multiple selection exercise : you must draw a text box and write the word “Choose”, followed by the options you want to place, separated by bars (/).
  • To determine which answers are correct and which are not, you must enter the phrase “Select: yes” for the correct ones or “Select: no” for the incorrect ones in the text box . If the answer is free, just put “Select:”.
  • Selection exercises : you just have to add the command “tick: yes” or “tick: no” for the correct and incorrect answers respectively. If it’s a free response, put the command “tick:”.
  • Interactive exercises of joining with arrows : you must enter the command “join:” , followed by the number that corresponds to the indicated answer.
  • Drag and drop exercises : you must use the command “drag:” , followed by the number that corresponds to the correct answer. Also, you must use the command “drop:” followed by the same number that relates to the relevant answer.
  • Listening exercises : enter the command “listen:” followed by the text. Here, you must select the language of the entered text . These types of exercises currently only work with Google Chrome and Safari.
  • Exercises alphabet soup : just need to draw a text box and type the command “wordsearch” . Subsequently, you must enter the number of rows and columns so that, automatically, the alphabet soup appears. You can adjust the size later if necessary.
  • Speaking exercises : you must enter the command “speak:” followed by the indicated answer. It will be important to indicate the language of the exercise . If you have multiple correct answers, enter all of them separated by a slash (/) . They are currently only available for Google Chrome.

With everything mentioned above, it should be enough to get you started into the realm of interactive worksheets that Liveworksheets offers. We know that today there are many more functions and tools that you can use without any problem or difficulty in the future.

Integrate all kinds of exercises. It is not only about facilitating the correction process for the teacher, students will be able to learn from a more entertaining and attractive perspective. In this way, you only have to visit the Liveworksheets web portal to find out about all the possibilities to which you can choose.

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