Kinnser Login: How To Access WellSky Account

Kinnser Login: is the domain where the validation and advantages of WellSky users are managed. Through Kinnser, users will be able to access a host of services, which includes WellSky Home Health Therapy (formerly known as Kinnser Therapy Manager), WellSky Hospice (formerly known as Kinnser Hospice), and WellSky Home Health (formerly known as Kinnser Agency Manager).

Kinnser deals with most users login demands, in spite of its generally ongoing name change.

All things considered, today I’m demonstrating how to access to your WellSky account through Kinnser’s login page.

However, before we get to that, we should take a brief look at what WellSky is and,, maybe more critically, how it can help you.

WellSky Healthcare Software Solutions is a cloud-based software administration that helps medical clinics and other health care associations utilize their information to further develop care and cut expenses.

The service focuses on helping hospitals and healthcare professionals settle on better choices, work on clinical results, and distinguish and afterward diminish the expense of avoidable confusions, which represent a huge level of complete medical care spending.

In case you’re looking to login to WellSky Home Health, Home Health Therapy, or Hospice, then, at that point, this aide is intended for you. In case you’re attempting to get to different administrations, like OASIS or ADL Private Duty, then, at that point, you might need to skirt this post and inquire sometime in the not too distant future.

What is WellSky Healthcare Software Solutions

WellSky Healthcare Software Solutions is a cloud-based programming administration that helps emergency clinics and other medical services associations utilize their information to further develop care and cut expenses.

WellSky Healthcare Software centers around aiding medical clinics and medical services experts settle on better choices, work on clinical results, and recognize and afterward lessen the expense of avoidable difficulties, which represent a critical level of complete medical care spending.

In case you’re hoping to sign in to Home Health Therapy, WellSky Home Health, or Hospice, then, at that point, this aide is intended for you.

The online portal developed by Kinnser Software permits its clients to get to their exchange subtleties, update accounts, and that’s just the beginning. In case you are searching for rules to work your Kinnser Software account we are here to help you through the method.

About Kinnser software Inc.

Kinnser software is a programs software solutions for the following categories:

  • Home health
  • House care agencies
  • Hospital service
  • Patient billing

Some of the organization’s superb items incorporate Kinnser agency manager, financial reporting, solution for electronic visit management and Kinnser Hospice.

If you are keen on any of these services, figure out how to get to this site.

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How to use Kinnser Login

Kinnser assists you with dealing with your personal account information in a hassle free manner by digitizing everything. You can access and review all your health schedule, benefits, your appointments and much more with just a few clicks.

Following are the steps to login into Kinnser

  • Complete Registration process
  • When you have your certifications, you can Login whenever, from anyplace to get to your record.

Kinnser Login

Visit to Kinnser’s site ( to sign in to your account. In case time is of the embodiment, you can avoid this step by going straightforwardly to the login page at

Enter both of your username and password. As usual, if it’s not too much trouble, remember that passwords are case sensitive.

Then, click on to the “Sign In” button.

WellSky/Kinnser additionally has a versatile application that permits medical services suppliers to finish clinical documentation in any event, when they’re without web access or a phone signal. According to the application’s portrayal on the Play Store, clinicians can use WellSky Offline to get to and complete clinical notes at the spot of care, see their plans, and review patient data, all without obsessing about network.

However, there are a couple of issues with the application. It has horrendous audits, and most devices aren’t viable with its present form. So chances are, you will not have the option to download it or use it on the off chance that you have, say, an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy device.

Kinnser Mobile Login Instructions for Apple Users

Following are the steps to sign in to your account through the Kinnser mobile apps.

  1. Firstly, Go to App Store, and find the Wellsky HHH Offline mobile app by Kinnser Software, Inc.
  2. Then, Follow instructions to install the app.
  3. Then, Open the application after the installation process is complete.
  4. After that, Type your Kinnser username in the first text field.
  5. Type your password of Kinnser login into the second text field.
  6. To complete the Kinnser login process, Tap on to the maroon “Sign In” button.

Kinnser Mobile Login Instructions for Android Users

  1. Firstly, go to the Google Play Store, and then find the Kinnser Link mobile app.
  2. Install the application, then open it.
  3. The login page will be displayed.
  4. Then, Enter your username of Kinnser Login in the first text field.
  5. After that, Enter your password in the next text field.
  6. And then, click on to the maroon “Sign In” button to access your Kinnser account.

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How to Reset your Kinnser Password

If you got locked out of your account or forgot your password, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to Kinnser’s password recovery page (
  2. Enter your Username and Email.
  3. Click “Continue” and follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password or unlock your account.

Benefits of Kinnser/Wellsky Login

The well-known health based technology company Kinnser/ WellSky provides the services are given below.

Home Health
Home Care
Blood Management
Behavioral Health & IDD
Human Services
Community Services

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TAB Name Changes in the Kinnser or WellSky employee login portal

Following are the “Home Health” related services name changes:

  • “Kinnser Agency Manager” portal name modifies to “WellSky Home Health” portal.
  • “Kinnser Therapy Manager” name modifies to “WellSky Home Health Therapy”
  • “ADL” name is modified to “WellSky Private Duty”
  • “Kinnser Hospice” name is modified to “WellSky Hospice”
  • “WellSky DDE & Payer Connection” name is modified to “MedTran Direct”
  • “WellSky OASIS Analysis” name is modified to “Kinnser PPS Plus”

Kinnser Login Issues / Troubleshoots

Users will forget Kinnser passwords while logging into their accounts. If you would like to recover your password or unlock your account, please try the subsequent steps:

  1. Firstly, go to the login page.
  2. Then, Click on to the Forgot Password or Unlock Account link, slightly below the password text field.
  3. Then, The next page that appears on your screen will have a Reset Password
  4. After that, Enter the Kinnser Username within the first field.
  5. Then, Enter the registered Email within the next field.
  6. And then, Click or tap on the Continue button.

Kinnser Contact Info

Kinnser Phone Number: (877) 399-6538

2600 Via Fortuna Drive, Suite 150

Austin, TX 78746


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