Top 5 Tips How to Pack TV for Moving

How to Pack TV for Moving: Once you decide to move, the first step is packing. When packing delicate items, TV is the most fragile and expensive item. Therefore, it needs to be properly packed, and professional Moving Companies

can help you do this job. If you want to do it yourself, read this article till the end because here we’ll share some useful tips for packing TV for moving. 

Indeed, newer TVs are easy to move, but meanwhile, there is a risk of getting damaged and scratched, especially on flat screens. Moving TV most safely isn’t difficult, but you will have to take some extra steps. It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving across the country or wanted to replace the TV, ensure that you properly pack the flat screen. 

5 Incredible Tips for Packing TV for a Move

These straightforward steps can make packing TV easy. 

1. Disconnect all the accessories and cords

It’s perhaps the best way of transporting TV. Ensure that you remove all the cables, cords, and accessories. Most people skip this part and pay the price for it. They do this because they forget about which cable links to which port, especially when other devices like DVD player, antenna, and sound system are attached. 

They want to prevent themselves from this hassle. It’s not the right way to go. The best way is to take pictures while disconnecting cables. Moreover, you can make a video of a minute or two so that you can easily connect cables after a move. 

2. Clean your TV

It might seem an easy and straightforward task, but it can provide many benefits. When you clean your TV and remove dust and debris, it will ensure that no scratches and damages occur on the screen. Debris can result in a large scratch on the screen that can look awkward. So, carefully clean your TV and remote with a neat cloth. If possible, use a cleaning agent designed specifically for electronic accessories. 

3. Pack the power cord and remote with TV

When you reach your new home, it’s not easy to locate the power cable and remote if it was not packed with a TV. Instead of opening every box to find them, you can favor yourself by packing them in the TV box. 

4. Wrap your TV

The best way is to wrap your TV in blankets. Remember, you need to do this if the original box of TV isn’t available. By doing this, you can protect your TV screen from getting scratched and damaged during moving. There are special blankets designed for moving purposes, but you can use those you already have. Use bubble wrap to cover the front of your TV. Regardless of the method you choose for wrapping your TV, ensure that the front screen is fully protected. 

5. Seek professional help

It might seem an expensive solution, but it’s the best solution to protect your expensive items from getting damaged. Moving companies have experts who deal with delicate items professionally. Moreover, they know how to pack it to prevent damage and scratches. Furthermore, they do packing, keeping the moving distance in mind. 

What’s the alternative?

If you don’t have enough money to hire professionals, what will you do? You can pack it yourself. When you wrap your TV, place it inside the box. Ensure that you enter it slowly instead of just letting it go down the bottom. If you feel there are any gaps, fill them with t-shirts, padding, and towels because they can cause damage during the move. After placing the TV in the box, secure it with tape and put it in the moving truck on a moving day. 

Is It a Good Practice to Keep the TV Box?

After purchasing a TV, the most common mistake that people make is to discard the original box. It’s not the right way because the original box can be helpful, especially when you want to shift luggage from one place to another. Original box can prevent your TV from scratches and damages. There is nothing better than having the original box. 

Final Words

How to pack TV for moving is the most frequently asked question. We have shared some valuable tips to protect your sensitive items from damage and scratches. Moreover, these tips can help you make your experience hassle-free.

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