How To Optimize Images For SEO Friendly

Optimize Images For SEO: This Blog Is About Image Optimization in SEO. How You Can Optimize Your Image For Seo, simply. Because you would like Referral Traffic For Everywhere, For Your Website Or Blog Post.

In the event that Your Image Is Optimized For Seo When Someone Write Your Keyword In Search Box, Your Image Will Rank. And When Someone Click On You, They Directly move to The Landing Page Of Your Blog. So If you wish to understand a way to Optimize Your Image For Image Searches Read the full Article Care Fully.

Why Use Images in Articles

Use Images In Your Article Because nobody Read Your Whole Article. If You Add Some Images, Your Blog Look More Professional, Colorful, Or Practice And If you wish to extend The User Spending Time On Blog, Use Images, Its Help To preservation The Bounce Rate Also And Your Dual Time Also Increase.

Optimize Image In Article

Image Optimization Is An Art While You Write A Blog Post Cheak Which Place. Image Should Be Use And Put Theme There, Optimize Image For Mobile Always Use Responsive Template. (Optimize Images For SEO)

Use Responsive Images

Always Use Responsive Images For Mobile And Pc Or Tablet. Because If Your Image isn’t Responsive For All Device. Your Page Never Gonna Rank In Google And Your Image. Also You Loss Your Seo thanks to Bad User Experience Will Hert Your Website.

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Comprised Size

Always Reduce the dimensions Of Image If Your Image is simply too Large. The Loading Time Going High, this may Take Time For Loading Your Page. So Use Compressed Images. I’m Using TinyPng

For Compressed Images for my blog Without Losing Quality of the Image.

Always Use Caption

Always Use Caption For Image If you would like To Rank Your Image In Google. If You Write the correct Caption In Your Image visiting Rank, So go to Your Blog Post And Put Your Image Click On Your Image And Add Caption Of Your Image.

Alt Text

If You Write Alt Text In Your Image When Google Crawler Check Your Website. They Understand Your Image Topic, thanks to Alt Is Attribute to assist Crawlers And Robots to grasp Your Topic. Because Robots Can’t Understand Our Language That Why We Are Using Robots languages Called Attribute.

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Title Text

If You Write The Title Text In Your Image, You Are Writing The Rename Of Your Image For Your online page. So Write the proper Title Text Because this can be The Title For Your Image Always Right The Relevant Title In Your Image. If you actually Wanna Rank Your Images In Google Images Searches. (Optimize Images For SEO)

Image Surrounding Text

While You Add The Image In Your Blog Post Wite The Short Summary Or Heading For The Image Because Image Surrounding Text Is Matter In Seo. If you’re Not Writing Anything About The Image, Your Image Never Gonna Rank due to Google Smarter. So Write The Relevant Information About The Image.

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This Is the most Reason Why Your Image isn’t Ranking In Google. Because you’re Using Image Which Is Already Make By Other Creators, Your Image Is Copyrighted. On the off chance that Your Image Is Copyrighted, Your Image And Your Blog Never Gonna Rank In Google. In this way, Make Your Own Image And Use Into The Blog Post.

Improve Image With Editing Tools

I am Using Pixlr and Canva for creating Images Better. Whenever I need to form Blog Banner Thumbnail I’m Using Canva. It’s My one among the favorite Tool for creating my very own Design. There’s a Lot Of Templates and pictures. All Are The Free And you’ll be able to Use Paid Version Of it. (Optimize Images For SEO)

File type

Images on the online are usually saved within the PNG or JPEG file format – or GIF for animation. Who doesn’t cherish those silly animated GIFs skimming around the web!

Now it’s technically okay if you save your images in either format – your visitor’s browser will don’t have any trouble displaying your website – except for the most effective quality and optimization, persist with the subsequent rules:

  • JPEG – use for photographs and styles where people, places, or things are featured.
  • PNG – best for graphics, logos, text-heavy designs, screenshots, and once you need images with transparent backgrounds.
  • GIF – if you wish animation, otherwise use PNG.

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Why are there different formats?

Well, PNG is traditionally used for saving logos and graphics because it preserves the first image quality – nobody wants blurry text and pixelated shapes. But, if you are trying saving a photograph as a PNG, it’ll look amazing, but the resulting file size is going to be, less-than-amazing.

JPEG is traditionally used for saving photos. The number of the image data is thrown away to make a drastically smaller file size, but since photos contain a large kind of colors and natural variations, the loss in quality is typically unnoticeable to the human eye. (Optimize Images For SEO)

We’ll come in more detail about compression shortly, except for now if you merely remember two things, remember: JPEG for photos and PNG for text/graphics.

Image Linking

If You Add A Link In Your Image And When Someone Click On Your Image then UserLand There Page That Page Link Called Image Link Page. The most Purpose OF Image Linking Redirect To Your Trafic With Other Platform Via Your Image. Put A Link Into Your Image And When People Click on that They Redirect the opposite Link You Provide.

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How to Find Images

Find High-Quality Images For Your Blog. A lot of individuals use Flicker And Stock Photo In Their blog post. You’ll Also Use Pixabay which reasonably Website Who Provide Images But In My Case, I’m Not Using Stock Photos Because I do not Want Third-Party Image. I Capture my very own And Use Into The Blog.


  • Use High-Quality Images.
  • Then Add File Name And Title Text, Alt Text, And Other Image Property.
  • Use Right Alignment For Your Image.
  • Always Compressed Your Image For Page Load.
  • Avoid Stock Photos.
  • Use Canva For More Creativity.

So simple is that! If you are feeling any difficulty or have any queries, simply drop a comment.

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