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In FFXIV, Crafting is the one approach to get the luxurious Magicked Bed Mount. It’s a one-star Carpenter Recipe for degree 80 that requires the Grasp Carpenter VII Tome.

Since Patch 5.05, you should purchase the Tome and different Grasp Recipes on the following locations for 400 Yellow Scrips:

  1. Anna (Ishgard – Basis – The Firmament, X:14 Y:13)
  2. Diana (Ishgard – Basis – The Firmament, X:10 Y:8)
  3. Rowena’s Consultant (Ishgard – Basis, X:11 Y:12)
  4. Rowena’s Consultant (Kugane, X:12 Y:11)
  5. Rowena’s Consultant (Limsa Lominsa Decrease Decks, X:9 Y:11)
  6. Rowena’s Consultant (New Gridania, X:12 Y:12)
  7. Rowena’s Consultant (Ul’dah – Steps of Nald, X:9 Y:8).
  8. Sanana (Tamamizu – The Ruby Sea, X:28 Y:15)
  9. Scrip Alternate (Eulmore, X:11 Y:11)
  10. Scrip Alternate (Idyllshire, X:6 Y:7)
  11. Scrip Alternate (Revenant’s Toll – Mor Dhona, X:22 Y:7)

Getting the 400 Scrips themselves shouldn’t be too arduous.

Crafting, however, will take some work.

Making Your Bed And Mendacity In It

As you may need guessed, there’s a great motive why this Mount prices thousands and thousands of Gil.

Among the Supplies are arduous to seek out, and the Recipe is a Grasp Craft in and of itself.

The gold room above that sparkles will make sense quickly. However right here’s how the recipe for the Magic Bed works:

  1. 30 x Wind Clusters
  2. 30 x Ice Clusters
  3. 3 Enchanted Elm Lumber

Many people who find themselves in search of their floating leisure mount cease on the Enchanted Elm Lumber.

This very uncommon merchandise can solely be discovered in two locations: The Dungeons of Lyhe Ghiah and The Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah.

You possibly can solely get to those particular locations with Zonureskin Treasure Maps at degree 80.

You will get certainly one of these Maps day-after-day from any degree 75+ Miner, Botanist, or Fishing Node. Additionally, even in the event you end that Map, there may be solely a small probability that it’ll open a means into the Dungeons.

The Dungeons themselves might be accomplished simply with a celebration of 4, although extra folks will make them go sooner.

The proven fact that Dungeons are video games of probability makes it even tougher.

To transfer on, you’ll want to decide on the appropriate doorways or win roulette spins.

More often than not, the Lumber is dropped in Chambers 3 and later. The finest place to seek out it’s in the final room.

So I want you luck!

Undyed Velveteen (Stage 24 Weaver Recipe)

  1. 1 x Cotton Yarn (Stage 12 Weaver Recipe, numerous Metropolis Distributors)
  2. One Dew Thread (Stage 23 Weaver Recipe)
    • 2 x Diremite Internet (Banemite – North Shroud, X:18 Y:23)
  1. 4 x Cloudsbreath
  1. Obtained through Submersible Voyages (Free Firm Workshop)
  2. Seeds obtained through Airship Voyages (Free Firm Workshop)
  3. Obtained through Gardening (Private Housing Plot)

Cloudsbreath is a reputation you’ll know in the event you’ve ever been in the enterprise of enchanting furnishings.

From Submersible Voyages, you possibly can solely get it in the next methods:

South Isle of Zozonan (Rank 50) 3-12 Cloudsbreath
Tangaroa’s Beacon (Rank 78) 3 Cloudsbreath
The Isle of Sacrament (Rank 70) 1-3 Cloudsbreath

In the identical means, you will get Cloudsbreath Seeds to plant for these Airship Voyages:

Sea of Clouds – Sector 17 (Rank 50) 1-3 Cloudsbreath Seeds
Sea of Clouds – Sector 18 (Rank 50) 1-3 Cloudsbreath Seeds
Sea of Clouds – Sector 19 (Rank 50) 1-2 Cloudsbreath Seeds
Sea of Clouds – Sector 20 (Rank 50) 1-2 Cloudsbreath Seeds
Sea of Clouds – Sector 21 (Rank 50) 1 Cloudsbreath Seed
Sea of Clouds – Sector 24 (Rank 50) 1 Cloudsbreath Seed

In the event you select the seeds, preserve in thoughts that they are going to want 5 full days to develop.

Water them day-after-day and don’t allow them to die.

Additionally, in the event you plant them with Grade 3 Shroud Topsoil (Miner Stage 50, Rootslake – South Shroud, X:17, Y:29, 6 AM Eorzean Time), you’ll get two per plot as an alternative of 1.

So there you go.

Now that you just’ve completed all of your arduous work, you possibly can loosen up in your Magicked Bed in the sky. I hope you don’t transfer round lots whilst you sleep.

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