How to Fix Speed Delays in High-Traffic Internet Hours?

Fix Speed Delays: As the internet is an essential yet finite resource, you cannot expect to always get optimal speeds and performance. There are certain times when you’ll feel that your internet is slowing down, and not working as well as it should. Even if you have the best Cox service

, you still need to know about this eventuality and learn how to work around it.

Usually, these performance issues hit during some peak hours where there is a very high number of people online. The bandwidth can only handle so much traffic, so it tends to slow down beyond a certain usage limit. So, just for a few hours a day, you need to be smarter with your internet usage and wait out the peak traffic hours. Here’s how you can manage this easily.

Only Do Essential Tasks

During high-traffic hours, try to only do essential tasks. Leave the heavy-duty gaming and system updates for a later time where speeds are faster and steadier. In addition, do not start up heavy apps and stream bandwidth-consuming videos during this time.

Furthermore, do not open up too many tabs or apps at once, otherwise, you won’t be able to make any of them work properly. Therefore, stick to the basics during the internet rush hour.

Do Not Use Too Many Devices at Once

If your family is using too many devices at the same time, it can cause problems even during regular hours. However, this gets much worse during the internet rush hours. Therefore, you should stick to your primary device and try to make this rush hour a tech-free time for your children. If you use too many devices at once, no one will be able to get things done properly.

Therefore, you should only use your main device, and put that iPad away when there’s already too much load on the internet. It is best to use your main desktop or laptop, as it will be better equipped to make the best use of limited connectivity. In addition, turn off any extra devices such as home appliances or gaming consoles that are connected to the internet. This is another way to Fix Speed Delays in High-Traffic Internet Hours.

Switch Off Downloads

Downloads tend to slow down your internet browsing speeds at the best of times. So, they are especially impactful during the general internet peak traffic hours. So, schedule your downloads for other times and pause them during these hours. Ideally, you should let your downloads run when you don’t really need the internet for any major tasks.

This will help you download your files much faster, and not feel frustrated when you want to use the internet for your day-to-day work. So, keep those downloads and updates scheduled for off-peak hours to get the optimal performance.

Use an Ethernet Cable

You tend to lose out on some speed when you connect with your home internet wirelessly. This is because the basic act of connecting the device to your router requires some bandwidth usage. Therefore, you might want to get rid of that step temporarily and connect directly to your router.

You can do this if you use an ethernet cable, and eliminate the whole wireless connectivity step. This will give you the best speeds possible at the time with no signal interference getting in the way. This works especially well for gaming, so you should make it a regular practice and orient your devices accordingly. This is one of the way to fix speed delays in High-Traffic Internet Hours.

Stop Background Apps & Updates

Even if you think you’re running as few things as possible, your devices and appliances will often have constant automatic updates and background tasks running. These can consume a significant amount of bandwidth, so you need to disable them during peak internet traffic hours.

Most devices have detailed settings which allow you to choose times for these background tasks. Use these settings and make sure any updates and such background activities run during off-peak internet traffic times.

In conclusion, if you want to avoid feeling frustrated during internet peak traffic hours, then just do as little as possible, and make sure your connection does not have any extra load on it.

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