How to Find Dungeons in Minecraft?

You’ll find dungeons at any stage of the overworld.
They’re often discovered subsequent to caves and are largely composed of cobblestone and cobblestone with mossy cobblestone. These dungeons will be crammed with treasure and you’ll get quantity of expertise if the spawner is destroyed. A dungeon can provide many advantages. This information will clarify what a Dungeon is, its construction, how to find it in your world, in addition to the variations between the Java and Bedrock editions.

What’s a Dungeon?

Dungeons will be created in world technology, no matter whether or not “generate structure” has been turned on or off. These are hostile environments that comprise cobblestone, mossy cobblestone, and 0-2 chests. It isn’t frequent to discover a dungeon that doesn’t comprise a chest, however it’s attainable. Overworld dungeons are probably to comprise zombie spawners at 50%, skeleton spawners at 25%, and 25% spider spawners. The monster spawner is situated on the middle of the dungeon and can proceed to spawn monsters till it’s both lit up or destroyed. Though dungeons often have two chests, it’s common to discover one in a dungeon. These chests can comprise all kinds of generated loot.

Construction of a Dungeon

A monster spawner is discovered in each dungeon. The monster spawner doesn’t cease spawning mobs till the encompassing space is lit up or destroyed. You may see the kind of mob that will probably be spawned in case you are shut sufficient to the monster-spawner. The mob doll will spin sooner and finally attain its most pace to spawn the suitable mob. Nearly all of dungeons are made out of cobblestone and mossy, or a mixture thereof. It may be laborious to inform if mossy or cobblestone signifies a dungeon, as it’s now generated in the taiga biomes. In case you discover a cobblestone wall underground, it’s probably that you’ve got found a dungeon. Not solely are dungeons fascinating for his or her chest-generated loot but additionally as a result of you may management the spawning of monsters which may be very useful in your expertise bar. Keep away from destroying the monster-spawner, as they’re uncommon and will be simply become an infinite supply of expertise. The stress plate turns off the lights and can be utilized to activate or off this mob spawner. The spawner will trigger the zombies to drop into an space that may be safely farmed. That is extraordinarily helpful while you want to restore enchanted weapons, armour, and instruments. A spawner is all the time inside simple attain so you may shortly achieve numerous expertise. The zombies can’t assault you, as you may see. The expertise will be simply looted from above the cobblestone slabs. If you want to seize iron, carrots or some other drop from zombies, you may go from the aspect. It’s also possible to create an analogous impact with a Skeleton Spitter, which has low fall injury and requires only some hits to kill.

How do I discover Dungeons inside Minecraft?

In A Nutshell: Third-party extensions like can be utilized to discover Dungeons in Minecraft. After you’ve gotten loaded the positioning, you will have to enter your seed to create a map of your total world that features potential dungeonspawns. You now perceive the significance of sustaining a dungeon. However how do you discover them? Though there are lots of methods to discover dungeons, luck is one of the best methodology. Third-party extensions are an possibility should you don’t need to do the laborious work of discovering a dungeon. gives a map of your world that solely requires you to search for your world seed. It should create a map of the world that you’ve got entered with all potential dungeonspawns. Open your world settings, then scroll down to “Seed” in the sport tab. This may be finished in any world. The chunk base seed map will present the place there are potential dungeons spawning, slime chunks, and underwater monuments, strongholds, and different data. That is the easiest way to discover locations of curiosity in your world.

Java Version vs. Bedrock Version of Dungeons

The Java version and Bedrock version dungeons are very comparable. They’re each generated in Minecraft. The general construction is actually the identical. The one factor that differs between the 2 variations is the foundations they use to generate them naturally. The objects which can be generated in the chests don’t differ. The chances of an merchandise spawning are the identical. The Java version permits dungeons to be generated at any peak above caves. The Bedrock version will generate dungeons as underground buildings which can be above sea stage. That is all concerning the variations between the 2 variations.


Is it attainable to discover a Creeper Spike in Minecraft?

Ans. Minecraft doesn’t have creeper spawners. That is most likely for the higher, as creepers might find yourself destroying your entire dungeon. Though it’s irritating not to have the ability to provide gunpowder repeatedly, there are different methods you will get gunpowder.

What’s the downside with the artistic monster spawner?

Ans. A dungeon spawner’s code is extra advanced than simply making a monster spawner. You may create a monster spawner in Java and modify the monster’s spawn by including spawn eggs to the monster spawner. The monster spawner in the Bedrock Version is a beauty block that requires a deep dive into the sport code to work correctly.


Dungeons will be discovered in Minecraft’s world. They’re helpful and enjoyable to create. Though the construction just isn’t very thrilling, it gives limitless expertise and mob drops. There are additionally particular treasures like diamond horse armor, enchanted golden apples, and even the power to amend an enchanted textual content. It’s best to strive to discover a dungeon as quickly as attainable should you haven’t but. You now know what a Dungeon is, its construction, the place to discover them, and the variations between the Java and Bedrock editions. In case you’re keen to spend the time, dungeons is usually a enjoyable and thrilling method to generate buildings. Regardless of being fairly boring, they’ve numerous potentials.
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