How to access Google Classroom on PS4 and Xbox

Google Classroom: The UK government has plunged the country into a 3rd lockdown in a trial to curb the spread of coronavirus, and with schools shuttered as a result, remote learning is more important than ever.

Google Classroom is one such means of keeping your kid(s) educated, and you’ll be able to access it on PS4 and PS5 with some easy-to-follow steps. discover more details below!

With children facing another long period of homeschooling/self-teaching during the third UK-wide lockdown, parents without computers, laptops or tablets could be considering by what other method they will sign in onto educational administrations at home

All you would like is an Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4, PS5 plus or PS4 Pro a USB keyboard and your child should be ready to access online schooling services, like Google Classroom.

Here is our guide the way to access Google Classroom on either an Xbox or PlayStation console.

How to access Google Classroom on PS4

  1. Turn on PS4
  2. Use your controller to scroll to the far right of the bar with games to Library on to the screen.
  3. Select Library application
  4. Within the library section, use the search bar to type/search in Internet
  5. Select the Internet Browser app
  6. Start Internet Browser and then press on the triangle button on the controller to search in the search box.
  7. Once on the internet, type in search box “Google Classroom” and select the first link that comes up: Classroom: manage teaching and learning Google for Education – Go to the link
  8. Select Go to Classroom
  9. Then log in using student email and password.

How to access Google Classroom on Xbox

The Xbox consoles each have access to Microsoft Edge – the online browser that comes preinstalled as a part of the Xbox user experience. This could be accustomed access Google Classroom (or another online education service approved by your child’s school).

  • Plug a wired keyboard into your Xbox One, Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X by means of the USB ports on the front or back.
  • Press on the “Xbox” button top-centre of a game controller and then go to the “My games & apps” in the side menu.
  • Click on “See all”, scroll right down to “Apps” and you may see Microsoft edge in the icons on the right-hand side. Open it.
  • Type into the URL bar at the top and log in as you’d on a PC using your school Gmail account.
  • You’ll be able to either use an Xbox controller to move the cursor or a separate USB mouse plugged into one of the other ports.

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