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As a reward for defeating Alexander Gordias — The Burden of the Father, you’ll be able to acquire the Gobwalker mount (Savage).

Hold in thoughts that that is the Savage taste of the 8-person Raid, however that it might probably nonetheless be queued for by the Responsibility Finder.

After defeating the boss, the mount will drop, together with different loot.

You don’t even must defeat your fellow Warriors of Mild to say the mount; you simply must win the treasure roll.

Since just one piece of Gobwalker Gear drops per clear, you’ll probably have to do that quite a few instances.

The excellent news is that about 4 competent people can un-sync this battle. In the event you put up a Farm on the Celebration Finder, you shouldn’t have any hassle getting sufficient folks to attend.

Unlocking The Alexander Gordias Raid

In the event you’ve ever wandered by what is named The Dravanian Hinterlands, you’ve in all probability seen this looming iron big.

You will need to journey to this location in order to entry the Raid that homes your Mount.

The first stage of the Raid system in the Heavensward enlargement is Alexander: Gordias.

Try to be stage 60 and have completed the Heavensward Primary Situation Quest earlier than starting.

Go to the Goblin NPC named Slowfix (Idyllshire – X: 7.5 Y: 6.5).

To return to the Hinterlands, the “Disarmed” quest should first be began. After just a few fast fetches, you’re going to get Alexander: Gordias – The Fist of the Father unlocked.

In the event you keep in line and full your Duties in order as they change into obtainable whereas additionally finishing the interstitial Quests, you’re going to get entry to the highest ground of the tier.

These are the usual variations; you’ll have to take another step to entry the Savage variant.

Discover the Wandering Minstrel in Mor Dhona when you’ve completed “A Song of Steam and Steel” (Mor Dhona – X: 21.7 Y: 8.7).

After just a little dialogue, it is possible for you to to make use of Gordias on the Savage stage.

The excellent news is that you may skip the decrease ranges and go straight to The Burden of the Father. Do it with a gaggle!

Spoils Of Conflict (Or Magic)

Whereas relentlessly gathering Gobwalker parts, chances are you’ll come throughout Gordian Manifesto, Web page 4.

You could be questioning what the aim of the pages that fall from every Savage ground is.

No want to fret in the event you don’t discover a significantly attention-grabbing piece of Glamour loot all through your time in the Raid.

Go to Idyllshire and converse with Sabina at Rowena’s Heart for Cultural Promotion (Idyllshire – X:5.7 Y:5.3).

She is going to gladly settle for your Pages in trade for the objects listed right here.

Comfortable looking!

Commerce Reward
Gordian Manifesto – Web page 1 (Fist) x4 Earring, Bracelet, Necklace, Ring
Gordian Manifesto – Web page 2 (Cuff) x6 Palms, Ft, Waist
Gordian Manifesto – Web page 3 (Arm) x6 Legs, Head Piece
Gordian Manifesto – Web page 4 (Burden) x8 A weapon, Chest Piece

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