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Hotmail login: Enter Email And Login – Hotmail email login is still active, although not as such but under the name, this is due to a name change that took place in 2013. Entering Hotmail is extremely simple, you will only need your email and the password, which will be the same that you used when you registered on said platform. You will be able to log into Hotmail through the official Outlook website. Despite the fact that Hotmail happened to be called Outlook, your access data will be the same.

If for any reason you want to log in to Hotmail, and you have forgotten your password or do not remember the email address, you should not worry. In this post, the different methods to enter your email will be explained. In addition, you will receive a brief guide with security recommendations to apply to your account, all with the purpose of protecting it and protecting it from other people who may access it without your consent.

Enter from the web

Hotmail login, Hotmail email login

Accessing Hotmail through its website is extremely simple. You can do it from your computer or through your mobile browser. Whichever method you choose, make sure you have a stable internet connection. The next thing to do is to follow these indications:

  1. Enter the Hotmail portal and click ” Login “.
  2. Enter the email address and select ” Next.”Login to Hotmail from PC step 2
  3. Enter the password and to continue press ” Sign in “. After that, you will have already logged into your Hotmail account.
Hotmail login, Hotmail email login

Enter from mobile

To log in to Hotmail from a mobile phone, you must download the application from the official store of your Operating System. In the case of Android you can do it through the Play Store, on the other hand for iOS devices you can find it through the App Store. After that, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Outlook app and press ” Add account.”
  2. Now enter your email address and click ” Continue “. Then type in the password and press ” Sign in.”
  3. Wait for the Outlook authentication to complete. The application will offer you to add another account. If you do not have another account, select ” Maybe later “.
  4. The next thing you will see on the screen will be the data protection announcement, press ” Next “. Then choose ” Continue to Outlook ” and you will have accessed the Hotmail inbox.

Login without password

You have the possibility to enter your Hotmail account even if you do not remember the password. For this method to work, you must have at least one email or phone number previously added to the account. Otherwise it is very difficult to re-establish the account. If you have a registered email or number, follow this procedure:

  1. Go to Outlook and click on ” Sign in “, enter the email address and click ” Next “.
  2. Now choose the option “ Forgot your password? ”. At this point the system will have to confirm your identity and will ask you to send a security code by mail or through the registered number. Press ” Get code “.Login to Hotmail without password step 2
  3. You will receive a message with the code in question. Enter it and press ” Next “.
  4. You will see a window where you can reset the password, you must create a new one and retype it. Finally, click on ” Next “.
  5. You will be informed that the password change has been successful and you will be able to enter the account normally. Remember to keep the password in a safe place, to avoid another bad moment.

Enter without email address

To log in to Hotmail without the email address, you must have a security code that will only be sent to the recovery email address or to the number previously registered in the account. Not remembering the account username can prevent your access, so take a look at these instructions:

  1. Once you are in the Hotmail login, select ” Login Options.” Then click on ” I have forgotten my username.”
  2. To retrieve the username you must enter a phone number or email address that is associated with your account. Then press ” Next “.Login to Hotmail without email address step 2
  3. A security code will be sent to the email or optional cell phone number that you will have to enter. Now press ” Next “.
  4. On the next page you will be shown the usernames affiliated with that phone number or recovery email. Click on ” Login ” and log in as you normally would.

Via GitHub

Another alternative to access your Hotmail account is using GitHub. To do this, you must associate the email address with the GitHub platform. In this way it will not be necessary to enter any of the access data to enter, it will also take only a few seconds. For such account association, take a look at these steps:

The first thing you should do is enter the Hotmail page, go to ” Login ” and click on ” Login Options “. Then press ” Login with GitHub “, the system will redirect you to the main mailbox. It is essential to previously have a GitHub account.

Via GitHub

With a security key

This option is one of the newest to enter your Hotmail account. It consists of using a USB memory to access the mail. This tool can be purchased on the market with the necessary settings to be a security key, or you also have the option of creating it yourself. The next thing is to enable it as the security key of the account. After setting it up, follow these steps:

First, you have to enter the Hotmail website and select ” Login “. Then click on ” Login Options “. Proceed to choose ” Start session with a security key ” and to finish you must insert the security key in the USB port of your computer and you will be sent to the mail inbox. In this way you will not need to enter the email address or password to log in.

With a security key

Sign in with 2FA (two-step authentication)

The use of two-step authentication, its abbreviation ” 2FA “, is an option that we must activate in our email account, to make it more secure against hacking attempts. In this way, if someone wants to enter your email, with the double authentication factor it will be completely difficult.

Enable the second factor of authentication

To activate 2FA double authentication you will have to do a series of steps, start with:

  1. Sign in to your Outlook account
  2. Then you will have to click on your ” Avatar ” in the upper right corner, then on ” Edit Profile ” ( see image below )
  3. Once inside your profile, you will have to click on ” Security ” ( see image below )
  4. Now yes, we will have to enter where it says ” More security options ” where it says ” Explore “
  5. Then, you will see a window like the image below, you just have to click on ” Set up 2-step verification “
  6. Then they will show you a message of what is the authentication in 2 steps to have a secure login in Outlook, read it and click on ” Next “
  7. Now you just have to choose how you want to activate it, if with an external application, or with a phone number, where they will send you a message with a code every time you log into your account.

Go back to the classic version of Hotmail

It is possible that if the last use you have given to your email was when it was formerly Hotmail, then the new version of Outlook will seem strange to you. It is a matter of getting used to the changes, the use is totally identical, and it also brings new functionalities making it easier to use.

But many users, looking for how to go back and go back to the old version of Hotmail. When we logged into our Outlook account, in the past we could see that we were in the BETA version of the inbox. Today, in 2020, it is not possible to go back to the old version, since the one that currently exists (Outlook) is the definitive version.

Login problems

You may have had problems logging into your email account. From not remembering the password with which you registered in Outlook, to forgetting your email address. You may also have forgotten the security question and answer, or your Outlook account was hacked directly.

Follow these tips to troubleshoot the problems users often encounter:

If you don’t remember your password

I have forgotten the password : If the problem is that you have forgotten the password that you put in your email, and you cannot access your inbox, then you can reset the access password from the following link:

Reset Password Outlook

I can’t get the security code

Security Code : If to reset the password, Outlook asks you for a security code that has been sent to your phone, and you no longer have that phone number, you will only have to access the following link com / resetpassword.aspx

Once inside, enter your email and check the option ” I do not have any of these tests “, then follow the steps that they indicate.

Profile is temporarily locked

My email is blocked : If your Outlook profile is blocked, this happens because you have misused it and violated Microsoft Outlook’s use policies, or failing that, your account has been hacked and it has been blocked for security reasons. The reasons why your account has been blocked can be:

  • Impersonation, Malware
  • Spam (if you send spam massively)
  • Using Scripts or Robots to create Outlook accounts

To regain access to your account and log into Outlook in the normal way, you will need a phone number that will be asked to send you a code ( after logging in), then you will have to enter the code that you received on the web page. have sent to your phone.

I have modified my information and I have 30 days of waiting

Microsoft Outlook puts a 30-day wait each time we are going to modify some relevant data in our account, for example the password, the recovery email or the linked phone number. During the 30-day period, it is normal for us to see the ” Not possible yet ” message.

How to sign in securely

It is important to be careful when we go to log into our Outlook. We should even get a little paranoid if we have no alternative but to enter our mail from a device other than our own. Therefore, we have prepared a series of security tips so that your account is not compromised.

  1. Make sure you are logging in from the official Microsoft Outlook page. Enter your email from the official Microsoft App (so you make sure), or from the following official links:,,,
  2. Verify that the links you access are not suspicious, for example, finding yourself with a -> Obviously, even if a domain contains the word outlook, it does not make it official, we must be careful and see that we have a 2 and a dash ( 2- ) before the word outlook, this is synonymous with attempted hacking into your account, and password theft.
  3. Activate your antivirus, update it whenever it is needed. If when you enter an outlook page, it warns you that you have to deactivate the antivirus, suspect, Microsoft will never recommend this practice.
  4. If for major reasons, you have to log in on a computer or mobile other than yours, make sure that you are going to log out of your mail, and then delete your browsing history, cookies and passwords.
  5. It is important to keep your password updated every certain period of time, for this, we recommend changing your Outlook password every 2-3 months.

Differences between Hotmail and

Many users wonder why Hotmail no longer exists, and it directs them to Outlook automatically, some are even still looking for a way to go back to the old version of Hotmail. For this reason, we wanted to explain the differences between the two services.

For old Microsoft users, those whose email has @, it will be strange to have to log into Outlook email. And this is because they have only changed the name of the service, that is, Microsoft, only changed the name from Hotmail to Outlook, but it remains the same, the same email service, and the same company ( Microsoft ).

Therefore, it is no longer possible to access hotmail, since if you enter, it will take you to Prior to Hotmail, there have been other changes of names, such as or, also existed at the time the, later was renamed Hotmail, and we currently see with the name of Outlook.

Likewise, even though the names have changed, the domains are still current and in use, emails can be accessed through their official domains, but they will always direct you to the current domain, Outlook.

In which countries is Hotmail available?

Depending on the country we are in, and we are going to create our Hotmail account, one domain or another will appear. These are called regional domains, and it is the domain of each country’s email service.

  • In United States, they use the domain ->
  • In Mexico, they use the domain -> and formerly, they offered you to be able to register your email with the ending @ (now it is no longer available)
  • They use the domain in Colombia ->
  • In Peru, they use the domain ->
  • In Argentina, they use the domain ->
  • They use the domain in Spain ->

Additionally, worldwide and without being Spanish-speaking, they also have regional Outlook domains, for example:

  • In Italy, they use the domain ->
  • In Brazil, they use the domain ->
  • They use the domain in France ->

Security Recommendations

It is important to ensure the well-being of your email, since this service is linked to a variety of platforms that send private information through this medium. So the presence of strangers checking your inbox is not something you want, to avoid it you can follow each of these tips:

  • Create complex passwords : passwords longer than 8 characters are suggested, with symbols, numbers and capital letters. Likewise, its efficiency will be greater if it is modified in short periods of time.
  • Add security information to your account: this data can help you recover your account from a third party, also in case you forget your password or username. You just have to associate a cell phone number and a recovery email with the email.
  • Keep your devices updated : both the cell phone and the computer have constant updates that allow a more efficient and safe work. Consequently you have to download the updates whenever they are available.
  • Avoid logging in from suspicious websites and don’t reply to emails that ask for login details or confidential information, as Microsoft never asks for these details.

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