Hik Connect Pro APK 1.10.101 Download for Free

Download Hik connect full APK – latest version – for Android. With this application you can centrally control different security aspects.

Digital security currently covers many quite complex aspects that can be difficult to manage separately using a large number of different apps. If you are just an individual who surfs the internet from time to time to find a movie on Netflix and little else, this is not a problem for you because it will be enough for you to have an antivirus installed and use strong passwords in your accounts. But companies have it a little more difficult because they have to control many different aspects.

The security of a company also goes through the control of the cameras, the monitoring of its network and all the devices that are connected to it, the protection against DDoS attacks that can be carried out on its servers and many other aspects. Some of these characteristics can be managed centrally, while others are usually managed separately, which implies the contracting of different services, an increase in expenses and greater difficulty in carrying out all the management.

What is hik connect? – Hik connect APK free download

Hik Connect is an application that intends to partially solve all these problems. The idea of ​​this application is to be able to function as a unified environment to connect different security services for companies, including the control of cameras, the control of devices connected to a network, and even the control of access to its facilities using services identification or smart doorbells.

This application is quite interesting if you have a company that needs to unify all these services. Although broadly speaking, you will probably only use this app if you have a security company for companies and want to offer them unified services to protect all their online assets. If you are a private person, surely this app is not suitable for you.

A more business-oriented application

This application is quite complicated to use since it is an app aimed at professionals in the field of security. The only way you will be able to take advantage of it is by using its services to offer security services to companies and other wide-ranging institutions. But, if this is not your case, this app is not suitable for you, since it is an application with really complex uses.

However, as an individual, you may be able to use this application to control the security cameras in your home, since cameras in recent years are normally connected via IP and allow their users to review all the characteristics of the recording. of videos at home in a simple way through the smartphone.

Features – Hik connect APK latest version

  • Comprehensive security app for companies . This application allows its users to maintain an exhaustive control of the security of their company, including different aspects of it, from the control of surveillance cameras to the control of the network.
  • Control your cameras remotely . The control of the surveillance cameras is one of the most relevant aspects of this application, with which you will be able to review at all times what is happening in every corner of your company and keep its entire perimeter protected.
  • Check the protection of your devices . In the same way you will be able to maintain full control of the activity of your devices connected to the network, so that you will have real-time warnings in the event that something unexpected happens to the devices connected to this app.
  • Control access to your network . Protecting your network is essential to ensure the security of the information on the devices you work with. This application offers a comprehensive control interface for all the activity on your network to ensure that your company’s vital information is always kept 100% secure.

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