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We provide you the platform to submit guest post. We accept guest post in English language only. For this you can contact us at The guest post you send is reviewed by our team, in which considerable attention is paid to the quality of the content and it is also checked whether the content is duplicate or not; Apart from this, many other things are taken care of. Only after reviewing all these things do we approve or disapprove Guest Post.

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You just need a mail id to submit a guest post. You have to go to your mail id and send post to our email id by typing the post there and attaching photos, Featured Image. You have to take care of some other things which are mentioned below:

  • The subject of the mail should be “New Guest Post”.
  • Post must have Main Heading.
  • The URL of the post should also be mentioned.
  • Post’s category should also be mentioned.
  • Apart from this, you will also have to share author name, about author.

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Before submitting Guest Post, please read our Terms and Conditions, which are given below:

  1. If the post you send is published on, then you cannot send it to publish on another blog or website, nor can you publish on any of your blog or website. After doing this, we will remove your Guest Post immediately.
  2. The content you send must be absolutely 100% unique.
  3. We can edition and modify the Guest Post sent by you according to our need in Title, Category, Tags, Keywords, Hyperlinks, Photos, and Content.
  4. The Spam Score of the website should be 1% or less.
  5. The page or post for which you will be given a backlink, you cannot use that page / post for spam or propaganda. If you do this then your backlink will be removed forever.
  6. If your backlink caused SEO damage to our website. So we reserve the right to convert your Backlink to NoFollow Backlink or Text.
  7. The author by whose name the post will be published. An Author account will be created in in his name. But access to this account will remain with permanently. Access to this account will not be granted to the author or anyone associated with the author.
  8. Blog Post should not contain any type of affiliate link.

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  • Machine learning (ML), Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Automobile Industry or Automobile Manufacturers or Automotive Industry or Automakers
  • Data Science, Cloud Computing, SaaS, Data Analytics, DevOps, Bigdata
  • Android & Apple iOS Apps, Mobile Apps, Gadgets, Web Apps, Games, Reviews, & Ratings
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  • Telecommunication, IT Services, Managed Services
  • SD-WAN, Local Area Network (LAN), Data Center, Wide Area Network (WAN), Software Defined Network (SDN), Metropolitan Area Network (MAN).
  • Web Design, Web Technology, UX & UI Design, and Web Development
  • Web Technologies like React JS, JavaScript, AngularJS, jQuery &, etc.
  • Software Programming & Instructions (Python, R-Language, C#, SQL, Java, etc.)
  • WordPress Plugins & updates, WordPress Themes
  • Education, Essay Writing, Teaching, Tutoring, E-learning technology
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