How To Download GTA 5 Mod APK 1.3

Download GTA 5 APK – latest version – for Android. Now you can play GTA V on your smartphone and enjoy one of the best games of all time!

When Rockster released Grand Theft Auto V in 2013, surely few of us thought that this game was going to have all the travel it has had, but it has! Many people joke that the PlayStation 2 had 3 GTAs, while GTA 5 has had 3 PlayStations, since this game was released for the PlayStation 3 and later it was also incorporated into the PlayStation 4 and, more recently, the PlayStation 5.

Rockstar seems to have no intention of releasing a new GTA! And do you know why? Because this one is simply awesome. When a game remains among the highest rated titles for a decade, you can be sure that it is a good video game.

What is the GTA 5 App for Android?

If you don’t know what GTA 5 is, you’ve surely been living under a rock for the last eight years. This game is the latest installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, developed by Rockstar since the 90s. In these games, the main objective is to complete a series of missions that will allow you to advance in the underworld in a city. The game always takes place while you are moving around the city, and although you can follow a linear story, you can also choose to do other things or just go for a ride on the road and enjoy the scenery.

The best GTA ever!

What makes GTA 5 so popular is the sheer scope this game has.

Unlike the first GTAs, where the cities were not so big and could be covered relatively quickly, GTA 5 has a really huge map with which you will be able to travel the city for hours without going around the same corner twice. In addition, the variety of secondary adventures that you will be able to do is much wider, which will give you the feeling of actually living in an open world, similar to the worlds of Skyrim or Fallout.

Features of GTA 5 full version

  • A much bigger map than previous games. Not only is the GTA 5 map the largest of all GTAs to date, it is also among the largest maps of all video games ever released. The city of Los Santos – which, of course, is based in Los Angeles – is then perceived as a much more real place than you might imagine.
  • Spectacular graphics. There is a notable leap in quality in GTA 5 when it comes to developing the graphics, and this applies to everything. Not only will you perceive a much greater precision in the detail of each vehicle, but you will also enjoy great detail in the design of the characters, buildings and landscapes.
  • Driving improvements. In the early GTAs there was little you could do to handle cars, it was all just accelerating, braking and turning the wheel. Now, on the other hand, each vehicle behaves very differently, and you are going to have to take into account many things to be able to reach a good port with them.
  • Adapted controls. The Android version of this game comes, of course, with adapted controls so that you can play it using only the gyroscope and the touch screen, although you will also be able to connect an external controller via USB or Bluetooth to play.
  • Open world. Although you will be able to follow the different possibilities of the GTA 5 story, you will also be able to simply enjoy the open world of Los Santos and set your own goals, for example, get a collection of sports cars, earn a certain amount of money or simply , hanging around while listening to the radio.

How much does GTA 5 for android weigh?

You’re going to need a really big device to be able to play GTA 5 on Android, because the size of its files is up to 72 Gb. And that’s not counting the extra space you’ll need to be able to unzip the download and play the game!

Does GTA 5 for android have multiplayer?

The GTA has gradually incorporated an online mode that you will also be able to access from its Android version.

GTA 5 APK Mod free download for Android

Get now the GTA 5 APK without verification for Android for free and enjoy one of the most spectacular games of all time!

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