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Google Word Coach 2021: How To Open It And Play Game

Google Word Coach: Google Word Coach is game intended to help extend English-language vocabulary in a fun, connecting way. Word coach game is very much interesting ang fun to play.

If you wish to play Word Coach Google Game then here you’ll be able to read the simplest method of playing it. Here you may study history of this game in Google and the way to play it Online.

Any individual who needs to be told vocabulary this game is that the most ideal decision for any new more slender. the foremost effective part is not any need for any English learning App or Any teacher, Just Search it on Mobile Chrome Browser, and you begin to search out out English Vocabulary.

What is Google Word Coach?

Google Word Coach

Google said: Google Word Coach is a game which designed to assist expand English-language vocabulary in a fascinating and fun way. It appears under our dictionary and translates boxes or when people searches “Google Word Coach.”

It launched this month in non-English speaking countries like France, Germany and also in India.

The vocabulary of the many of the peoples aren’t good including me.

This game is for those people who’s English vocabulary isn’t so good.

It’s really fun to play the this Game.

If you don’t have an honest vocabulary and you want to find out some new English words then this game is for you.

By playing this game on day after day you may be ready to speak in English and also you have a decent vocabulary.

Features of Google word coach game

google word coach

Essentially in this game, there are adjusts. In one round you have 5 question or inquiries with two alternatives you need to pick the right choice or an option from both of the choices.

After the appropriate answer google offers you result as per your responses. This is truly enjoyable to play this game.

Benefits of using the word coach game

Google word coach

The main essential advantage of this is learning. You learn tremendous and numerous English words and your vocabulary gets more grounded. You learn numerous comparable words and elective words for a solitary word.

The sharing of your result is additionally a cool element of this game.

Google Word Coach

What is a Google Word Coach used for?

Google has added a pristine component named this game to the Google word reference and translates boxes inside web investigate for non-English searchers.

At the point when you do a chase that triggers a dictionary or translate box, Google may show you this Word Coach that encourages you grow English-language vocabulary in a fun and intriguing manner, a Google representative advised us.

When Google Word coach game is launched?

The google word coach game is a vocabulary game and the game is launched in February 2018 for all non-English speaking countries like France, Germany.

Basically this an excellent initiative by Google. you’ll ask how? So let me tell you.

The English language is a global language. So, if you would like to figure anywhere in the world you supposed to be a knowledge of English language.

That’s, why google, launch this game for those people who want to find out English.

Google Word coach is largely a quiz game to boost your vocabulary. the game was launched in 2018 for each people who expert in English or beginner in English. daily some new word is introduced, it’s difficult to learn all word in someday. Google Word Coach is a simple way to learn a brand new word each day.

Any person who wants to learn vocabulary this game is the best option for any new leaner. the most effective part is no need for any English learning App or Any English professor, Just Search name of this game on Mobile Chrome Browser, and you start to find out English Vocabulary.

Google designed this App that way it always motivates to find out vocabulary. they offer you some points when correct a solution. If you select the incorrect answer they provide you a full explanation of why your answer is wrong, what’s the proper answer and why?

How to Open Google Word Coach

google search

Fundamentally it is exceptionally simple to play this game. Yet, the extremely interesting thing is occurs with me prior to composing this article. All things considered by me you can just play this word mentor game in android and iOS phones.

You can not play this game in your laptops and computers. So what’s going on with me I am attempt to play this game in my PC. It is extremely simple to play this game. You simply need to search Google word mentor from your cell phone. And afterward you will in the game. You can tap the button which is offered underneath to play this game.

If you trying to find any study game then Word Coach is one of the most effective Quiz Game.

“Google Words Coach is a game which designed by Google to assist and expand English language and Vocabulary in an exceedingly fascinating and fun way. This new game is a type Quiz, Which appears below the Dictionary and language Translate Boxes of Google or When someone search for “Google Word Coach” or ” Word Coach” on Google. It launched in Feb 2018 in Non-English Speaking Countries like India, France, Germany.

It’ll help people to expand their English Vocab in a very fun way. right away it’s been launched in India But in the future, it should come to other countries and in several languages as well”. One of the speaker of Google.

Play Word Coach

How to play Google Word Coach Game?

It is very easy to paly this game. Anyone can play this game using there mobile.

In above step I told you ways to open word coach game.

Now, After you open the game, you have to provide the correct answers to the questions. If you give the correct answer then your score will be increased gradually.

Play word coach game

How Does Google Word Coach Work?

A Google spokesperson told search engine Land that after you do a quest that triggers a dictionary or translate box, Google may show you this Word Coach that helps you expand English-language vocabulary in an exceedingly fun and fascinating way.

Word Coach was add to search only on smartphone. The quiz game pops whenever look for dictionary definitions, or after you search from your mobile device. the sport pops up in the app also as in Chrome.

The way it works is that it tests your vocabulary through an ongoing test. Each round forms from five questions that originate from the actual word you searched on Google, that is the way you handle this game. It also pops up to drag from words you previously searched. As you finish rounds, you keep on step up.

Word Coach questions type

In this game Google will ask you mainly three kinds of questions.

1. Similar words:

Similar words

Means google will provide you with some word and you have to search out an identical word or synonyms to that word from options.

2. Opposite word:

Opposite word

Means google will offer you a word and you have to search out the opposite word to that particular word or antonym to it word from options.

3. Image test:

Image test

Means google will offer you an image in question and you have got to determine the most effective image for that word.

The image questions are very easy as compared to Synonyms (similar) and Antonyms (opposite) words.

As you give the proper answers the level of questions becomes higher. Means you may get harder question comparatively from previous questions.

In every round of this game google will provide you with 5 sets of questions and you have got to choose correct answer from 2 different options.

Also, if you do not know the solution to the question you’ll skip the particular questions according to you.

How to Download Google Word Coach App?

Well, the answer to the current question is ‘You Cannot’. it’s because Google Word Coach App is available for mobile browsers only. You simply have to search on Google and you may get it!

When it had been launched, the spokesperson of Google gave the following statement on this:

This is a game which designed to assist expand English-language vocabulary in a very interesting and fun way. It also appears under our “dictionary and translate boxes” or when people searches for “Google Word Coach”. It launched in non-English speaking countries like France, Germany and also in our India.

It’s going to come to other countries and languages in the future.”

Well, this amazing app means in a way that it always encourages people to find out new words and improve their vocabulary. once you answer correctly, you may earn some points for that. after you mark an incorrect answer, they’re going to provide you with an in depth explanation of why the solution marked by you is wrong, what should be the proper answer and why?


Q1) What is the highest score of google word coach?

The most elevated highest score of the google word coach is near about 2,40,000. You can likewise impart your score to us in the event that you can make in excess of 2,40,000 points.

Yet, it is difficult to make a tremendous score however I realize you can do it.

Q2) How to open google word coach on pc?

This is the most as often as possible posed inquiry on google however nobody composes an answer on it. Yet, the dismal truth is you can not play google word coach on pc or in your PC.

In the event that you need to play it on your pc, at that point the lone alternative is you need to download an emulator in your pc.

Q3) How to play google word coach online?

You can play this game online simply search Word coach on google. From that point forward, you can play this game online too.

Q4) How to Download Google Word Coach App?

You can not download the app. It is only because of this App is fairly available for mobile browsers itself. You only want to search on browser Google Word Coach and you will get that results right away.

Q5) Why Google Word Coach is important?

The relevance of a people language has increased worldwide and more and more people are using country language as a way of communication. If you’re travelling to any a part of the planet and you don’t understand their local language but if you speak some words in English they’re going to instantly get what you’re trying to mention. English has become a world language round the globe.

A large portion of the western and European nations use it as their public or national language. you ought to be knowing English people grammar additionally as stronger your vocabulary in English so as to avoid any chances of miscommunication while travelling. It designs as a fun and interesting game. The motive of this fun game is to strengthen their English and vocabulary. If you play any game you won’t be wired.

Q6) Is it available in German Language?

Google word coach game is only available for mobile browsers for German language and not available for desktop versions.

Q7) Is it available in French Language?

It is available in French language only for mobile browsers.

Q8) Is it available in Hindi?

Yes , The Google word coach is also available in Hindi Language. Word coach in Hindi is only available for the mobile version of Google and not for desktop.

Q9) When does Google Word coach game launched?

The google word coach game is a vocabulary or jargon game and this game is dispatch or launched in February 2018 for all non-English talking nations.

Fundamentally this an extraordinary activity by Google. You can ask how? So let me advise you.

The English language is a worldwide language. Along these lines, on the off chance that you need to work anyplace on the world you expected to be an information on the English language.

That’s, the reason google, dispatch this game for those individuals who need to learn English.


Word Coach is a test game only for Mobile projects. Google not give This app to word coach google. You simply use this right through the program browser. I believe that you will find your answer about what you searching for.

Fundamentally, it is a test game and it is just usable on Mobile Browsers. Individuals can just utilize it online through programs.

If you have any queries about this article, then don’t hesitate to ask us in comment section.

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