What are some low-cost but good entertainment methods?

Entertainment methods: Just take a bus with a few people, get off and stroll around when you see where it’s more pleasing to the eye. When I was in high school, I did this every time I encountered annoying things. And I found a lot of delicious restaurants.

Plant sprouts grow more than ten kinds of organic and green vegetables at home throughout the year. You don’t need to go outside to buy expensive vegetables and worry about pesticide residues. The total investment is small and the return is large. I planted it myself, but my girlfriend didn’t take it well.


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  1. Make a good friend or find someone at random (this in itself constitutes a form of entertainment), chat with him, talk about life, talk about ideals, from poetry, song, to piano, chess, calligraphy and painting (entertainment methods).
  2. Learn a sports activity, such as playing basketball or table tennis, which requires less venues or has a higher penetration rate in China (also count chess and cards, athletics)
  3. Learning the same musical instrument, the piano is inconvenient and the harmonica is always okay. Find a lawn with no one to sit and play. It is more reliable if there are green trees to lean on. Practice a song in the afternoon, and go home happily after playing it~
  4. Learn the same skills, such as handicrafts, painting (children who copied the cartoon stickers when they were young, said that this is not taught at all), cooking (I used a bunch of tomatoes and eggs at home to study for an afternoon, and finally made the best One of the dishes, wait for mom to come home to eat together =w=)
  5. Find a place to wander. Whether it’s a shopping mall, a park, or downstairs at home. Look at commodities, people, animals, and plants. You can find a lot of surprises without spending money (many people hate going to the mall. I think if you don’t focus on shopping at all. Just look at what clothes are popular now and in each store (entertainment methods). The layout of the store, people’s speech and behavior, and the law of discount activities are actually very interesting. I especially like to stay in a store to see the comparison before and after the customer’s fitting~)
  6. With a heart that finds fun, you will find that many trivial things will be very fun . When you were young, it was easy to find fun in playing because you can focus on a certain goal. Even if it is small I often find surprises, even if I never expected them.


If you don’t have a bicycle, it is very cheap to rent one.
The cost is very low, and it can exercise to prevent the buttocks from sagging and collapsing. You can also ride on outings with friends.


Pick a place with a better environment, run 5 kilometers or more by yourself or with friends. It also feels good to sweat, and I feel comfortable after running.


A group of friends, everyone is responsible for bringing some food, and then bring some games, cards and so on. Pick a better environment and sit on the floor.

In the end, I also found that the activities I was talking about could just be stringed together. Meet three or five friends, ride a bike to a beautiful place, park for a run, and have a picnic after the run.

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