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GNULA: Alternatives to GNULA that work too. And it is that after the closure of these websites by court orders that prevent them from continuing to spread endorphins and joys around the world, new options arise to watch movies online or download torrents . There are many options to Gnula and GNULA Series and here we are going to review the most popular ones that we have confirmed are still working.

The reason for the closures? Both Gnula and other similar pages would have been violating rules related to copyright, of a myriad of films and series that could be accessed from these portals. It is important to remember that the issue of copyright is questioned on these websites so we always leave you options to watch free online movies such as Amazon Prime Video trial periods , for example, or the trial time offered by platforms streaming like HBO.

And so, Gnula has passed away in most of the world. But before you start crying uncontrollably, or looking for someone to share Netflix with , wipe your snot, we bring you some alternatives to watch series and movies in streaming and fill the void that and have left in our hearts (and our computer screens)

And is that among the websites available to watch movies online without downloading anything is GNULA , with which you can stream without downloading anything or to download on your device, and is one of the most recommended by lovers of the seventh art, both for its HD playback quality and language availability, however, in recent days its access has been restricted for users in Spain.

Alternatives to GNULA

The lists of where to watch movies and series for free are endless. It is difficult to select among so many, which is the best or in the best of cases, which are active. And it is appropriate to add which of them transmits in good quality, because moviegoers and geeks of the series are very demanding and we are not going to see something that looks or hears badly by mistake.

As we already know, pages of this type usually have some legal problems. Surely you are one of the thousands who has had the very unpleasant surprise of realizing that your favorite page to watch free movies and series has been suddenly eliminated or closed. If you haven’t gotten over it, come on man, it’s time to grow up, because it happens almost daily. However, it is no reason to panic. With the guide that we present below you will freak out and you will only need to get comfortable because you will know where to watch movies and series for free.

Although it is not the former, this alternative has become one of the best to watch series and movies online
According to what has transpired in forums of different specialized portals, the restriction was ordered by the Spanish government, therefore, GNULA cannot be entered throughout the country . Which is the reason? As we already told you, in previous articles, this type of web pages are highly persecuted by the authorities, due to copyright restrictions, therefore these pages “appear and disappear” frequently.

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Megadede is a website with a good number of visitors every day, because its offer in series is very wide, ranging from the most current to older ones that were successful in their day.

This alternative to GNula Series is characterized by a very intuitive design in its interface and by the absence of advertising, something that is appreciated in these times.

In addition to series we can also find the latest in movies (in addition to older ones), television programs or documentaries of various genres and themes.

The search engine it has is very effective and allows you to find the series you are looking for quickly and easily, to enjoy and watch it.

If all this seems little to you, it turns out that they also have an application for Android so that you can watch your favorite series on Megadede, from anywhere and when you need it, without having to use the browser on your PC or the phone itself.

As you can see, Megadede is a good alternative to watch series and movies online, although there are more.

Open Movies

OpenPelis is an alternative to GNULA and GNULA series that offers download free movies, Latin audio, FullHD 1080p, 4K 2160p, MP4. It is important that you know that this type of Web is of doubtful security so the recommendation will be that whenever you can avoid them better

Alternatives to GNULA then could be options such as free Netflix that allows us to see part of its contents without paying, for example. Another option is to take advantage of the trial periods of platforms such as HBO, Amazon Prime Video, among others.

The old pelispedia, now , is a page that offers the best quality content and, on many occasions, just hours after its premiere. Something to keep in mind is that in its catalog there are almost no movies or series in the original language, but rather translated into Spanish, Castilian or Latin.

Therefore, if dubbing drives you crazy, it may be better to look for a more “international” option than Pelispedia as such.

Something that does constitute the real weakness of Pelispedia24 is that, unlike , users are bombarded with intrusive and recurring ads. Yes, this is typical of streaming sites, but sometimes it is difficult to make peace with so many pop-ups per minute. Of course, once the movie starts, all you have to do is get the popcorn out and enjoy.

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Cuevana 2

Without a doubt one of our great favorites of all time and one of the best alternatives to Gnula that you can find on the Internet. It’s called Cuevana2 and it has a simple and user-friendly design. It does not contain advertising. But seriously, you won’t find a single banner advertising products on the entire site. Nor does it offer any other buttons, so only, and without exaggeration, you will need two clicks to access your movie or series of choice.

Cuevana2 offers movies and series only in their original language and with an enviable quality. Without a doubt, one of the most solid options to replace Gnula , and we must also take into account Downloads for this same purpose.

This is another option if you are looking for alternatives to Gnula . It has a varied and extensive catalog of movies and series, similar to that of , which ranges from the most recent releases to modern classics that cannot be missing in any decent video library. It has a very good section dedicated to anime and collections dedicated to different genres to complement your enjoyment.

If, for example, you are passionate about superhero series and movies, Repelisplus offers you similar content grouped in the “superhero special”; Ditto for fans of comedy, action, or Harry Potter movies.

But it would be irresponsible for us to recommend this site without realizing that it is infested with advertising pop-ups , similar to what happens with SeriesDanko and the like, and what is worse, adult content. So if you are in the mood to watch a movie as a family, or on your way home on public transport, this is not a good alternative to Gnula and is actually quite a risky idea.

This is a free movie and series streaming portal with one of the most extensive catalogs that you will find on the internet and its surroundings. No matter what your favorite genre is, in Miradetodo you will find more options than you can ever see. Among the sea of ​​alternatives to Gnula , Miradetodo is one of the most practical and easy to use. Its contents are classified by genre and are constantly updated.

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Like Gnula , this portal was forced by the courts to cease its operations. But do not fear, that has returned with a new domain in

Although its URL changed, its quality of content and usability have not diminished at all. That is, it is still a VIP alternative to Gnula . Its catalog of movies and series is updated daily, so you will always get the most fashionable content on the web. A plus of is its content classification by year of release, with which you will save a lot of time deciding what to watch and it reminds us a bit of DESMIX.

It is the newest movie and series streaming portal on our list of alternatives to , and it has everything to become a favorite of the masses oppressed by copyright laws. If you are moved by the latest releases on the billboard, DosPelis is for you; You flirt with classics of modern cinema, DosPelis is for you; If you are addicted to good series, then guess what: DosPelis is for you.

In Dospelis , apart from enjoying your favorite series and movies online, you have the option of downloading them via P2P or from different servers to which the page will redirect you. The best thing about this luxury alternative to Gnula is that before venturing out with any content, the website will inform you about its quality or if it is in Spanish or in the original language with subtitles.

In this way, you can avoid a few annoyances due to wasting time and clicks in vain. In addition, you have an alphabetical search engine, another by year and also by gender. And yes, perhaps all this has already been seen on other websites dedicated to streaming, but if you need to differentiate DosPelis from the rest, we will tell you that the web developers offer the user the option of ordering movies and series. Anyway, whoever does not find what they are looking for in DosPelis, or in this list of alternatives to Gnula , is not looking well.


Today, what Internet users enjoy the most is online content. So there is nothing to fear, if you have more speed than light and are a bit careful, streaminmania is your thing. But be careful! You must be aware of any virus warnings. If that happens, flee the site and look for another option.

Knowing where to watch movies and series for free is not enough. It is also important to be sure that you will find good content and for all tastes, excellent quality, organized filters, original language, subtitles, Spanish or Latin language. Better than over and not missing, that’s why we tell you a few good options where to watch movies and series for free.

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Cuenvana, through this domain, is once again one of the best options to watch movies and series for free. It is confirmed that this legendary place to enjoy audiovisual content has more lives than a cat. It always manages to survive, it has been closed by the authorities on several occasions, but it maintains the quality of always. On this page you can see the latest releases in Spanish or with original audio.

Another website where you can watch movies and series for free. Good content, it has a good selection of premieres and with very good quality. It is a friendly page, divided into: latest, premieres, ranking, most views, top premieres and you can find Latin, Spanish and subtitled audio.

A super dynamic website, with an incredible library of film titles. You will find movies by year, they have content since 2006 and you can also search them alphabetically. So that you don’t get lost in all the material, you can guide yourself through the front page sections: Featured Post, Release Movies, Animated Movies, Horror Movies, and Latest Added Movies.

An impeccable page. This is one of the pages where you can watch movies and series for free. It has super visible posters, all the material is in hd and the audio can be enjoyed in Spanish, Latin or original audio. The best thing about this website is the category section, anyone you imagine will be there


Do not hesitate to enter outstanding titles, there you will find the most recent with the highest quality. The billboards are constantly being updated, it is a very dynamic and visually attractive website. If you have kids at home, don’t miss the section: Marvel with all the movies in full HD.

On this page things are not straightforward, when selecting the movie it opens a window where you must choose the server. This makes it less accessible, but once you get the hang of it, it will be a piece of cake. It has titles available since 2013.

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An excellent website, with current and quality material. It is difficult to determine the size of your film library, but we assure you that it is one of the best places to watch movies and series for free. It ranges from classic movies to those that have recently been released. You must register and follow three simple steps to enjoy all its content.

A simple page, with little information and a wide content; We recommend that you enter the section with the most views first and then the premieres; from there we are sure you will be able to choose in a matter of minutes.

If you are bored of traditional cinema and the latest billboard releases, head over to this website. Here you will find different content in sections titled in very interesting ways, among which are: climate change and environment, celebrating pride, stories of refugees and immigrants, athletes and their triumphs, veterans and military, exploring the world.

Huawei Video

An alternative to GNULA that is rarely talked about is Huawei Video , which is part of the Huawei Ecosystem , and which since its inception includes a wide variety of genres and thousands of hours of video content, has been incorporating new features throughout these six months. It is worth highlighting the strengthening of its position in the field of cinema, after having verified the excellent results of mobile consumption in this area since the beginning of its activity.

The fact: As an alternative to GNULA, the advantage of Huawei Video is that it is completely legal, you do not have invasive advertising and there is a selection of titles for all tastes: Huawei Video users opt for very specific genres, especially movies from action, suspense, comedy, as well as other niches, such as horror films or Asian films, among others.

Be careful because GNULA is free, and Huawei Video is priced at 4.99 euros per month, but you have the first month free. And as a trick that you know that there are always coupons to watch free movies on Huawei Video that you can get in the AppGallery.

We must warn you that given the access restriction presented by GNULA , other alternatives have emerged that act as substitute pages, which are absolutely false. GNULA has not closed, it can only be seen in Spain, therefore, these pages are not related to the original website:

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Censorship was applied in Spain and in some Latin American countries, through two telephone and internet service operators. It is speculated that GNULA can be accessed normally from other countries . Now, there are some tricks that we can apply so that you can access GNULA from Spain, which we will tell you below.

When talking about alternatives to SeriesDanko, we previously talked about and, if you remember, we warn that they are not the same creators of Gnula , but people who have taken advantage of their “off the air” to capture a market segment , for the moment, orphan. But, also if you remember, we mention that the content of this alternative to Gnula is incredible and it is very worth it. This portal offers a huge variety of movies and series, with excellent quality, not to miss so much . It has a very attractive design to look at and, better still, a friendly interface that allows you to browse the page in search of true audiovisual treasures. Maybe not Gnula but it is an excellent alternative in your absence.

How to enter GNULA

There are several ways to enter GNULA and bypass the blockade, but this time we will only talk about the most common ones, so that in this way you can continue enjoying your favorite movies or series despite the restriction.

The latest news reports that the telephone operators that executed the temporary shutdown of the website did something they call “advanced network blocking”, very different from the traditional impediment through DNS. Accessing the GNULA portal by changing the DNS will no longer do any good. However, there are two other options that, according to comments in specialized forums, there are those who have been useful to access the page.

One of the ways in which you can access the GNULA website to watch your favorite movies in streaming despite the restriction that currently weighs on it, is by changing the proxy settings, for this there are proxy websites that serve the function of being an intermediary between the user and the server site. In short, the proxy “disguises” the site that has been blocked from being detected and accessible.

Another way we can bypass restrictions and access GNULA to watch our favorite movies is by activating a VPN. What it does is connect our computer to another network through the internet but safely. Some specialists call it a “tunnel” that transforms the data to the point that it cannot be detected. There is also a wide variety of services that offer paid or free VPNs, but will give you seamless browsing.

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