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In November of 2021, a brand new Genshin Impact character named Thoma was unveiled as a part of the two.2 replace’s second banner.

An NPC within the nation of Inazuma, he was additionally the Kamisato Clan’s Chief Retainer in its 2.0 model.

“He’s a really special character,” says Mihoyo.

In contrast to a lot of the Inazuma characters, he has blonde hair and his identification is a little bit of a thriller.

To sum up his character, he’s a individuals watcher and a extra skilled journey companion.

Thoma is the Kamisato Clan’s present high retainer and has some connection to the Kamisato siblings.

Genshin Impact tweeted that his official title is “Kamisato Clan’s Housekeeper.”

Pyro polearm person Thoma, stage 4, arrives with a replay of Hu Tao.

Chances are you’ll learn up on what we learn about Thoma’s abilities and once we can count on to see his banner once more in Genshin Impact by studying the data under.

Genshin Impact Thoma Retrun Banner

Thoma is anticipated to reappear within the first banner of the two.5 updates, based on present rumors.

Yae Miko, a brand new 5-star character, would be the focus of this banner, however fellow 4-star characters Fischl and Diona will even seem.

An replace to the two.5 model will probably be launched in February 2022.

Genshin Impact Thoma skills

Honey Hunter World presently gives Thoma’s powers, nevertheless this may occasionally alter earlier than he seems in Replace 2.2.

Regular Assault: Swiftshatter Spear

  1. Performs as much as 4 spear strikes in a row in regular assault.
  2. Consumes a selected amount of power to cost forward and strike at enemies, inflicting them to take injury.
  3. Assault with a swoop: Offers injury to all enemies in its route and offers Space of Impact injury when it lands.

Elemental Talent: Blazing Blessing

Utilizing the purpose of his spear, Thoma channels flames and delivers a kick that offers AoE Pyro injury whereas concurrently erupting a defensive Blazing Barrier to guard his goal.

The Barrier supplies Thoma a Pyro Infusion when it’s unleashed.

Thoma’s most well being determines the Barrier’s injury absorption capability.

Greater than twice as a lot injury is absorbed by Blazing Barrier from pyrotechnics.

If one other Blazing Barrier is gained throughout this era, the remaining injury absorption of the primary one will probably be stacked and the length of the second will probably be refreshed.

The Barrier’s most injury absorption is restricted to a proportion of Thoma’s most well being.

Elemental Burst: Crimson Ooyoroi

A Scorching Panoply kinds as Thoma’s spear rotates, slicing via his enemies with a hail of pyrokinetic fireplace.

Scorching Panoply:

Fiery Collapses, which deal AoE Pyro injury and summon Blazing Obstacles, are triggered by the Regular Assaults of lively characters impacted by the Scorching Panoply.

It’s doable for a Fiery Collapse to happen as soon as each second.

Making a Blazing Barrier this technique is identical as utilizing Thoma’s Elemental Talent, Blazing Blessing, besides that this one can take extra injury than that.

Greater than twice as a lot Pyro injury could be absorbed by them as regular.

If one other Blazing Barrier is gained throughout this era, the remaining injury absorption of the primary one will probably be stacked and the length of the second will probably be refreshed.

Thoma’s most well being can’t be exceeded by the Barrier’s most injury absorption. Scorching Panoply’s results are nullified if Thoma is defeated or in any other case eradicated.

Thoma Passive Abilities

  1. Free Fisher: In Inazuma, profitable fishing makes an attempt have a 20% likelihood of acquiring a double catch for individuals who are fishing at no cost.
  2. Imbricated Armor: When a Blazing Barrier is obtained or refreshed, the presently lively character’s Defend Power is boosted by 5% for six seconds.
  3. As soon as each 0.3 seconds, this impact could be activated.
  4. Stacks are restricted to 5.
  5. Fiery Collapse’s Fiery Collapse injury rises by an element of 1.5 of Thoma’s most well being in the course of the length of the Flaming Assault.

Thoma Constellations

  1. Thoma’s Blazing Blessing and Crismon Ooyoroi cooldowns are each decreased by three seconds when a Blazing Barrier is broken by a participant aside from him.
  2. As soon as each 20 seconds, this impact will probably be activated.
  3. Will increase Crimson Ooyoroi by three seconds with the Shrewd Employees.
  4. Blazing Blessing’s stage is raised by three with Fortified Resolve.
  5. Upgrading to the following stage takes you as much as stage 15.
  6. When Crimson Ooyoroi unleashes a Fiery Collapse, Thoma receives 0.4 power again.
  7. As soon as each 0.3 seconds, this impact is feasible.
  8. Raging Wildfire: Crimson Ooyoroi’s stage rises by three factors.
  9. The utmost stage of improve is 15.
  10. All occasion members’ regular, charged, and plunging assaults inflict 15% extra injury for six seconds when a Blazing Barrier is earned or stacked.
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