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Shenhe, a 5-star Cryo polearm consumer, is a brand new character in Genshin Impact, thus listed below are her abilities, passives, and constellations.

You’re in all probability inquisitive about when the Shenhe Impact banner will go dwell.

Genshin Impact 2.4 introduces Yun Jin and Shenhe, two new characters.

Mihoyo has confirmed on Twitter that the characters are actual, persevering with a behavior of presenting characters earlier than they’re slated to obtain a banner.

Cryo consumer Shenhe makes use of a polearm in fight.

An exorcist’s daughter, is a scholar of Cloud Retainer, an adeptus who prefers to take the disguise of a white crane.

Mihoyo explains that Shenhe is most like herself out of all the scholars, Cloud Retainer has taken on.

As for Shenhe, he thinks she’s a “knowledgeable and chatty” grasp, pondering her to be tidy.

The next data concerning Shenhe’s banner in Genshin Impact and once we can anticipate to see her in subsequent updates will aid you be taught extra in regards to the subsequent Cryo exorcist.

Genshin Impact Shenhe banner launch date

When Genshin Impact 2.4 goes dwell on January 5, Shenhe’s banner, The Transcendent One Returns, can be obtainable.

This banner will stay up till the twenty fifth of January.

Genshin Impact Shenhe talents

All the things it’s worthwhile to find out about Shenhe will be discovered right here.

Regular assault: Dawnstar Shooter

  1. Carry out as much as 5 polearm blows in speedy succession.
  2. Charged assault: After utilizing stamina, lunge ahead to inflict harm in your opponents as you go.
  3. In the mean time of collision with the bottom, Plunging strike offers harm to all enemies in its path and in addition offers AoE harm.

Elemental ability: Spring Spirit summoning

Enemies take Cryo harm based mostly on how lengthy the button is held down.

Additionally grants the Icy Quill impact to all the get together members which can be within the fast neighborhood.

  1. To be able to inflict Cryo hurt on her foes, Shenhe rushes ahead with a talisman spirit.
  2. Shenhe instructs the spirit of the talisman to as an alternative trigger AoE Cryo harm to the talisman.
  3. This will increase the variety of Icy Quill stacks and extends the length of every Icy Quill.

Icy Quill

When Shenhe makes use of an elemental ability or an elemental burst to inflict Cryo harm on an opponent, the quantity of injury she causes rises proportionally.

That ally’s assaults eat a specified quantity of stacks till this impact ceases or the length expires.

There aren’t any stacks to maintain observe of if a Cryo harm strike hits many targets on the identical time.

Every get together member’s Icy Quill stacks and results are unbiased of each other.

Elemental burst: Divine Maiden’s Deliverance

The talisman spirit’s power is briefly launched because of this assault.

In every single place it goes, it inflicts broad-unfold Cryo harm.

As soon as the spirit has accomplished its activity, it varieties a Cryo-damaging area, which additionally reduces an opponent’s Cryo and bodily resistance.

Shenhe passive abilities

  1. When a Liyue Expedition lasts greater than 20 hours, you’ll obtain a 25% bonus in awards.
  2. Shenhe’s elemental burst (Divine Maiden’s Deliverance) creates a ten% Cryo harm bonus for any lively character inside the area.
  3. Consciousness Sharing If the button is hit or held, Shenhe’s elemental ability (Spring Spirit Summoning) delivers the next results to all close by get together members.
  4. In case you activate both impact earlier than its time restrict ends, its length can be refreshed.
  5. Elemental burst harm and ability features 15% for 10 seconds once you press.
  6. Throughout the maintain, an ally’s regular, charged, and diving assault harm is elevated by 15%.

Shenhe constellations

  1. Shenhe’s Spring Spirit Summoning can be utilized second time by you.
  2. When Shenhe’s Divine Maiden’s Deliverance is activated together with her Centered Spirit, it lasts six seconds longer and does 15% extra Cryo crit harm to all characters inside its area.
  3. Will increase Shenhe’s Spring Spirit Summoning degree by three.
  4. The very best attainable degree of development is 15.
  5. Shenhe obtains a stack of Skyfrost Mantra when a personality beneath the impact of Icy Quill’s harm bonus results prompts its bonus results.
  6. For each stack of Skyfrost Mantra ingested whereas utilizing Spring Spirit Summoning, she features an extra 5% bonus to her harm.
  7. Shenhe can maintain a most of fifty stacks for 60 seconds.
  8. Three ranges are added to the Divine Maiden’s Deliverance with this Divine Attainment.
  9. There are a complete of 15 attainable ranges of development.
  10. Mystical Gamers don’t use an Icy Quill stack when triggering the results of Icy Quill with regular or charged assault harm.

That’s all there may be to find out about Shenhe right now.

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