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One of the well-known Anemo characters in Genshin Impact is Kaedehara Kazuha; uncover when he might be again in motion in patch 2.8 with one other banner!

Chances are you’ll be curious concerning the Kazuha flag in Genshin Impact. His banner was reprinted within the 2.8 updates in honor of his reputation as an Anemo Sword participant from Inazuma, Japan.

For those who haven’t already, try our suggestions for the best Kazuha construct.

Kazuha makes a speciality of elemental injury, which scales with mastery of the weather.

His ascension doesn’t grant him injury boosts, so he has to depend on those he will get from his weapons and artifacts.

Due to this, we suggest partnering Kazuha with characters equivalent to Chongyun or Hu Tao, who’ve the power to ship this type of elemental injury bonus when their ultimates mix with one other factor.

Kazuha Banner Launch Date

Genhin Impact 2.8’s first section, which started on July thirteenth, 2022, noticed the debut of the Kazuha repeat banner. Genshin Impact’s Heizou, Thoma, and Ningguang are all featured in his new banner.

Genshin Impact Kazuha talents

Regular assault: Garyu Bladework

  1. As much as 5 fast strikes might be carried out in a standard assault
  2. With a purpose to launch two fast sword blows, the person should expend some Stamina.
  3. At impression, Plunging Assault offers AoE injury, in addition to inflicting injury to enemies within the path of the autumn. Within the occasion that Chihayaburu prompts this, Midare Ranzan’s Plunging Assault might be used as an alternative.
  4. Utilizing the powers of the Elemental Ability Chihayaburu, Midare Ranzan performs a Plunging strike that converts Plunging Assault injury to Anemo and creates a miniature wind tunnel that sucks close by objects and opponents in.

Elemental ability: Chihayaburu

Inflicts injury on Anemo and launches Kazuha into the air on the present of a speeding wind, as if unleashing a secret approach as highly effective because the wind itself.

Press: Releases a hidden approach as highly effective because the wind itself. When in mid-air owing to the consequences of Chihayaburu, Kazuha unleashes a very robust Plunging Assault generally known as Midare Ranzan inside ten seconds of being within the air. Within the air, it may be used.

Earlier than unleashing Anemo hurt over a broader space than Press mode, Maintain mode costs up.

Elemental burst: Kazuha Slash

  1. Garyu’s final assault — a single slash that offers AoE Anemo injury like a storm approaching. Autumn Whirlwind, the sector left behind by the blade’s passage, offers AoE Anemo injury to enemies inside it at predetermined intervals.
  2. If Autumn Whirlwind comes into contact with a component, it is going to deal extra elemental injury of that sort. Elemental absorption. Every time you utilize Elemental Absorption, you possibly can solely use it as soon as.

Kazuha passive abilities

  1. A 20% discount in sprinting stamina consumption on your personal portion members. Don’t stack with Passive abilities that ship the identical results.
  2. Every time Chihayaburu comes into contact with a component whereas being utilized, Elemental Absorption will happen and it’ll deal an extra 200 p.c extra injury of that elemental form, which might be known as Plunging assault injury. Chihayaburu’s Elemental Absorption can solely occur as soon as per use.
  3. After a Swirl response, if Kazuha has an Elemental Mastery of eight factors or extra, he’ll present his comrades a 0.04 p.c Elemental injury bonus to their factor for eight seconds. Bonuses for a wide range of distinct points can happen on the identical time.

Kazuha constellations

  1. Decreases Chihayaburu’s cooling down time by 10%. Chihayaburu’s CD is reset when he makes use of Kazuha Slash.
  2. Kazuha Slash’s Autumn Whirlwind area, Yamaarashi Tailwind, comprises the next traits: The Elemental Mastery of Kazuha has been boosted by 200 factors. Elemental Mastery is elevated by 200 for all characters within the area. This Constellation’s results on Elemental Mastery don’t stack.
  3. Maple Monogatari – Chihayaburu’s degree is raised by three with this merchandise. The utmost degree of development is 15.
  4. This occurs when Kazuha’s Vitality degree drops beneath 45: Oozora Genpou Maintain Chihayaburu to replenish Kazuha’s power by three or 4 factors. Whereas gliding, replenish Kazuha’s power at a price of two per second.
  5. Bansei’s Knowledge – Three ranges are added to Kazuha Slash. The utmost degree of development is 15.
  6. After using Chihayaburu or Kazuha Slash, Kazuha obtains an Anemo Infusion for 5 seconds, based on Crimson Momiji – Kazuha. Moreover, every level of Elemental Mastery will improve Kazuha’s regular, charged, and plunging assaults’ injury by 0.2 p.c.

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