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Take a look at the Genshin Influence Gorou banner if you happen to’d wish to be taught extra.

The Genshin Influence 2.0 replace introduced us a slew of latest Inazuma-primarily based characters.

NPCs aside from Ayaka, Sayu, and Yoimiya, all of whom appeared on banners in 2.0, are anticipated to be playable characters sooner or later in Inazuma.

Gorou is a laid-again member of the resistance who’s against the imaginative and prescient hunt.

As Kazuha, Gorou’s former prisoner who was freed by his in-sport voice strains remarks, “He’s the type of person who speaks whatever comes to his mind”.

Irrespective of how troublesome issues get for his subordinate, he’s by no means afraid to assist them by way of.

There are similarities between him and Diona, however it’s possible you’ll be inquisitive about Gorou’s banner launch date and what number of stars he has.

Genshin Influence 2.3 will embrace a brand new Geo character, so hold studying to search out out extra.

Genshin Influence Gorou banner launch date

Gorou can be launched on that date within the 12 months 2021.

Genshin Influence 2.3’s second banner part will function Gorou as a personality on Itto’s banner, Oni’s Royale.

Who’s Gorou?

Gorou hails from the Inazuma area, the place he’s a 4-star Geo bowsman.

There aren’t many characters within the sport who can utilise Geo and the bow on the identical time.

His look and signature bow, the Goals of Dragonfell, will be glimpsed in a screenshot.

The Summit Shaper, The Unforged, the Vortex Vanquisher, and the Reminiscence of Mud are all in the identical household as this weapon.


The Genshin Influence 2.3 livestream was the primary time that Gorou’s major powers had been demonstrated.


  1. Typical assault: Strike as much as 4 instances in a row.
  2. A ferocious strike: To make the most of Arataki Kesagiri slashes, merely maintain for a cost assault and launch with out utilizing any stamina.
  3. Strike from mid-air that offers harm to enemies in its route and offers space-of-impact harm when it hits the bottom.

Elemental talent: inuzaka all-spherical defence

Locations a Basic’s Struggle-Banner on the bottom and does Geo harm to the encompassing space.

The banner has the next results, relying on the quantity of Geo characters in your social gathering.

A single member of the Geopolitical Celebration grants a defence profit.

Within the occasion of an interruption, two Geo social gathering members will obtain a lift of resilience to interruption.
A Geo harm bonus is granted when three Geo social gathering members are current.

All three of those impacts are multiplied by the presence of three Geo social gathering members.

ELEMENTAL burst: juuga – ahead unto victory

Utilizing an space-of-impact Geo assault, Gorou generates the Basic’s Glory subject, which boosts his Geo social gathering members’ talents.

A Crystal Collapse that does space-of-impact harm is generated each 1.5 seconds by the sector, which strikes together with Gorou.

Gorou passive skills

The minimap of Inazuma’s Seeker of Shines reveals the situation of adjoining provides.

This concludes our information of Gorou at the moment.

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