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The best Genshin Impact Razor construct is what you’re searching for.

Razor was raised by a wolf pack after being deserted as an toddler, and he’s most at house within the wild.

At any time when Razor is in peril, he can name on the Wolf Inside, a beast that fights with him when issues turn out to be robust.

Razor, a sword-wielding Electro character, excels in groups comprised of members who can create Genshin Impact elemental reactions, comparable to Cryo, Pyro, and Hydro.

His devastating mixture of assaults makes him an ideal candidate for DPS in any group.

The most effective Genshin Impact Razor construct is finest paired with one in every of our high Genshin Impact builds for beginning characters.

You may see why Razor is taken into account among the best 4-star characters in the complete sport by how a lot injury he can inflict.

The best way to construct a Genshin Impact Razor is defined right here intimately.

Best Genshin Impact Razor DPS construct

When preventing with Razor, use the press type of Claw and Thunder for all your strikes.

Change to Razor’s commonplace assault combo when a success is landed, however sprint simply earlier than the ultimate hit.

Carry out a splash to cancel the animation and resume the traditional assault combo after the ultimate hit of the 4 strikes combo, which is sluggish and delivers little injury.

After two rounds of the usual strikes, you must have the ability to use Claw and Thunder.

The assault velocity of Lightning Fang is elevated by an element of two, and every strike does a further quantity of Electro injury.

As a result of quicker final hit, you need to use the elevated assault velocity to land the entire commonplace assault combo.

Razor must be geared up with the Wolf’s Headstone to be able to inflict probably the most injury.

You can also make the 4-star Prototype Archaic in case you don’t have already got this 5-star weapon.

Razor’s electro-primarily based strikes aren’t his main technique of fight, however they’re nonetheless efficient.

Deal with artifacts with Genshin Impact, which enhance flat assault, bodily injury, and important strike charge (Crit).

4-piece Pale Flame set is Razor’s best 4-star possibility as a result of it will increase bodily injury by 25%.

When he makes use of his elemental talent, he beneficial properties a 9% bonus to his assault for seven seconds.

The 25 % bodily injury bonus turns into a one hundred pc bodily injury enhancement while you stack this impact twice.

To compensate for this, the Gladiator’s Finale artifact set is a wonderful selection for Razor as a result of it will increase assault injury by 35% with simply two items whereas growing it by 35% with 4.

For max injury from Razor, you have to know the right way to finest utilise your elemental responses so as.

Resulting from Razor’s reliance on elemental reactions for extra injury, you have to consistently change between your celebration members in Genshin Impact.

It’s simple to land Superconduct with a Cryo character like Qiqi or Diona whereas being protected against assaults.

Zhongli and Venti are additionally helpful allies for Razor as a result of they will keep out of hurt’s method for shorter intervals of time.


Regular assault: Metal Fang

  1. Carry out as much as 4 consecutive strikes within the regular assault.
  2. Charged Assault: Use stamina to unleash a whirling barrage of harm on all foes inside vary.
  3. Plunging Assault: Assault whereas in mid-air, doing injury to foes in your path and inflicting AoE injury when it makes contact with the bottom.

Elemental Talent: Claw and Thunder

  1. Use the Thunder Wolf Claw to deal additional Electro injury on high of Razor’s normal strikes by urgent the button.
  2. Razor beneficial properties as much as three Electro Sigils when an assault hits him, enhancing the speed at which he recharges his vitality.
  3. The length of an Electro Sigil is renewed with every new one.
  4. It’s doable to conjure a lightning storm, which offers AoE Eletro injury to adjoining opponents, by utilizing the ability of Electro vitality.
  5. When this elemental talent is used, Razor’s Electro Sigils are cleansed, remodeling them into purely energetic varieties.

Elemental Burst: Lightning Fang

With the assistance of Razor, unleash the Wolf Inside and trigger Electro injury to all of the opponents round you.

Razor’s Electro Sigils are transformed into elemental vitality by this assault.

  1. Regular assault velocity and vitality regeneration have been improved.
  2. Electro hurt can now be brought on by strikes.
  3. Safety from the hurt that the Electro-Charged situation could cause
  4. Flinching is much less more likely to happen.
  5. Disables Razor’s charged strike for a short while.

Genshin Impact Razor Constellations

  1. Wolf’s Intuition: Razor’s injury is elevated by 10% for eight seconds when it collects elemental orbs and particles.
  2. Suppression: When hitting opponents with lower than 30% well being, enhance your assault charge by 10%.
  3. Lightning Fang’s stage will be elevated by three, as much as a most of 15 Chew: Soul Companion. Claw and Thunder’s protection is decreased by 15% for seven seconds when solid utilizing the press model of this transfer.
  4. As much as a most of 15 Lupus Fulguris: Enhance the extent of Claw and Thunder by three.
  5. Sharpened Claws: Electro injury is utilized to all regular assaults by Razor each 10 seconds when his sword is charged up.
  6. Claw and Thunder’s Electro Sigils are created when lightning strikes an adversary with out Lightning Fang.

Genshin Impact Razor Passive Skills

  1. After awakening, Claw and Thunder have an 18 % discount of their cooldown time.
  2. Getting Lightning to Work Claw and Thunder’s cooldowns are reset by Fang.
  3. Razor’s vitality restoration charge rises by 30% when his vitality drops under 50%.
  4. Wolvenspirit: Reduces the price of sprinting by 20% for all celebration members.
  5. This isn’t appropriate with different passive skills that do the identical factor.

There you could have it, the last word Genshin Impact Razor setup.

By way of DPS, Razor is among the few 4-star characters able to taking up the most effective.

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