GCU Student Portal: How to Access GCU Portal

The GCU Student Portal is a natural, outwardly captivating, and completely adaptable center point for all that you’ll need to make progress in your courses.

This innovative portal of Grand Canyon University is mobile-friendly, so you’ll be able to log in and access it from anywhere.

On the off chance that you face any difficulties with the GCU entryway, relax… we take care of you.

How to log into GCU student portal

Following are Step by step instructions to sign into GCU student portal

  1. You can get to the GCU Portal by exploring to gcuportal.gcu.edu.
  2. Select Student Access.
  3. Enter your GCU email address (username@my.gcu.edu) once on the login page.
  4. Enter your secret key.
  5. Sign in to your record and access your myGCU entrance.
GCU Student Portal
GCU Student Portal Login Page

If this is often the primary time you’re logging into the GCU student portal, you’ll be prompted to line up account recovery options.

Your account may already be founded with recovery options, if so, the portal homepage should appear.

If your account is already founded with recovery options but you continue to see the prompt, “More information required“, your account may have multi-factor authentication enabled.

Navigating the GCU portal

The GCU Student Portal is a hub for pretty much any resource you’ll need at Grand Canyon University. Inside the GCU Portal landing page, you’ll have the option to get to your LoudCloud study hall, view your instructor data, browse your GCU email, and undeniably more!

Here are some more exciting features:

  • Fully customizable application dashboard
  • Easy-to-use Finance Hub app
  • One-click course access
  • Access to look at your class schedule/grades
  • Counselor contact information
  • Student resources, helpful links, and more.

How do I to reset GCU student portal password

The password for your GCU account may be reset through the GCU Portal. You’ll be able to reset your password at any time, and it’ll apply to any or all websites that are tied to your GCU email.

The first time you log into the GCU Portal, you’ll be prompted to line up password recovery options.

  1. Start by navigating to gcuportal.gcu.edu and selecting either the coed Access or Faculty Access button. (If you’re logged in, you may must sign enter order to complete this process).
  2. Select the Forgot my Password button if you’re a student.
  3. Enter your GCU email (if it isn’t entered automatically), complete the CAPTCHA, so click Next.
  4. To reset your password, A screen will appear with options. Select the suitable steps.
    1. Email my alternative email
    2. Text my movable
    3. Call my itinerant
  5. Once your password has been reset successfully, you’ll see the subsequent screen. Select the “Click Here” link to sign on together with your new password.
  6. Your GCU Student entryway password has been reset.

How to request your transcripts within the GCU Portal

There are numerous ways of mentioning your authority record through GCU. The best way is thru the GCU Student Portal.

You can access two forms of transcripts through the GCU student portal: official and unofficial.

How to request official transcripts

  1. Sign into the GCU Student Portal utilizing your GCU email address and password. Then, click the Transcript Request app within the My Apps dashboard.
  2. Click Request Transcript to continue.
  3. Select Add Recipient.
  4. You will have two options for Recipient Type. Fill within the recipient information consistent with your selected type and choose what number copies you’d like.
    • Other: If you’re sending your transcript to a different school or an alternate party, select Other from the Recipient Type menu. Enter the recipient’s information. When all necessary fields are entered, click Save.
    • NOTE Completing these means will send a sent paper duplicate of your record to the substitute party fitting your personal preference. If you’d like an official transcript sent via email to an alternate party, contact your Student Services Counselor for assistance.
  5. Student: If you’re the recipient of the transcript, select Student from the Recipient Type computer menu. If your address is recorded in your GCU portal, the ideal fields inside the shape will consequently fill in this data. Once you click Save, the knowledge are going to be stored, and you’ll be redirected to the Add Recipient page to feature more recipients or process your request.
  6. Once you’ve got finished adding recipients to the transcript request, you’ll be able to process your request by clicking Pay on the Transcript Request page. Official Transcript request costs $8.00 per copy to process.
  7. From the Processing Payment page, you’ll be able to make any last-minute changes as needed. Peruse the approval arrangement and check the “I acknowledge the above Payment Agreement” box. You’ll be able to prefer to enter a brand new mastercard or use a card already saved to your account. Click process to submit the transcript request or add a replacement mastercard if needed.
  8. After the transcript request is processed, you may receive a confirmation displaying the transcript information. Select near end the method or select a printer-friendly version to avoid wasting this confirmation for your records.
  9. Alternatively, you’ll be able to also request a transcript over the phone, by mail, email, or fax.

How to request an unofficial transcript

  1. Log into the GCU Student Portal.
  2. Open the category Schedule/Grades app from the My Apps dashboard.
  3. Click Download Unofficial Transcript to download a PDF duplicate of your informal record.
  4. From this page, you’ll also view your current, scheduled, and completed courses by clicking the plus/minus symbol next to every section.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to access your class schedule and therefore the unofficial transcript using the subsequent method:

  1. Navigate to classschedule.gcu.edu.
  2. Log in together with your GCU username and password.
  3. Click Download Schedule to download a PDF duplicate of your group plan and informal transcript.

GCU Student portal login issues (faqs)

Are you having trouble logging into the GCU Portal?

The commonly asked questions below contain different issues you will encounter when trying to log into your GCU Student Portal and solutions on a way to solve them.

How to modify my GCU username?

If you have got recently changed your legal name and would love your GCU username to reflect that change, you’ll have to start the method by changing your name on file with the university.

Request a legal name change along with your Student Services Counselor. The contact information for your counselor is inside your GCU Portal.

How to reset my apply.GCU Password?

If you have got a student number and would really like to access your application, you’ll log in together with your gorge collegian Portal username and password instead of the one related to the application site. In such cases, must you fail to remember your password, a normal reset through the GCU Portal will permit you access since it would with any GCU site.

How to check my grades within the GCU Portal?

When your teacher has posted your last grades, you’ll have the option to audit them by signing into the GCU Portal.

Once you’re logged in, locate and click on on the category Schedule / Grades app.
If you’ve got quite a one-degree program, you’ll be able to change it from the menu under Choose a program of study.

There are three sections from which you’ll be able to view your courses: Current, Scheduled, and Completed. You’ll be able to filter the courses you see by clicking the plus or sign next to every section.

To download a full list of your courses in general and grades, click on the Download Schedule choice at the highest point of the screen.

How to access my GCU Email within the GCU Portal?

After completing the enrollment process with Grand Canyon University, you may receive your GCU username and GCU email account.

It’s important to test your email regularly as you’ll receive messages from your counselor, instructors, and important notices from the University.

Start by logging into the GCU Portal to access your email. Once you’re logged in, click the e-mail icon from your My Apps dashboard.

You will be coordinated to your Outlook email inbox.

If you’re accessing your email for the primary time, you’ll be asked to line up your preferred language and zone settings. When selecting it slow zone, choose the one that reflects where you reside.

How to view my courses?

You will see course abbreviations for your current and most up-to-date courses up to 5 weeks, or upcoming classes (3 days before start).

Clicking a course abbreviation will open the LoudCloud classroom for that course during a new window. The GCU Student Portal will remain open within the previous window.

If you’re unable to work out your current courses listed under ‘My Courses‘, you’ll have to refresh the tab.

Select the three spots on the right-hand side of My Courses.

Then, select Refresh. The course should then pop.

GCU student portal not working?

There is also times within which the GCU Student Portal is down or temporarily inaccessible because of maintenance or service interruption.

How to access LoudCloud GCU?

Accessing your LoudCloud classes is as easy as logging into your gorge college man Portal. If you’re accessing your classroom through the GCU Student Portal, the login information is your GCU email address and password. If you decide on to log into LoudCloud directly, use your regular GCU username, without @my.gcu.edu and therefore the same GCU password.

What is GCU LoudCloud?

LoudCloud is gorge University learning management system. GCU transitioned students out of ANGEL and into LoudCloud a few years prior. LoudCloud offers many benefits, including speedy admittance to course materials, Intuitive route, an Esthetically satisfying interface, a Calendar perspective on task due dates with updates, Dashboard landing page with a fast overview after all activities.

What is GCU Housing portal?

The GCU Housing Portal app are often utilized by traditional students to rearrange their living situation on campus. If you do not go on campus, you’ll not have access to the current app. Inside the application, there are connections to the lodging application and a flat mate understanding form.

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