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Futbolme: If you are interested in football and know the most recent results, surely you just need to google the game you are looking for. But if you are head over heels for football and it is cool to keep up-to-date with your favorite clubs throughout your life, you will be delighted to know that Futbolme gives you the opportunity to follow all the football you want online and instantly.

For those who do not yet know, Futbolme is a portal where fans of the most popular sport on the planet can follow, in real time, the results of the Spanish league, including all its categories, from the professionals of the First League to the third amateur and all its groups.

Futbolme is not satisfied with covering what happens on the engramming, but it offers its users all the last minute information about transfers, the squad of the team of your loves, data of each club and the players of all the soccer teams of Spain. Obviously, a portal that boasts of being a football fan would not be complete without the magic and dribbling of the best leagues in America.

In Futbolme you can also find information and live matches of the Argentine or Brazilian soccer league. But it must be said: site navigation becomes somewhat confusing when looking for information and data on American championships and teams.

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What is Futbolme?

Although Futbolme is efficient in terms of information, it is not the same when it comes to design. Futbolme is a portal about Spanish and world football, which you can enjoy on your mobile phone or tablet. You just have to download the application, which is only available for Android devices. This application is basically the “take away” version of the portal, which is very useful to keep you informed about football, at any time of the day when the games that attract your attention are taking place.

If you want to be informed about the football planet, it is clear that the Futbolme app is ideal for you. The big negative point, apart from its old design from the early 90s, is that being a totally free application, it is full of advertising everywhere. Advertising is a necessary evil in these types of apps, but in the case of Futbolme , it gets to the point of being confused with the content, as in those shirts where the team’s crest is confused with one more advertising logo.

Additionally, a recurring complaint from users, and which we do not understand why it has not yet been corrected, is the lack of real-time notifications about goals and match incidents. Come on, developers, no one is going to be looking at the mobile for 90 minutes waiting to see what happens in the stadium.

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Soccer games

You can enjoy Futbolme on your mobile phone or tablet. In Futbolme you can create a free user account and select your favorite teams. In this way, you can have live football from the teams that really interest you on your mobile at all times and only that. You will be able to make predictions in each game which, if correct, will allow you to obtain points with which you will be able to access prizes in multiple promotions that are offered on the platform continuously. As if that were not enough, you have access to an extensive database of La Liga since its foundation with all the results of First, Second, Second B and Third.

We are talking about 90 years of history in the palm of your hand, thanks to Futbolme, fuck. In addition, you can browse data on the Copa del Rey since 1902: historical rankings, head-to-head clashes, track records, statistics and everything that happens in Spanish football. In the Televised section, Futbolme offers you a guide so that you do not miss any game that is broadcast on television.

The great strength of Futbolme is Spanish football. But we are not referring only to the first division, because it is quite easy to keep track of Barsa and Real Madrid. Futbolme leaves no stone unturned when it comes to Spanish football, from Galicia to Catalonia and from Cantabria to Andalusia. The website contains all the coverage of Spanish football, from first to third division. And if you are a die-hard fan of everything that is football, Futbolme includes everything related to the regional divisions, Preferred Autonomous Communities, Junior Honor Division and Junior Junior Division. As if that were not enough, in Futbolme you can follow the First and Second Women’s Division, quite ignored in the vast majority of portals of this type.

Without a doubt, the weak point of Futbolme is the design.: Unlike other options, such as Livescore, it uses boxes and texts with striking colors that tend, at times, to give the idea that it is a hyperlink, when in reality it is plain text. The developers of the page try to flood the user with all the information, without giving respite, which makes it a website with quite chaotic navigation.

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But if your thing is to be aware of the most renowned international leagues, there are some better options than Futbolme.

In short, even when it has a design that leaves much to be desired and is not the most user-friendly website, its benefits in terms of top-quality information, and up-to-the-minute, on regional, women’s and minor football are undeniable. Spain. Pages to look at results there are millions, but to soak up the less commercial and “profitable” football; Of that one that does not sell millions of euros in T-shirts or broadcasting rights, there is Futbolme .

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