Freeletics: An app to train without leaving home

Freeletics: In times of pandemic and confinement, it is very good to alternate the daily routine at home with some physical exercise . Freeletics is presented as a digital alternative to a coach. You can avoid suffering the effects of sedentary lifestyle: weight gain, chronic fatigue, joint pain due to lack of regular physical activity, slow and heavy digestion, among many other ills.

The impossibility of going to the gym is no longer an excuse, because you have this app that accompanies you in your daily exercise, with a personal trainer included. Offer a training program tailored to your needs with a digital coach , who tracks your progress. Freeletics offers you this and more from its online and mobile platform. Let’s see what is special about this application to get in shape .

What is Freeletics

Freeletics is a digital platform for personalized physical training with a paid subscription, which offers intense exercise routines using one’s own body weight to work the body’s motor system. It has a mobile version, which you can download directly to your smartphone or tablet to get started.

Freeletics also presents itself as a community of independent athletes who serve as support and encouragement to achieve the physical training goals set. The application has a coaching system, which also provides individual advice and tips to enhance the results.

The proposed exercise programs are designed both to achieve weight loss and gain muscle mass, physical strength and tonicity to the body with different levels of intensity according to your fitness condition.

In the online portal or from the app itself you can access a virtual store where you can buy sports products identified with the brand (clothing, sports equipment, training accessories, nutritional supplements and more).

There is a nutrition section with a gourmet recipe guide , which ensures a healthy and balanced diet. You will also find a blog with useful tips and ideas to help you better adjust your regular exercise routine, as well as project yourself towards a healthier lifestyle.

How Freeletics works

To start training with Freeletics, you must have downloaded the application on your mobile device and subscribed to one of the 3, 6 or 12-month paid training plans . The subscription includes a 14-day money-back guarantee.

The fitness plan also includes orientation sessions with a personalized coach, adaptive functions according to each recommended exercise plan, training options with or without sports equipment , evolution and progress monitoring, audio sessions (only in English) and a plan nutritional with varied recipes.

To adjust your plan to your physical and health condition, you should start by filling in your profile with personal data. Then you will be subjected to an evaluation to determine your level and physical condition . From there, a unique training program will be created for you, which will incorporate a pre-warm-up session followed by a set of 3 different exercise modalities.

At the end of the day you must give a report to your coach on how your training session was. This collected data will serve to better define the goals to be achieved and the action plan to achieve them.

Advantages of Freeletics

By presenting itself as a perfect alternative to the gym, Freeletics has been classified as one of the most complete training applications, offering great advantages:

  • Available from your mobile.
  • Digital trainer.
  • Track your progress.
  • Custom training fit.
  • Plans and rates tailored to you.
  • Exercise routines from home.
  • Measurement of physical progress.

Freeletics plans and fees

Choose between three plans of different duration (3, 6 and 12 months of training and coaching), with or without nutritional monitoring. Their prices range from € 2.69 per week in a quarterly billing plan , to a discount of € 1.54 per week paid annually just for exercise sessions. If you choose to include nutritional counseling then you have a promotion of € 4.04 per week to be paid every three months and a minimum of € 2.31 per week billed per year.

Download and install Freeletics

This mobile application is available for both Android and iOS . Get Freeletics available for download from the App Store and the Google Play Store . Activate your subscription and start using all the home training benefits that this app offers to its users.

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