Free Fire weapons: How to get the best weapons

Free Fire weapons: Free Fire is a game that, by focusing on survival, has a large selection of weapons with different characteristics, aimed at players with different abilities. It is for this reason that the best options are indicated in the following article, which vary according to the type of weaponry. Among these alternatives are assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols, submachine guns, and more.

Taking this into account, it is necessary to consider that there are various statistical attributes of weapons , so it is essential to select the correct arsenal to obtain victory in this Battle Royale. Thus, below, a list of the best weapons is detailed according to their different classifications and with their corresponding characteristics, including damage, range, movement speed, among others. (Free Fire weapons)

Attributes of weapons in Free Fire

The Free Fire weapon arsenal has a series of statistical attributes that allow the player to obtain victory and even carry out defensive or offensive strategies on the battlefield. Among them are:

  • Damage : The amount of power the weapon can wield to attack another player’s armor or health level when shot.
  • Speed : It is the speed with which the player can move when holding the weapon.
  • Reloading : As its name implies, it is the action of loading the weapon . As a result, it is a value that reflects the reload speed.
  • Warehouse : It is the number of times in which you can shoot without having to reload the weapon.
  • Accuracy : Attribute that defines the accuracy when shooting .
  • Range : It is the maximum distance that the bullet can travel to reach the enemy when shooting.
  • Penetration : It refers to the level of extra damage it can generate in the armor, including both the case and the vest.
  • Cadence : It is the maximum speed of the bullet at the moment of firing. Therefore, the higher this attribute, the better chance the player will have of increasing his number of shots at any given time. (Free Fire weapons)

Types of Free Fire weapons and their characteristics

Free Fire has a large arsenal of weapons , which has numerous options according to each type of player and their skills on the battlefield, among these you will find:


It is a category of Free Fire weapons that stands out for its ability to damage at close range. In addition, they all have a precision of 10 and among those belonging to this section are:


With a rate of fire of 53 and reload of 55, it is one of the most agile shotguns in this category, which also has great power , thanks to its recharge of 8 and damage level of 89 . It also features an 8 magazine, 62 movement speed, 10 accuracy, and 0 armor penetration. (Free Fire weapons)


It can deal great damage to enemies , quickly and easily, making it perfect for players with a higher level of skill in the game. His damage attribute is 94 , range 10, magazine 6, penetration 0, fire speed 39 , while his movement speed is 60.


It is a short-range shotgun that, despite having great power, could expose the player to other attacks if he misses the shot. However, its damage level is 97 and its range is 16. As for speeds, the movement speed is 60, the shot is 42 and the reload is 34. Finally, its magazine is 5 .


It is a shotgun with an impressive structure, as it has a large-caliber double barrel , which allows the player to generate more damage at short distances . As a result, it is perfect for use in closed spaces. It has a damage of 100 , penetration of 54, a magazine of 2, a movement speed of 62, a shot of 42 and a recharge of 55. In addition, it has a rank of level 21.

Assault rifles

They are perfect for both short and long distances , as they have great power and a wide variety of models, among them are:


Known as Woodpacker M12, it is one of the rifles with the highest penetration of armor , being this one of 75. It is a powerful weapon with a damage of 85 , a range of 65 and exceptional movement and reload speeds of 62 and 48. Without However, its recharge tends to be slightly slow at 38. (Free Fire weapons)


It is considered one of the best weapons of Free Fire because it has a damage level 61 and it is possible to use both fighting long distance , such as short , due to its accuracy 52. However, to make use of this, excellent aim control is required , so it is not ideal for beginners. For its part, the range is 77, magazine 30, movement and firing speed 58, while the reload is 48.


This is a rifle aimed at players with a higher skill level , as it requires great control due to its precision level of 41 . Its damage is 61 and range of 72, ideal for both long and medium distances . It has movement, shot and reload speeds of 62, 56 and 41 respectively.


It’s another semi-automatic sniper, excellent for long ranges thanks to its x4 scope sight . As a result, it has a damage and range of 82 , along with a movement, shot and reload speed of 62, 35 and 41. It also stands out for having a precision of 51 and an armor penetration of 46 , statistics that make it an excellent option. (Free Fire weapons)


It is a rifle with a damage of 60 , a magazine of 30 and a high recoil, since its reload speed is 45 and its movement speed is 62. For its part, the speed of its shots is level 58 . It also has a long range, with a range of 55. Its accuracy is 48 and it has no armor penetration like other weapons in the game.


It is a perfect weapon for skilled players, as it has a x2 scope that provides a great precision of 58, making it perfect for shooting at medium distances . As a result, it features a damage of 57 , a range of 58, a magazine of 25 with a movement speed of 73, a shot of 60 and a reload of 48. (Free Fire weapons)


It has a high firepower , ideal for medium distances. In addition, it has large magazines, ensuring a loading speed of 48 , while the movement speed is 58 and the firing speed is 56. Its damage is 56 and range is 65 , while the precision level is 43. making it a very powerful weapon.


It is an automatic sniper that offers great precision, with a level of 51, while its range is 80 . It deals a very high damage of 89, so it can only be found at supply points or airdrops. Its magazine is 10 and shows movement, shot and reload speeds of 62, 34 and 41 respectively. Also, it is one of the weapons that has a good penetration level of 67 .


With a damage of 53, it is a weapon with the ability to fire bursts of up to three bullets , thus having a high range of 70 for medium and long distances. Its damage is 53 , while its movement, shot and reload speeds are 62, 67 and 48. It also has an accuracy of 54 . (Free Fire weapons)


This is one of the most stable rifles for beginners, as it has balanced statistics , ideal for starting the game. The damage of this weapon is 53 and its range is 60, making it perfect for medium distances . In terms of movement, fire and reload speed, it has units of 62, 6 and 41. In addition, SCAR has a good precision of 42.


It is a weapon that has certain disadvantages, as it uses energy to shoot . This is a high-tech assault rifle that tends to overheat when used for a long time. As a result, it gives a damage of 57 and a range of 73 , being able to be used at long and short distances. Its movement speed is 62 and its firing speed is 58. Finally, it has a precision of 54.


One of the best features of this weapon is that it has a replaceable double sight , which is effective in single combat. His damage is level 56 , as is his range. On the other hand, the speed of movement, reloading and shooting that it presents are 50, 61 and 48. As for its precision, it is 35, making it ideal for short distances .


It is perfect for paratroopers , as it has a good mobility of 63 and can inflict a great damage of 69. Its range is 58, ideal for medium and long distances . Likewise, it stands out for a precision of 40 and a reload speed of 48 , while that corresponding to shooting is 41. (Free Fire weapons)


It is one of the most popular rifles, as it has an excellent balance , making it perfect for all types of range, as it has a level 79 of it. Its damage level is 53 and the rate of fire is 57, movement 62 and reload 48. For its part, the precision is 55 . By presenting these balanced elements, it is a good option for all types of player.


It is one of the rifles with the longest range , with a range of 77, making it as functional as a sniper. Its damage is also 77 and its movement speeds are 62, shot 61 and reload 41. For its part, it has an accuracy of 57 and does not have armor penetration.

Submachine guns (SMG)

They are small arms that have a high potential for damage . With a small barrel, SMGs are perfect for use in close quarters engagements . Among these are:


It is known as an Akimbo weapon, as it can be carried in each hand . Its damage at 47 is devastating at close range, so it should be used in close quarters . Its movement speed is 69, shot 81 and reload of 62, levels that make it a very good option. In addition, it stands out for an excellent precision of 61 .


It is one of the most popular submachine guns, with its large size, a good damage rate of 49 , a range of 27 and an accuracy of 44, making it ideal for medium-range attacks . With a large magazine, this stat increases to 50. As a result, it has a rate of fire of 76 , reload of 48, and movement of 63. (Free Fire weapons)


For players looking for a short-range weapon , the VSS is an excellent choice. It is a silenced sniper rifle , perfect for surprising nearby enemies. His total damage is 54 and his range is 82. However, his movement speed is only 59, while his firing and reloading are 48 and 55. Thanks to the sniper, he has a great precision of 73.


For short distances it is the perfect weapon, as it has a double-shot, large-caliber drum that generates a damage of 55 , thanks to its range of 33. Its rate of fire is 77 , being one of the best, while the movement is 64 and recharge is 48. It also has a precision of level 42 .


Considered one of the best submachine guns, since it provides great stability and firing speed, this being 83. Its range is 22, so it presents exceptional short-range damage , this being 48. For its part, the Movement speed is 63 and reload speed is 48. However, its accuracy is only 17. (Free Fire weapons)


It is one of the SMGs aimed at beginner players , since it has good stability, being excellent for short distances thanks to its range of 36. This free fire weapan shows a damage of 49 and offers great speed of movement, fire and reload, with the values ​​of 79 , 75 and 77 respectively. It features an armor penetration of 67 and an accuracy of 36.


In terms of stability, it is an exceptional submachine gun. However, it is not ideal for long distances , as it could lose its effectiveness. Its biggest advantage is the reload speed of 77 , while the movement speed is 66 and the firing speed is 76. In total, it presents a damage of 48 and a good precision of 54.


It is a submachine gun with a damage of 50 , made with technology of the future, allowing the player to defeat any enemy with a single shot . Its range is 71 and it features firing, reloading, and movement speeds of 69, 62, and 63 respectively. It does not exert armor penetration, although its accuracy is 60 .

Sniper rifles

Also known as precision rifles , they are perfect for players who want to take accurate shots and spend very little ammo. As a result, most of these weapons allow you to eliminate enemies with a single shot and at long distances. They are between them:


It is the best Free Fire sniper, since it can generate additional damage to vehicles and cause perforations in most armor , thanks to its 67 penetration. Its precision and damage is 90 , while the movement, shooting and recharges are 55, 27 and 41 respectively. (Free Fire weapons)


It is a powerful and accurate weapon , allowing you to take out targets with a single shot. However, it only has five bullets available and its ammunition is one of the most difficult to find on the map. Its damage is 90, range of 91 and when at speeds or movement it has a value of 65, shot 27 and reloads 34. Despite this, its precision is one of the best , with a level of 90.


It is a rifle with excellent stability and a scope of x8 scope , presenting a damage of 90 and a movement speed of 65 , while the firing speed is 27 and the reloading speed is 41. Its precision is 90 and it is perfect. to easily eradicate enemies, although their ammo can be difficult to find .


They are an excellent option for the player to increase the power of damage and defend himself at the beginning of the game. As a result, among the pistols can be mentioned:

Hand cannon

It is a small secondary weapon that shoots grenades , it can generate a great damage of 90 when using it. Its movement speed is 75 , recharge of 27 and shot of 62. For its part, it has a precision of 34 and, like the options mentioned above, it does not have armor penetration.

Healing Gun

It is a special weapon that, in addition to generating 56 damage to enemies, can help the player heal their allies . Its range is 33 and the movement, shooting and reloading speeds are 76, 44 and 48. Finally, it has a precision of 57 , making it ideal for short and medium distances . (Free Fire weapons)


It is a pistol with a good movement speed of 76 and reload of 83, which does not affect the player’s agility in combat. Its damage is 45, speed shooting accuracy of 44 and 57. Can be used on the battlefield both at the start of the game , and the development of it.


It is a pistol that does not have great power , as it causes a damage of 45. It has a range of 36 and generates a movement speed of 76 , a shot of 64 and a reload of 48. Also, its precision is 57. Its magazine It is a good size, which makes it ideal for short distances on the battlefield.


It is one of the secondary weapons that can generate more damage , 94. It is ideal for quickly ending enemies, as it is a type of sawed-off shotgun . However, its accuracy is 10, movement speed 75, shot 35 and reload 41, making it perfect for experienced players .

Desert eagle

It is a slow firing weapon, which can cause great damage to enemies , level 90, even at long ranges, since its attribute is 74. Movement speed is 76 , firing speed 33 and reload speed 69. It does not generate armor penetration and its accuracy is 45, making it a good choice to use on the battlefield. (Free Fire weapons)


It is a pistol that has a scope scope x2 , so it has the ability to deal 67 damage at long distances thanks to its range of 76. However, its magazine is small , which generates an attribute of just 5 As for speeds, the movement is 66, shot 43 and reload 69.

Melee weapons

This category of weapons is recommended in the first minutes of the game , since they have the function of helping the player when there are no firearms available . Among them are:


It is one of the most popular weapons in the game, it has a damage of 62 and can be used for both offense and defense. So, it can be used by throwing it to deal damage or as a shield. Like other weapons, it has a movement speed of 88 and an accuracy of 10, while its firing speed is 35.


It is the most powerful melee weapon in Free Fire, since it inflicts a damage of 90 and its range is extremely effective, being able to affect different players . As for the speed of movement, it is 82 , while that corresponding to shooting is 30, which does not tend to be very effective. (Free Fire weapons)


It offers a slightly farther range , which can help deflect bullets , making it an excellent choice for protection on the battlefield. Its highest attribute is movement speed, which is 88, while firing speed is only 33. The damage level is 63 and it has an accuracy of just 10.


It is a kind of powerful sword , which can protect the player from all kinds of attacks, being more effective than even the frying pan. As a result, his damage level on the stat is 66 , while maintaining a movement speed of 88, firing speed of 32, and an accuracy of only 10 .


With a damage of 66, it is the weapon of choice for those players who wish to cut their enemies with the grace of a samurai. Its movement speed is 88 and its firing speed is 32. Its precision level is 10, while its range is 5. It is a weapon to be used at short distances , never long.

Special weapons

These are weapons not common in the game, which can cause great damage to the opponent and can be very powerful. Among this type of special Free Fire weaponry are:


The crossbow uses arrows to deal 90 damage , making it a very powerful weapon. In addition, it can make silent shots thanks to its accuracy of 90 , which can decrease the enemy’s life slowly. This weapon uses bolts as ammunition , with the ability to even penetrate helmets and vests with ease. Their movement, firing, and reload speeds are 65, 48, and 41 respectively.


It is a grenade launcher with a medium magazine, which has a range of 51 and a high power level, which provides the ability to generate a damage of 90 . Its movement speed is 65, firing speed 33 and reloading speed 76. It also has exceptional precision with a level of 90 .

RGS 50

It is a rocket launcher that has the ability to block only vehicles . Its damage is 90 and has a perfect range of 100 , while its precision is 90. In terms of speed levels, the movement level is 65, the firing rate is 27 and the reload range is 62, so It is a special weapon, perfect for destroying many enemies with ease .


Another grenade launcher, with a level of characteristics similar to the MGL140, albeit with a reload speed attribute of 72 . It is responsible for infringing its level of damage in a particular area , eliminating enemies in different covers. Its power is 90 and its range is 51 , while its precision is 90.

Light machine guns

One of the most powerful weapons are light machine guns, which can generate a lot of damage to enemies and stand out for having large magazines, capable of holding many bullets . These include:


It is a machine gun with an impressive rate of fire , with a great power of fire, a 1200 magazine and a range of 84. Its damage level is 55, while the precision is 79 . In terms of movement, shot and reload speeds, they present levels of 32, 56 and 62 respectively.


Unlike GATLING, it has a magazine of 100 , but with a slightly higher damage level of 57. It is a light machine gun, which offers a movement speed of 58 , a firing speed of 59 and a reload speed of 48. Its precision is 67 , although it is only available in the air drops of the game.

Ultimately, getting the best weapons in Free Fire will depend on the user and their needs on the battlefield. In addition to their abilities to ensure their survival.

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