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In Closing Fantasy XIV, blue quest icons characterize non-obligatory, non-story-related actions that may be accomplished for rewards exterior of the primary storyline.

To additional differentiate them from commonplace aspect missions, blue quests’ icons have plus indicators. As you progress by means of blue duties, you’ll achieve entry to extra recreation options and materials, like dungeons and trials.

Completely different icons characterize completely different rewards for ending a mission, so it’s vital to be taught to acknowledge them.

In Closing Fantasy XIV, you’ll be bombarded with quest markers and goals in a brief period of time, and several other game-changing features are hidden beneath quests you would possibly initially overlook.

How Many Completely different Sorts of Quests are there? (And Find out how to Know the Distinction)

Predominant Situation Quests may have an icon of a meteor and an exclamation level subsequent to them.

With a “play” image within the center, this similar icon is used to indicate that an MSQ activity will proceed.

These quests transfer the primary story of the sport ahead and finally provide you with entry to new zones, dungeons, options, and content material from expansions.

The icon for a aspect quest appears to be like like a speech bubble with an exclamation level in it.

These quests don’t unlock any content material, and the participant may get gadgets, gil, or humorous tales as a reward.

Facet quests are largely only for enjoyable. The rewards they offer are often not that nice, and there are often higher methods to get the gil and expertise they provide.

There are additionally blue quests.

The speech bubble body is identical because the side-quest icon, however the background is blue and there’s a plus signal on the backside.

That is how the sport tells you to pay extra consideration.

In the event you don’t do blue quests, you may utterly miss a whole lot of issues in XIV that some individuals would say are vital.

That doesn’t imply you must do all of them.

Not every thing the sport has to supply is price doing immediately, and relying on the way you play, you won’t even want entry to among the content material, like excessive trials and raids.

So, briefly:

The meteor icon strikes the primary plot ahead.

Speech bubble means “just for fun.”

Look extra intently at blue quests.

Which Blue Quests Are Value It?

You need to do a couple of “can’t miss” blue quests early on in your journey.

You need to begin by speaking to Swyrgeim at degree 15 in Vesper Bay. She offers you two duties: “If I Had a Glamour” and “Color Your World.”

As a part of these quick quests, you must carry Swyrgeim a drink on a sizzling day. As a reward, you’ll be capable to use the dye and glamour techniques.

With these techniques, you may change how your gear appears to be like and what coloration it’s.

You will get into the Manderville Gold Saucer by speaking to the Effectively-Heeled Youth in Ul’dah. The Manderville Gold Saucer is a colourful on line casino with minigames and rewards to be gained.

Blue quests will even let when you are able to do new jobs in fight, crafting, or gathering.

If the hunt begins with “So You Want To Be A,” you’ll realize it’s about getting a brand new job. You possibly can select to do it or not, relying on how you’re feeling.

The Hildibrand story can be accessed by means of the blue quest.

This can be a lengthy sequence of quests that spans a number of expansions and results in humorous, over-the-top cutscenes, enjoyable trials, minions, titles, and beauty gadgets.

If you wish to return to dungeons you’ve already executed and make them more durable, you’ll have to search for their blue quests as effectively.

That is additionally similar to how raids and trials work.

The sport doesn’t provide you with any of this end-game content material immediately. The one exception is the Crystal Tower sequence, which you must do after Reflections in Crystal comes out.

Among the finest components of XIV are hidden behind these quests.

If you wish to tackle the toughest challenges the sport has to supply, you’ll be doing blue quests till you’re… effectively, blue within the face.

In order for you your character to look the way in which you need, you additionally have to have entry to issues like glamour and dye. In the event you don’t, you’ll be caught with XIV’s typically questionable style.

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