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The Twintania Mount might be obtained by buying and selling 15 Gold Chocobo Feathers to the Calamity Salvager at any of the next areas.

– Ul’dah – Steps of Thal, X:12 Y:13
– Limsa Lominsa Higher Decks, X:11 Y:14
– Outdated Gridania, X:10 Y:8

You may get Golden Chocobo Feathers by taking part in Sq. Enix’s Refer-a-Good friend Program.

When a buddy joins utilizing your referral hyperlink, you each obtain 5 feathers.

The longer they continue to be a subscriber, the extra Feathers you’ll earn (150, 210, and 270 days.)

There is at the moment no different approach to get the Feathers (or the Mount).

The vibrant facet is that you would be able to by no means go fallacious by inviting your mates to affix you in Closing Fantasy XIV.

If Twintania herself wasn’t sufficient motivation to pursue these elusive Golden Chocobo Feathers, different prizes await.

Separate out of your dragon, different mounts are additionally out there, in addition to particular dyes from the Salvager (Deal in Spoils > Gold Chocobo Feather Alternate).

Right here’s an inventory of what you may get:

Reward Value
Pure White Dye (5) 1 Feather
Jet Black Dye (5) 1 Feather
Pastel Pink Dye (5) 1 Feather
Pastel Inexperienced Dye (5) 1 Feather
Pastel Blue Dye (5) 1 Feather
Pastel Purple Dye (5) 1 Feather
Metallic Silver Dye (5) 1 Feather
Metallic Gold Dye (5) 1 Feather
Aetheryte Ticket (10) 1 Feather
Twintania Neurolink Key (Mt) 15 Feathers
Amber Draught Chocobo (Mt) 8 Feathers
Managarm (Mt) 8 Feathers

It’s price noting that your Retainers can use Fast Ventures to move the Dyes they discover right here again to you.

It’s probably that you simply’ll be hoarding your Feathers with the intention to buy one of many uncommon Mounts.

Buddies With Advantages

When you soar about in your new dragon, it’s possible you’ll be questioning what your companions get from this.

Beneath are a number of the benefits they’ll take pleasure in:

That is the Friendship Circlet, a headpiece that, when worn by a personality stage 25 or decrease, boosts Expertise gained by 20%. (together with synced).

Within the Air: An Aetheryte Ticket (x99). Nice for an early sport whenever you’re on a decent price range, you gained’t lose any Gil when utilizing teleportation.

Improper Greetings (/fistbump, /brofist) are a no-no within the ballroom. An unique expression of pleasure at your new friendship with the Eorzeans.

Ten Chocobo Feathers, Silver. These are different kinds of gadgets that may be traded for fancy gear over on the Calamity Salvager. For five, you’ll get the comparable financial institution for ranges 20, 50, 60, and 70.

After they keep a subscriber for a specific size of time, you’ll additionally get the next perks:

The Circle of Friendship (30 Days)

Teleport to the closest Aetheryte, freed from cost, for so long as your good friend has the “New Adventurer” good friend standing in your listing and you’ve got the Aetheryte Pendulum (30 Days).

Very helpful for resurrecting spot discipline gamers who meet their finish by the hands of enraged Hunt Marks.

The Chocobo Draught (Ageing Potential: 90 Days) This two-seater Chocobo is simply as helpful because the Amber Draught Chocobo you get in trade for Golden Feathers.

Plus, you’ll have a unbelievable crew by your facet as you’re employed to rescue Hydaelyn.

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