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After finishing “True Blue,” an achievement for Blue Mages, you’ll unlock the Morbol Mount. No want to trace down Jonathas; you’ll be able to simply declare it from the FFXIV Achievements menu.

Six separate accomplishments are added collectively to make the “True Blue” Achievement.

This consists of:

  1. “Mightier than the Dragon” from defeating Twintania in Flip 5 of The Binding Coil of Bahamut.
  2. “Mightier than the Raven” from defeating Nael van Darnus in Flip 9 of The Binding Coil of Bahamut.
  3. Bahamut’s “Mightier than the Dreadwyrm” toppled Bahamut in Flip 13 of his Binding Coil.
  4. “Mightier than the Manipulator” from defeating The Manipulator in Alexander – The Burden of the Father (Savage).
  5. “Mightier than Justice” by defeating Brute Justice in Alexander – The Burden of the Son (Savage).
  6. “Mightier than the Prime” from defeating Alexander Prime in The Soul of the Creator (Savage).

It’s crucial that your entire Occasion of Blue Mages is in sync and that Echo is muted for any duties to be thought-about full.

As you might have guessed, this isn’t a straightforward job.

Blues In The Binding Coil

The first dreadful obligation is to defeat the Flip Finish Bosses Twintania, Nael van Darnus, and Bahamut Prime in The Binding Coil of Bahamut.

Clearly, you’ll want all of the Blue Magic Spells at your disposal for this.

The Blue Mage’s important spells are damaged down by position beneath.


  1. The Look – An AOE injury spell that generates enmity, paramount for protecting the boss’s focus. (Amdapor Hold—Anantaboga)
  2. Devour – A single goal assault that will increase your most HP for 70 seconds, successfully letting you’re taking extra injury. (The Binding Coil of Bahamut – Flip 1 – Caduceus)
  3. Chilly Fog—A counter-type spell that provides entry to a high-damage instant-cast spell. (The Burn: Mist Dragon)
  4. Mighty Guard—Tank Stance, which reduces injury taken and will increase enmity generated. (Wayward Gaheel Ja, Ul’dah – Steps of Thal, X:12 Y:13 after studying 10 Blue Mage Spells)
  5. Diamondback: Reduces all incoming injury by 90% for 10 seconds however restricts motion. (The Stone Vigil (Onerous) – Cuca Fera)
  6. Dragon Pressure—Reduces incoming injury by 40%. (Wayward Gaheel Ja, Ul’dah – Steps of Thal, X:12 Y:13 after studying 100 Blue Mage Spells)
  7. Chelonian Gate: 20% Injury Discount with a big counterattack hooked up. (Hell’s Lid – Genbu)


  1. Pom Treatment– It is a sturdy single-target heal. Anticipate to be focusing this spell in your assigned tank. (Thornmarch (Onerous) – Furryfoot Kupli Kipp)
  2. Strotam: A spell that adjustments to a big AOE heal when used below the Aetherial Mimicry Impact. (Emanation-Lakshmi)
  3. Angel’s Snack: An enormous AOE heal and Regen on a two-minute cooldown. (Wayward Gaheel Ja, Ul’dah – Steps of Thal, X:12 Y:13 at Stage 70)
  4. Gobskin: A defend that may shortly be deployed to cut back incoming injury. (Alexander – The Breath of the Creator – Alexandrian Hider)
  5. Exuviation: An AOE heal which additionally removes damaging standing results. (The Sea of Clouds, X:9 Y:17 – Abalathian Wamoura)
  6. Condensed Libra – Will increase random “aspected” injury obtained by the goal for 30s. (Nice Gubal Library (Onerous)–Mechanoscribe)
  7. Off-Guard – Will increase injury obtained by the goal for 15s. (Wayward Gaheel Ja, Ul’dah – Steps of Thal, X:12 Y:13 after studying 5 Blue Mage Spells)


  1. A fast melee spell nice for each injury and motion. (The Wanderer’s Palace – Tonberry King)
  2. Will increase injury by a large 50% for 15 seconds, however then disables actions for one more 15 seconds. (Wayward Gaheel Ja, Ul’dah – Steps of Thal, X:12 Y:13 after clearing 10 phases in Masked Carnival)
  3. Tingle: A small AOE which will increase your subsequent bodily assault. (The Sea of Clouds–Dhalmel)
  4. Triple Trident: The strongest bodily spell when paired with Tingle. (Yanxia, X:28 Y:6–Ebisu Catfish)
  5. Matra Magic: Extraordinarily sturdy with-fold spell paired with bristle. (Wayward Gaheel Ja, Ul’dah – Steps of Thal, X:12 Y:13 after studying 100 Blue Mage Spells)
  6. Rose of Destruction: A robust single-target spell on a 30 second cooldown. (The Temple of the Fist – Ivon Coeurlfist)

This isn’t a whole record, however it’s a good place to start out if you wish to get your Malboro Mount.

Be aware that every one Blue Mage Roles needs to be paired with “Aetherial Mimicry” (Pharos Sirius (Onerous) – Ghrah Luminary) or spells received’t work.

There are other ways to cope with the Turns. Attributable to how highly effective Blue Magic may be, many of the mechanics you’ll face are straightforward to cope with.

Attempt to study concerning the fights so that you don’t must cope with additional issues in Occasion Finder.

Placing A Cease To Alexander’s Clock

Although the Coils have been a reasonably gradual problem, Alexander isn’t fairly as easygoing.

You will need to beat the Savage variations of The Manipulator, Brute Justice, and Alexander Prime whereas in sync and with out Echo.

For these fights, you’ll want a powerful group.

Additionally, you will must study all the recreation mechanics since they don’t seem to be separated by Function.

Manipulator is the struggle on this collection that’s the best. You may as well strive it with a setup of 1 Tank, 2 Healers, and 5 DPS.

The second hardest is Alexander Prime. A number of components of the struggle have to be in the proper place for them to work. Diagrams can assist you perceive “Temporal Stasis.”

By far, Brute Justice is what makes this Mount so uncommon. Verify the guides and guarantee that your DPS gamers know methods to open and methods to transfer round.

Good luck in your seek for Morbol Mount!

In the event you get it, you’ll be one of many only a few individuals who have it.

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