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The Demi-Phoenix Mount is a drop that may be gained from Pandaemonium Asphodelos, positioned within the Fourth Circle (Savage).

That is the start of the Endwalker Raid sequence, and it was launched in Patch 6.05, it’s the first tier.

For gamers to even be capable to queue for this encounter in Raid Finder, they should have a mean merchandise degree of 580.

It’s the most difficult materials that may be discovered at degree 90 that’s at the moment obtainable within the recreation (as of this writing).

Savage is its personal distinct occasion, distinct from the primary Raid sequence, and it additionally options weekly treasure lockouts.

This means that you’ve got one likelihood to win your Demi-Phoenix for every clear that you just full.

However, the lockout on loot will likely be lifted sooner or later, most probably in some unspecified time in the future throughout the 6.2X patch sequence.

Having stated that, the fight itself isn’t almost farmable but as a result of excessive issue and the restricted loot that may be obtained from it.

It’s doable that discovering a gaggle to deal with the subject so as may very well be your finest likelihood.

The fight will finally develop into considerably extra doable, supplied that you’ve got ample time, tools, and expertise.

Alternatively, provided that that is the present savage degree, you will have to be conversant with the sport’s mechanics.

Unlocking The Gates Of Pandaemonium

Your first goal on the trail to the Demi-Phoenix is to finish the Endwalker Important Story Quest.

It will put you heading in the right direction.

You will likely be confronting the top of existence within the Ultima Thule throughout the Endwalker quest, which is acceptable given the extent requirement of 90.

When you’ve beforehand defeated the sinister Track of Oblivion, then I’ve some good news for you!

You’ve made it to the midway level.

Nemjiji may be present in Previous Sharlayan within the Baldesion Annex (X;9 Y:12), so make your method there.

You are going to be given directions to finish the next:

  1. Have a dialog with Claudien in Aporia (Labyrinth – Aporia, X:9 Y:28).
  2. Go to The Ocular and look into the Portal there (The Crystarium – The Dossal Gate, X:13 Y:11).
  3. When you speak to Themis, you’ll be teleported proper subsequent to the particular person you’re in search of.

To sum it up, you’ll be tasked with the next quests:

  1. “Where Familiars Dare”
  2. “Under the Surface”
  3. “Fire of Creation”

To start the following quest, “Where Familiars Dare,” speak to Themis.

The First Circle of Pandaemonium Asphodelos may be unlocked by finishing this quest.

You should defeat Erichthonios right here with the intention to transfer on to the Raid tier’s second encounter.

After that, Themis will current you with “Under the Surface,” your subsequent quest.

The Hippokampus have to be defeated on this space.

When you’ve accomplished the Elpis sidequests, you’ll discover that the creature is talked about a number of occasions.

The “Fire of Creation” will assist you to just accept your self when you smash the beast.

We want you the most effective of luck in your quest to exterminate the Demi-Phoinix.

Even when it means driving on the identical hen that burned you to dying so many occasions.

You’ll face Hesperos, the warden of Pandaemonium, after getting ready the Demi-Phoinix.

The particular person in query is most undoubtedly not Vlad the Impaler.

Defeating him rewards you with an unsettling sense of impending doom.

And a Nosferatu Minion, in addition to some I580 gear tokens and i580 gear tokens

Now that you just’ve unlocked Savage, you’re all set to play!

The Savage Raid

Luckily, returning to Nemjiji (Previous Sharlayan – The Baldesion Annex, X:9 Y:12) will unlock the Savage Raid Tier.

With the intention to expertise the horrors of Pandaemonium, you’ll have to get all the way down to the underside of Celebration Finder (Savage).

There is a large distinction between these bouts and the same old tier you simply fought to the highest of.

Make an effort to acquaint your self with each your job and the Raids that you can be collaborating in.

These specifics will nearly definitely require their very own information, as they’re too quite a few to suit into this one.

You’ll want to comply with different tutorials, seek the advice of diagrams, and be ready to scrub rather a lot.

Even after defeating Hesperos’ human type, the Fourth Circle (Savage) has a separate combat with him.

The Spoils of Savage

Sooner or later, you’ll acquire fairly a deal of apparatus whereas combating in Pandaemonium Asphodelos.

You’ll additionally get an Asphodelos Mythos I-IV, relying on how a lot of the ground has been cleaned.

When you’re unfortunate with loot, these Mythos may be exchanged for a wide range of issues.

Two NPCs can offer you helpful objects:

  1. Labyrinthos – Aporia, X:8 and Y:28, Mylenie
  2. Dial X:10 Y:10 for Djole (Radz-at-Han; West Balshahn Bazaar)

Each are prepared to trade your Mythos for the next:

Merchandise Price
Asphodelos Weaponry Asphodelos Mythos IV x 8
Asphodelos Headgear Asphodelos Mythos II x 6
Ashpodelos Chestgear Asphodelos Mythos IV x 8
Asphodelos Handgear Asphodelos Mythos II x 6
Asphodelos Leggear Asphodelos Mythos III x 8
Asphodelos Footgear Asphodelos Mythos II x 6
Asphodelos Equipment Asphodelos Mythos I x 4
Radiant Roborant Asphodelos Mythos III x 4
Radiant Twine Asphodelos Mythos III x 4
Radiant Coating Asphodelos Mythos II x 4

To get the Greek Toga look, you’ll have to get one in every of these.

As well as, the gear right here is top-notch for the upcoming Dragonsong Struggle: Final.

The Demi-Phoinix Horn may be yours when you win the treasure roll, however that’s about it.

Wishing you all the most effective!

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