Everything You Need To Know About Anker Soundcore Motion Boom Speaker

Anker Soundcore Motion Boom is a great weatherproof speaker, it’s a great sound system to stay at home, listen to music, play games, and watch movies. Soundcore weatherproof speakers

are especially true with the ability to play sound from multiple speakers at once in sync with the same Soundcore Motion Boom model. In particular, if you use the function to simultaneously output sounds from various speakers in synchronization with the same model of Soundcore Motion Boom, you can also have a pleasing acoustic experience, even if you place one on each side of the TV.


The Soundcore Motion Boom features a black exterior with curved edges. The front of the speaker is a driver, and the back is a two-port compartment covered with rubber seals. On the bottom of the speaker are two protruding rubber ovals so that the cylinder is stable when placed on the ground. Soundcore Motion Boom is small enough to fit under monitor. The Soundcore Motion Boom also has an IPX7 water-resistant standard. This means you can withstand water for up to 30 minutes unless you sink more than a meter. The Souncore Motion Boom is 4.4 pounds, 13.6 x 5.8 x 7.9 inches, making it a fairly heavy speaker.

Ports and Battery Life

The Soundcore Motion Boom has two ports: a USB Type-C port for charging the speakers and a USB Type-A port for charging the external device. With the latter port, outdoor enthusiasts can charge their smartphones and other accessories with the rest of the speaker battery. Since there is no audio input, the speakers must be connected by Bluetooth. Anker advertised the battery life of the Soundcore Motion Boom as 24 hours.

Connectivity, Usability & Apps

The Soundcore Motion Boom does not have a 3.5mm jack and must be paired with a Bluetooth 5.0 connection. The Soundcore Motion Boom has seven buttons from the left: Bus Boost, Bluetooth Discovery, Volume Down, Multifunction Tool, Volume Up, Power ON/OFF, and TWS (True Wireless Stereo). The TWS feature allows you to connect speakers to other Soundcore Motion Boom seamlessly. Speakers only synced once, and then an automatic link was established with each other so that we could play the audio simultaneously.

You can choose from four equalizers presets through the Soundcore app. Soundcore You can choose from four presets Signature, Voice, Treble Boost, and Balance. You can also turn the extra bass on or off and tune the equalizer to your liking. However, it would help if you left this option off unless you are an expert or have followed a guide.


The Soundcore Motion Boom features two titanium drivers and is proud to be able to play frequencies up to 40kHz. Since Soundcore Motion Boom sounds very loud, keeping the volume to 50% when used indoors is usually necessary. The motion boom has succeeded in presenting each sound with remarkable clarity without losing anything in the bustle of sound.


The Anker Soundcore Motion Boom is perfect for those who need an affordable sound system that can deliver crisp, low-pitched audio. There are more powerful speakers like JBL Xtreme 3. It offers an outstanding hearing experience at its affordable price, especially when pairing two.

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