Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Rummy

Have you just started playing rummy? If so, you must have a few doubts and fears regarding the game. Even though the game has been around for centuries, it is possible you haven’t had the chance to play a traditional rummy card game with your friends. It might be that you have recently discovered the online version of rummy while searching for exciting card games to play on your mobile. 

It would be best if you learn the rummy rules, for starters. But even after that, you may have a few doubts, so you need to read the following. 

Is Rummy A Skills-Based Game Or A Game Of Chance?

Rummy is a skills-based game because players need various skills to play and win. Therefore, good rummy players must possess specific skills, such as organizing, risk-taking, calculating, memory, etc. 

Players need to keep track of the cards they discard and use to meld the cards and create relevant sequences. At times, skillful players can turn a lousy hand around if they have mastered the art of playing rummy. Therefore, the game isn’t based on pure luck. Chance plays a minuscule role when the cards are dealt but how the cards are melded depends entirely on the players’ skills. 

What Are The Different Rummy Card Game Terminologies?

Players need to know and understand the terms used in a rummy card game. In addition, it will help players to understand the rummy language better. Some of the most common game terminologies are explained below:

  • Meld: Melding refers to the arrangement of cards of various signs but of the same value. For instance, 7 of clubs, 7 of hearts, and 7 spades can be melded together. You can even use jokers to complete the meld. 
  • Sequence: Sequence is a card arrangement of similar signs in descending and ascending order. The value of the card is a sequence. Using a joker card to complete the sequence is an artificial or real sequence. If you haven’t used a joker card to complete the sequence, it is called a natural or pure sequence. 
  • First drop & second drop: The first drop is when a player quits the game before playing the first card. When players quit the game after playing the first move, it is called the second drop. 
  • The full hand: If a player called rummy before completing the hand, it is called a false call. Typically, false calls carry a penalty. 

Is The Rummy Game Legal In India?

Most people are afraid of playing online rummy because they are scared of doing something illegal. But online rummy games aren’t unlawful in India. The Supreme Court of India has declared rummy as a skills-based game. Therefore, it is safe to play the game online, and you don’t have to worry about doing anything illegal. The earnings from the game are also legal, and you can spend it on your whims and fancies. 

Is There A Difference Between Practice Gaming And Cash Gaming?

In the online rummy world, players can play two games – practice and cash gaming. 

In practice games, players participate for free, and the games mimic the design and gameplay of cash gaming. The practice games are designed like the tournaments so players can get the feel and look of the intense competition that awaits you as you partake in contests and head-on-head battles. When you play practice games, you can play as many times as you want without losing money. The only drawback of practice games is that they do not offer rewards and prizes. 

In cash gaming, on the other hand, you have to put your money to partake in the tournaments and battles. If you win the rummy game, you get the opportunity to earn big cash rewards and prizes. You need to make a minimum deposit to enter the tournament. Then, you can also choose high-stakes games if you are confident of your skills and think you can beat the opponents. 

Are There Different Types Of Rummy?

Yes, you can find several rummy games in the online world. For example, there are points rummy games and pool rummy games. There are also sub-categories of rummy games, such as 201 and 101 pool rummy games. It would be best if you learned the rules of the rummy game type that you want to play and then played good practice games. Then, once you are confident of your skills, you can participate in tournaments and look forward to earning huge rewards. 

What Are The Rummy Winning Strategies?

There are several strategies that you can implement when playing this game. Some of them are mentioned here:

  • Remember to observe your opponents and keep track of all the cards being discarded or picked up. If you think your opponent needs a card and you have that card, it would be wise to hold onto the card. 
  • If you think you cannot solve the game, the best strategy is to try and reduce the points. You need to get rid of the cards to add more points to your scoreboard. 
  • If there are jokers in the play, try and use them to get the maximum benefit out of those cards. 

Summing Up

Rummy is one of the most prevalent card games like Freecell. However, newbie players have a lot of doubts and fears. This guide should help you to overcome your doubts and get immersed in the world of online rummy.

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