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So, you wish to play a Warlock, don’t you? You would possibly simply be occupied with these spellcasters who use Charisma. Or, you’re simply beginning out and wish to be taught as a lot as you possibly can.

Right here’s the deal: as soon as you realize what a 5e Warlock patron is, it’s fairly straightforward to grasp what it does.

So, let’s speak about what Warlock patrons are and what you would possibly wish to learn about them.


What Are Warlock Patrons?

In a nutshell, patrons are the place Warlocks get their magic from and the way they get it to different locations.

Like how a Cleric typically will get energy from their god and a Druid typically will get energy from nature. However usually with…extra steps.

A Warlock makes a deal (or pact, as a result of it sounds cooler) with an entity. In change for one thing, the Warlock can use magical expertise. It is dependent upon the client what that one thing is.

Why wouldn’t archery ask you to sing “The Old Dun Cow” each seventeenth morning at daybreak? A satan, however, would possibly need one thing extra sensible, like a set variety of folks to kill each month in order that they’ll take these folks’s souls and rattling them forever.

Mainly, Warlock patrons give extraordinary folks powers from different worlds. There’s no want to review or have bloodlines already (largely). However, at a price.

Anyway, if you wish to play a Warlock, you’ll have to choose a patron. Based mostly on the theme of the patron you select, the options your character will get rely upon which patron you select.

So, you ask, “How many different kinds of 5e Warlock patrons are there?”

Every patron has a distinct model and theme that impacts how your character’s magic reveals up and what class options they get.

The next are at present on the record of D&D Warlock patrons:

  1. Archfey (PHB)
  2. Fiend (PHB)
  3. Nice Previous One (PHB)
  4. Timeless (SCAG)
  5. Celestial (XGtE)
  6. Hexblade (XGtE)
  7. Fathomless (TCoE)
  8. Genie (TCoE)

The Participant’s Handbook (PHB), the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide (SCAG), Xanathar’s Guide to All the pieces (XGtE), and Tasha’s Cauldron of All the pieces (TCoE) are all components of the identical set.

Let’s begin with the Archfey and undergo every one.

The Archfey (PHB)

Instance Archfey patrons:

  1. Baba Yaga, Mom of All Witches
  2. Titania, Queen of the Summer season Court docket
  3. Madoc Morfryn, the Unseelie Lord
  4. Queen Mab
  5. Oberon, the Inexperienced Lord
  6. Neifion, the Lord of Bats
  7. Rumplestiltskin
  8. Verenestra, the Oak Princess

Your character made a take care of a powerful Feywild being.

Your patron provides your character a bunch of unusual, nearly hypnotic talents, identical to most fairy tales.

Briefly, your patron is on the identical degree as a few of the strongest beings within the Internal Planes.

The Fiend (PHB)

Instance Fiend patrons:

  1. Mephistopheles
  2. Orcus
  3. Beelzebub
  4. Demogorgon
  5. Asmodeus
  6. Graz’zt
  7. Baal
  8. Baphomet

Devils and demons are what these persons are occupied with.

Now, most individuals select archdevils and demon lords, which is sensible. However any dangerous man matches the invoice.

And it’s humorous which you could get energy from an imp.

The Nice Previous One (PHB)

Instance Nice Previous One patron record for 5e:

  1. Cthulhu
  2. Ego, the Residing Planet
  3. The Star that Hates (SCP-1548)
  4. Indrid Chilly, the Grinning Man
  5. Yagikv, the Roiling Shadow
  6. The Ache (an ephemeral entity that grants mortals the flexibility to really feel ache)
  7. A sentient black gap
  8. Actually nearly something from the Cthulhu mythos

Beings are so previous and unusual that even the Outer Planes can’t perceive them. These beings don’t care about the rest on the planet. They don’t even assume people are as vital as ants.

Count on…some unusual speak from these prospects. Reminiscent of asking for the blood of the fourth son of the fourth son, making an altar out of the heads of lifeless crimson squirrels, or getting an entire city to put on hats product of rooster feathers. In the event that they ask you for something.

Additionally, you’re sort of associated to the bizarre pseudo-eldritch beings referred to as aberrations in D&D 5e. That’s cool.

The Timeless (SCAG)

Instance Timeless patrons:

  1. Alathene Moonstar
  2. Vecna
  3. Baron von Strahd
  4. The Alchemist (a mortal who replaces growing old physique components with recent ones)
  5. Depend Dracula

Your patron is mortal. Hurray!

Additionally they discovered the key to dwelling without end, which they in all probability did in a foul means. Both that or they simply don’t like dying. Your function fashions are lichs and different immortals who aren’t gods or demons.

So… get pleasure from that.

The Celestial (XGtE)

Instance Celestial patrons:

  1. An Empyrean
  2. A Photo voltaic
  3. A Unicorn
  4. A Coatl
  5. A Pegasus
  6. A Deva
  7. A Ki-rin
  8. A Planetar

Can the patron of a Warlock be a God?

I’d say no. As a result of it seems like a Cleric.

Celestial Warlocks are associated to Clerics however otherwise. And one of many few “good” folks you possibly can select as a patron in your Warlock.

Most Clerics get their energy from a god, however you select one of many much less vital gods. You’re the one that speaks for a god. You’re sort of just like the assistant to the assistant to the regional supervisor.

The Hexblade (XGtE)

Instance Hexblade patrons:

  1. Dying’s Scythe
  2. Mjolnir, Thor’s Hammer
  3. Gungnir, Odin’s Spear
  4. Gae Bulg, Cuchulainn’s Spear
  5. Excaliber, Arthur’s Sword
  6. Honjo Masamune, Legendary Katana
  7. Tiznoa, El Cid’s Sword
  8. Forseti’s Axe

Your character discovered or bought a cool weapon with cool talents.

The weapon comes from the Shadowfell, in accordance with Xanathar’s Guide to All the pieces. However are you going to take recommendation from a e-book? I believe you must go loopy about it.

Have an axe to which your grandmother’s soul bought caught by chance? Nice, use granny’s brief life that will help you attain your objectives.

Did your character journey over the previous, good sword that had the character of a cocky rooster? Simply do it.

The Fathomless (TCoE)

Instance Fathomless patrons:

  1. A Kraken
  2. An Aboleth
  3. A Water Elemental
  4. Jormungandr, the World Serpent
  5. The White Whale
  6. Dagon
  7. Uko’toa (~Uko’toa~)
  8. The Girl of the Lake

There are a whole lot of unusual and scary creatures dwelling within the ocean’s deep depths. Your warlock talked to one in all these creatures which have a whole lot of energy.

Two new Warlock patrons had been added by Tasha’s Cauldron of All the pieces. The Fathomless is the primary.

Your character principally discovered or was contacted by one thing that lives deep within the oceans of the world. Or perhaps one other physique of water with a magical story.

The options of your subclass need to do with water… and tentacles. I imply, why not?

The Genie (TCoE)

Instance Genie patrons:

  1. A Dao (Earth)
  2. A Djinn (Air)
  3. An Efreeti (Hearth)
  4. A Marid (Water)

… So, that’s it. Or, you realize, genies you make your self that aren’t related to the Elemental Planes.

The second new alternative in TCoE is that your character made a take care of a strong being from one of many Elemental Planes referred to as a Genie.

The Pact of the Genie is cool as a result of your subclass talents change relying on which elemental taste you select. More often than not, it adjustments your built-in record of spells and the sort of harm your talents do. However it’s nonetheless a cool factor concerning the subclass.

So, these are the Warlock patrons you possibly can select from in D&D 5e. The subsequent step is to decide on your patron.

How Do I Select a Warlock Patron?

While you make a Warlock, at 1st degree you select your patron.

Now, I ought to say that you simply’re deciding what sort of patron your character will likely be. That is how one can determine which subclass options you’ll get as you degree up.

You possibly can select what or who your Warlock patron is, which is the very best half.

I counsel that you simply give your character the subclass you need. Then, determine what sort of entity that kind of buyer represents. Or, even higher, let your Dungeon Grasp consider one thing.

Giving your DM the liberty to make use of an NPC who is said to your character can assist them provide you with enjoyable adventures for the occasion.

Now that you’ve got a buyer, let’s transfer on to some questions which are usually requested.

Can a Warlock Have Two Patrons?

In probably the most literal means, no. You possibly can’t have two patrons in your Warlock. At the very least when it comes to the way it works.

Contemplate that every subclass is balanced in order that it will possibly solely use a sure set of options. In D&D 5e, no class “double dips” into itself. Not in accordance with the foundations as written (RAW).

However when you needed to see two prospects from the identical subclass making an attempt to get your consideration, that could possibly be enjoyable.

Think about.

Oberon and Titania battle over your character and hold asking you to do increasingly more ridiculous issues. Or, a satan and a demon making an attempt to get you to agree with them. Who can say? May very well be attention-grabbing.

Now that you’ve got a patron, it’s time to speak about patron-cide!

Can a Warlock Kill Their Patron?

Sure, a Warlock may kill their patron if they’d sufficient energy and the best scenario (and if the DM was okay with it).
Now, this is dependent upon your DM, after all. Additionally, it seems like it will likely be onerous.

So, your character will get their energy from this being, proper? You’re basically on the opposite finish of a hose, and your buyer is holding the knob.

What retains your buyer from stopping the circulate?

If a Warlock has to face their patron for any cause, they should have a strong plan. As a result of as soon as the preventing begins, you possibly can ensure that the patron will flip off all the facility.

Even so, killing your patron prices your character his or her powers…

…Except you wish to take over as your patron. Holy crap, that might be cool.

Can a Warlock Break Their Pact?

If a Warlock disobeys their patron too many instances or breaks their pact, it’s the identical as killing them.

Sure, your Warlock can break a pact or go in opposition to what their patron tells them to do. However this often makes their powers weaker or takes them away utterly.

This might begin a enjoyable aspect quest the place your character seems for a distinct strategy to get again on observe. Or, they wish to get again on good phrases with their patron.

Do not forget that that is totally different for every desk. Speak to your DM about the way you wish to take care of this.

And that’s all there may be to learn about D&D 5e Warlock Patrons.

  1. They’re largely beings from different worlds who give energy to people.
  2. Warlocks make a deal that claims what they’ll do to get this energy.
  3. There are lots of various kinds of prospects to select from.
  4. At degree 1, you select your Warlock’s patron.
  5. Sure, you possibly can kill your patron (given DM permission)
  6. Sure, you possibly can break the settlement you made together with your patron (see above)

I hope this solutions your questions on Warlock patrons and what they’re.

How do folks sit at your desk? Does your DM make them up? Or does your desk make it straightforward for folks to make them? Go away a message and inform me. I’d like to see your desk in motion.

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