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In Dungeons & Dragons fifth Version, the Water Genasi are an attention-grabbing class as a result of they’ve some connection to the Elemental Airplane of Water.

This makes them completely different from others because it makes them helpful in naval campaigns however not a lot in others.

This Water Genasi information for 5e tells you all the things it’s essential to know to play one in all these characters as a brand new participant.

First, let’s discuss a few of the fundamentals of tips on how to play a water genasi in 5e.

Water Genasi Traits

Water The traits of Genasi present how they’re associated to water. This consists of race-specific traits like having the ability to transfer quicker, breathe simpler, and management water.

Every little thing the Water Genasi get due to their race works with their pure connection to water. This implies getting quicker at swimming and having the ability to breathe underwater.

All this implies is that Water Genasi are nice for adventures that happen in water. However ifarehere is no water close by or no risks that contain water, their race traits received’t assist a lot.

Understand that these are the default traits and skill rating will increase for Water Genasi.

You may change which Means Scores you enhance in case you use the elective Customizing Your Origin guidelines from Tasha’s Cauldron of Every little thing.

Before everything, the Water Genasi is a subrace of the Genasi character race. So, you begin by getting traits out of your base race.

Genasi Base Traits


You have got a agency grasp of the linguistics of each the widespread and primordial languages.

The phrases in Primordial are gruff and stuffed with harsh consonants and syllables.

Means Rating Enhance

Your rating for Structure goes up by 2.


Genasi are as completely different as their human dad and mom, however most of them are about 5 to six toes tall and have human our bodies. The scale of you is medium.


Your base velocity when strolling is 30 toes.

After that, you get your Water Genasi traits, which make your character look like it belongs within the water.

Water Genasi Subrace Traits

Means Rating Enhance

Your rating for Knowledge goes up by 1.

Acid Resistance

You have got resistance to acid injury.


Each air and water will be breathed in.


You may swim 30 toes per minute.

Name the Wave

You know the way water can change form. With this trait, whenever you attain the third stage, you possibly can solid the create or destroy water spell as a 2nd-level spell as soon as.

After a protracted relaxation, you possibly can solid it once more this fashion. For these spells, your means to solid them is based mostly in your Structure.

Now that we’ve gone over these, the most important good thing about being a Water Genasi is which you can solid spells with out even making an attempt.

Acid injury is high quality, but it surely doesn’t occur fairly often in 5e, so resistance to it isn’t all that helpful.

In the identical means, having the ability to breathe underwater and swimming shortly will be useful in some conditions, however that’s the issue. They rely on the scenario.

Nonetheless, the spells that Water Genasi will get rely on the scenario. So, all the things these characters get from their race selection is higher for adventures that happen within the water.

Water Genasi Names

More often than not, water genasi take the naming type of their mortal dad and mom. However they may additionally get a nickname that reveals how they’re naturally linked to water as a result of it is their ingredient.

Normally, a water genasi is raised by a human guardian or dad and mom. Because of this, Water Genasi are likely to take their names from their dad and mom’ heritage and area.

For instance, in case your Water Genasi is of elven descent however has an essence blessed by the Elemental Airplane of Water, each their first and final names are in all probability elven.

In the identical means, a Water Genasi with Orc roots would have an Orc identify. The record goes on and on.

Now, a enjoyable factor about Genasi on the whole, not simply the Water kind, is that they like to present themselves nicknames that present how shut they’re to their elemental roots.

Conserving this in thoughts, Water Genasi may give themselves a nickname that reveals how a lot they like water.

Some nicknames for Water Genasi are:

  1. Wave
  2. Brine
  3. pool
  4. Undertow
  5. River
  6. Rain
  7. Splash
  8. Bay
  9. Flood
  10. Cascade

Bodily Look of Water Genasi

Water Genasi are the identical form and measurement as their mortal dad and mom, however they’ve distinctive traits that present they arrive from one other world.

Their pores and skin, hair, and eyes could look or really feel completely different, and their voice could sound prefer it’s coming from underwater.

Despite the fact that they’ve elemental ties, Water Genasi largely seem like their mortal ancestors, although they’ve some unusual traits that present their extra magical roots.

So, irrespective of who their mortal dad and mom are, they’ve the form of a daily humanoid.

Except for that, water genasi are completely different from common humanoids as a result of they’ve aquatic options.

This might imply that their limbs have small fin-like protrusions, their pores and skin is a special coloration, or their hair floats by itself.

Let’s discuss a few of the alternative ways a Water Genasi appears to be like which you can take into consideration when making your character.

Water Genasi Pores and skin

Some water genasi have uncommon pores and skin colours, typically greens and blues. Additionally they have a skinny layer of moisture on their pores and skin, which makes it seem like they only bought out of the bathe.

Despite the fact that they seem like people, water genasi often have unusual pores and skin qualities that set them other than their humanoid kin.

More often than not, these traits present up within the dad and mom of a Water Genasi as uncommon pores and skin tones. However these aren’t the one methods a Water Genasi character’s pores and skin tone can present their elemental ancestry.

Your ears might need a extra aquatic form, otherwise you may not have any ears in any respect. You might need small marks that seem like scales on the backs of your thighs. Or possibly your fingers and toes are joined collectively.

Mainly, your Water Genasi character’s pores and skin ought to be based mostly on options that make sense for aquatic creatures.

A few of the alternative ways Water Genasi’s pores and skin can look are:

  1. Small drops of water all the time persist with your pores and skin.
  2. Your ears resemble fins
  3. Your pores and skin is greenish-blue.
  4. You odor a bit of bit just like the ocean on a regular basis.
  5. Gentle dances softly throughout your face prefer it’s shining by the water.

Water Genasi Hair

Water genasi individuals typically have hair that appears prefer it’s floating by itself, prefer it’s in water. It additionally typically grows in colours that aren’t typical for mortals, like inexperienced or blue.

Like their pores and skin, Water Genasi have a variety of hairstyles that present how they’re linked to their elemental roots.

The hair of a Water Genasi could look regular, but it surely has a pure coloration that may be uncommon for somebody with mortal roots.

It’s also possible to give your character extra incredible hairstyles that match with the truth that they reside on the water.

Examples of distinctive hair options for Water Genasi:

  1. Your hair appears to be like like tentacles when it sticks collectively.
  2. Even whenever you’re not transferring, your hair floats and strikes barely, as if it had been within the water.
  3. Regardless of how arduous you attempt to dry your hair, it’s all the time moist.
  4. Your hair appears to be like extra like a sea urchin’s spines than actual hair.
  5. You don’t have hair; as a substitute, small fin-like ridges run forwards and backwards alongside your scalp.

Water Genasi Eyes

Water Genasi typically have eyes which might be a bit of bit greater than common for individuals with their heritage. Additionally, their eyes are nearly all the time very darkish.

The default solution to describe a Water Genasi’s eyes is that they’re “a little bit too big.” So, they give the impression of being nearly like fish.

Except for that, you may give your Water Genasi character magical results like gentle shimmering on water or eyes that mirror gentle again.

A few of the methods Water Genasi can look:

  1. They give the impression of being regular, however there’s a slight shimmer to them, like a creek.
  2. Your eyes are a bit of large and seem like they’re about to come out of your head.
  3. Your eyes are a golden yellow coloration.
  4. Your complete eye, which doesn’t have a pupil or an iris, is a shiny silver coloration.
  5. You don’t have any irises, simply small, black pupils

Water Genasi Voice

When some Water Genasi discuss, it seems like their phrases are echoing underwater or are blended with the sound of water trickling.

When making a personality, vocal qualities are sometimes not used sufficient. Sure, individuals can have accents or communicate in a sure means, however in relation to character races which might be extra magical, you may make your character’s speech sound more unusual.

With Water Genasi, you may make their voices sound like they’re underwater or like whales are singing beneath.

Instance vocal qualities for Water Genasi:

  1. Your phrases have a deep, droning sound to them.
  2. While you discuss, the sound of a creek effervescent within the distance will be heard within the background.
  3. You sound like you will have water in your throat typically.
  4. Your voice has a slight echo to it such as you’re in a cave by the ocean.
  5. While you say phrases with “sh” or “ch,” it sounds a bit of bit like a wave crashing.

Finest Courses for Water Genasi in 5e

In 5e, the very best courses for Water Genasi are people who reap the benefits of their pure Means Rating Enhance and their additional spells.

Because of this more often than not, the courses that use Knowledge to solid spells get essentially the most out of enjoying a personality of this race.

As a result of their Means Rating Enhance offers them an additional level in Knowledge, Water Genasi do finest in courses that use that stat, like Cleric, Druid, Monk, and Ranger. Sadly, this race’s different racial traits don’t actually assist any class that a lot.

The +2 structure that comes from being a Genasi is good for nearly any class.

It helps frontline fighters keep alive longer and provides spellcasters a greater probability of succeeding on Focus saving throws.

The most important drawback with being a Water Genasi in nearly any class is that their racial traits are solely helpful in sure conditions.

They don’t actually assist any class play nicely.

It’s good to have the ability to deal with acid injury when it’s essential to. However such a injury doesn’t occur fairly often, so that you in all probability received’t use it a lot.

For water adventures, it’s useful to have the ability to swim shortly and breathe underwater. Water is additionally a very good factor to attempt to get round.

However this is determined by the sport you’re enjoying and what the Recreation Grasp throws at you.

Water Genasi’s spells are fairly good. However they should be near a spot the place they’ll get water.

Once more, all of this is based mostly on the conventional Water Genasi traits. When you use Tasha’s Cauldron of Every little thing’s “Customizing Your Origin” guidelines, you may be capable to play a Water Genasi in any class by switching across the Means Rating Will increase.

Nonetheless, some courses profit extra from the opposite racial traits than others.

So, listed here are Water Genasi’s 5 finest courses, in no explicit order:

  1. Cleric
  2. Paladin
  3. Ranger
  4. Sorcerer
  5. Warlock

Conserving all of this in thoughts, let’s discuss every class and the way nicely it matches the Water Genasi.

Water Genasi Artificer

Artificer is not an excellent selection for Water Genasi by default. Since they don’t have an Means Rating Enhance for Intelligence, they’ll have extra hassle as an Artificer than with different courses.

Additionally, the Water Genasi can solid spells that aren’t on the Artificer’s record, however the Artificer’s Infusions can do the identical issues because the racial traits.

As artisans, water genasi have essentially the most to supply as a result of they’ll solid extra spells. However the class has a solution to do lots of what the Water Genasi can do by their infusions.

Alternatively, since these spells are inbuilt, the infusions can be utilized for different issues. So, that could be a very good level to make.

Water Genasi Barbarian

Water Genasi might be a barbarian, which is not a nasty selection. The Structure Means Rating Enhance and the resistance to acid injury are each good for this class, however because you don’t have power, you’ll be higher at protection than offense.

So long as you don’t break the foundations in Tasha’s Cauldron of Every little thing, enjoying a Water Genasi Barbarian doesn’t offer you a power increase.

This might make your assaults much less efficient. The bonus to Structure would nonetheless give your character a very good variety of hit factors, although.

Except for that, the Water Genasi don’t have many traits that make them good barbarians. When you’re not enjoying a Path of the Totem Warrior Barbarian, the resistance to acid injury is good.

However you possibly can’t solid spells whereas Raging, so those you get from this race aren’t very helpful.

Nonetheless, having a swim velocity signifies that your assaults take much less injury whenever you’re combating in water. However that scenario has to occur for this trait to be helpful.

So, it turns out to be useful typically.

Water Genasi Bard

Water Genasi shouldn’t select Bard. This race doesn’t offer you a bonus to Charisma, however the additional spells that Water Genasi will get so as to add to Bard’s record.

The primary benefit of enjoying a bard as a water genasi is that you simply get extra spells from the Name to the Wave trait.

This offers Bard’s Magical Secrets and techniques function extra issues it could possibly do. Nonetheless, the spells you get are very helpful relying on the scenario.

Water Genasi Cleric

For Water Genasi, Clerical is a sensible choice. Their default improve in Knowledge is consistent with the Cleric’s means to solid spells, and their improve in Structure and resistance to acid injury make them extra tanky, though acid injury isn’t quite common.

When you play with the default racial Means Rating Will increase, the +1 Water Genasi is a sensible choice if you wish to play a Cleric in 5e as a result of it helps this class solid spells.

Additionally, the acid injury resistance is good if you wish to play a cleric who is extra centered on tanking. However as a result of it’s not used fairly often, it’s solely as helpful as what was mentioned earlier than.

The identical goes for the spells of the Water Genasi. They’re solely helpful in sure conditions and don’t actually assist with the way you play a cleric more often than not.

Water Genasi Druid

A Druid isn’t a horrible selection for Water Genasi. The Druid’s Spellcasting Means works nicely with the Knowledge Means Rating Enhance, however that’s about all of the race has to supply for these characters.

Many of the spells a Water Genasi offers to a Druid are ones that the category already has, so it’s both redundant or offers your character extra choices.

Just like the Cleric, the Water Genasi are a very good race to decide on if you wish to be a Druid. This is as a result of their default +1 to Knowledge is utilized by the category to solid spells.

Sadly, the Druid’s Wild Form can cowl all the things that the Water Genasi does.

Need to have the ability to swim quicker or breathe underwater? Attain the 4th stage to achieve entry to 5e’s beasts with swim speeds.

Sure, your elevated means rating helps the druid solid spells. However, the Water Genasi’s racial traits aren’t actually useful as a complete.

Water Genasi Fighter

The fighter is high quality for Water Genasi, largely as a result of it raises their base structure.

The most important advantages of being a water genasi fighter are being proof against acid injury and having your structure rating go up.

When you’re combating within the water, having the ability to swim quick and breathe underwater will assist you numerous. However that is determined by your recreation and the adventures your recreation grasp units up.

As a fighter, Water Genasi doesn’t actually add a lot to your means to deal injury. You don’t get a stat that helps you assault or deal injury with the default Means Rating Will increase. However no less than your hit factors get a lift.

Water Genasi Monk

With their Knowledge stat going up, Water Genasi can select the Monk class. Nonetheless, nothing else helps the monk class very a lot.

The truth that a Water Genasi Monk can’t make their Dexterity rating go up hurts them in battle, and their spellcasting doesn’t add a lot to how they play.

The Water Genasi has nothing that actually helps the Monk.

Your default bonus to Knowledge is your finest profit as a result of it makes the monk’s abilities higher. Alternatively, this doesn’t assist them that a lot.

There are just a few issues in regards to the Monk that drive you to make saves based mostly in your Knowledge rating.

Except for that, it’s good to have safety from acid injury whenever you want it. However the different traits don’t actually assist a Monk participant.

Water Genasi Paladin

All issues thought of, the Paladin class is a sensible choice for a Water Genasi. The default improve to Knowledge doesn’t assist a lot, however the bonus to Structure does assist with how Paladins often play.

Additionally, the spells a Water Genasi will get assist make up for a way few spells a Paladin can solid.

That being mentioned, and I’ll say it once more, the spells you get from enjoying a Water Genasi are very situational and don’t show you how to a lot as a Paladin on the whole.

In D&D 5e, the Paladin is one of many traditional Tank courses. Due to this, the Paladin doesn’t really want to have the ability to form water or create or destroy water.

They don’t actually do something to take care of or cut back injury, besides possibly put out fires to cease additional injury.

The Water Genasi is finest for a Paladin as a result of it offers them a +2 to the structure and protects them from acid injury.

When you battle quite a bit within the water, the swim velocity and water respiratory are additionally good. Nonetheless, they rely on the scenario.

Water Genasi Ranger

The Water Genasi Means Rating Enhance in Knowledge is a very good match for the Ranger. The race’s spells additionally assist make up for the category’s restricted spellcasting abilities, however they aren’t very helpful more often than not.

Rangers even have a small variety of spells they’ll solid, so studying the Water Genasi may also help. However, as soon as once more, the spells you do get will be helpful in sure conditions.

The rangers aren’t largely casters both. So, the +1 to Knowledge that comes as a default solely helps a lot.

For melee-focused Rangers, the +2 Structure improve and acid injury resistance are good, however the lack of Power or Dexterity enhancements makes your assaults a bit of worse.

Once more, the swim velocity and water respiratory are good to have in case you battle typically in or close to water.

Water Genasi Rogue

Water Genasi doesn’t do nicely with Rogue. The spells you get don’t actually assist Rogues in any means, and the default Means Rating Will increase don’t help their core stats.

The Rogue will get nothing good from what the Water Genasi has to supply.

When you play a Rogue nicely, it is best to be capable to keep away from or reduce a lot of the injury you’re taking, so the default Structure improve shouldn’t be that useful. And having extra Knowledge doesn’t assist the category in any means.

Actually, Rogues are in all probability those who use acid injury resistance essentially the most. More often than not, this class goes forward to verify for traps and disarm them.

In most D&D video games, traps are a great way to make use of acid injury, so a Water Genasi Rogue could get essentially the most out of this trait.

Except for that, it may be helpful to understand how quick you possibly can swim and tips on how to breathe underwater. However the spells you get don’t actually show you how to as a Rogue participant.

Water Genasi Sorcerer

Water Genasi is high quality as a Sorcerer. Sorcerers can solely know a restricted variety of spells, so the additional spells they get from racial traits are largely only a solution to make up for the spells they’ll’t use.

Sorcerers can solely know a sure variety of spells, so the additional spells they be taught from the Name to the Wave trait of the Water Genasi assist them do extra. The worst factor about these spells is that they’ll solely assist a lot.

The +2 Structure Means Rating Enhance that comes as a default is good for spellcasters as a result of it helps them make higher concentration-saving throws.

Sorcerers are additionally good at Structure saves, which makes this stat improve even higher. Alternatively, the +1 Knowledge doesn’t assist Sorcerers, so that you’d have to make use of the foundations for Customizing Your Origin to vary that to Charisma.

It may be useful to have the ability to breathe underwater, however spellcasters don’t want to have the ability to swim shortly. Spells aren’t affected by water as a lot as weapons are, so that you received’t should be pretty much as good at transferring round within the water.

Water Genasi Warlock

Warlock is a sensible choice for a Water Genasi as a result of your race offers you entry to spells that you simply wouldn’t usually have as a Warlock. Nonetheless, these spells solely assist in sure circumstances.

Warlocks can solely solid spells in a restricted means, similar to Sorcerers, however otherwise. So, having the Water Genasi’s pure means to solid spells is a very good addition if you need to use these situational spells.

Once more, the default Structure increase helps with focus saves. However the Warlock’s spellcasting means is Charisma, so the bottom Water Genasi Means Rating Will increase can solely assist a lot.

As a spellcaster, you need to keep away from injury as a lot as doable, so acid injury resistance shouldn’t come up too typically until you’re enjoying the Hexblade Warlock Patron.

Lastly, a warlock wouldn’t actually profit from swimming quicker, since their spells aren’t often affected by their restricted motion. Once more, the Hexblade Warlock is an exception to this rule as a result of it is extra centered on fight.

Water Genasi Wizard

Wizard isn’t a very good class for Water Genasi as a result of the category’s enhanced spellcasting lets them do all the things their race lets them do.

Additionally, Water Genasi’s default Means Rating Will increase don’t assist Wizards in any means apart from making their focus saves higher.

Because the Wizard is essentially the most highly effective magical class, she or he can already do nearly all the things the Water Genasi can do.

D&D 5e Water Genasi FAQs

How Tall Are Water Genasi?

Water Genasi are about the identical peak as their human dad and mom, however more often than not they seem like individuals.

So, they’re often lower than 5 toes and greater than six toes tall, which makes them Medium-sized.

In 5e, Water Genasi are Medium-sized creatures in relation to their Measurement class. They seem like their human dad and mom, so their heights range the identical means.

Nonetheless, most Water Genasi are descended from people, so they’re often between 5 and 6 toes tall.

How Lengthy Do Genasi Stay?

Water Genasi become older on the similar price as people, however they’ll reside as much as 120 years.

Easy as that. Water Genasi can reside as much as 120 years, however they age similar to people do.

So, they develop into adults round age 20, undergo center age between the ages of 40 and 50, and attain outdated age of their 70s or 80s.

What Language Does Water Genasi Converse?

Water Genasi can talk in each Frequent and Primordial.

Easy. Due to their default racial traits, Water Genasi can communicate each Frequent and Primordial nicely.

You may, in fact, change the languages your Water Genasi character is aware of in case you use Tasha’s Cauldron of Every little thing’s Customizing Your Origin guidelines.

Can Water Genasi Breathe Underwater?

Sure, because of their amphibious trait, water genasi can breathe underwater.

The Amphibious trait of the Water Genasi says, “You can breathe both air and water.” So, it’s not arduous for these characters to breathe underwater.

Is Water Genasi Made from Water?

No. There is no water in Water Genasi. They’ve pores and skin and bones, similar to different residing issues.

As a result of they had been born to people, Water Genasi are manufactured from stable matter. Despite the fact that they’ve elements of their our bodies which might be much like water elementals, they aren’t manufactured from water.

Ultimate Phrases

About all the things it’s essential to know to play a Water Genasi in 5e is on that record.

They’re a gaggle of Genasi who’ve ties to water elementals or had been affected by the Elemental Airplane of Water after they had been born.

Despite the fact that they’ve this connection, more often than not they’ve no less than one mortal guardian and seem like different humanoids with this background.

Nonetheless, they typically have unusual and magical bodily traits that present they’re linked to the water ingredient.

For instance, they are able to breathe underwater, have a special pores and skin tone, or be capable to solid low-level spells that management water.

Sadly, the Water Genasi doesn’t work nicely with the same old solution to play or any explicit class. Your finest selections are just a few spellcasting courses.

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