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It’s at all times a very good time to teleport.

Teleportation spells are among the many most sought-after utility spells in fifth Version, whether or not you’re making an attempt to fade in the course of a struggle or journey tons of of miles in a single flip.

One of the well-known teleportation spells is “dimension door,” which we are going to study now.

Dimension Door Spell Particulars

Kind: 4th Degree Conjuration
Casting Time: One Motion
Vary: 500 ft.
Parts: V
Length: Instantaneous

Casting the spell transports you and any objects you might be carrying to a location inside 500 ft.

You may even deliver a prepared creature alongside, supplied it isn’t burdened with extra weight than it may possibly deal with.

The monster can’t be larger than you might be.

To place it merely, you possibly can’t use teleportation to get someplace that’s already been occupied.

Each you and the creatures you have been teleporting to will undergo 4d6 price of harm on account of the power.

Who Will get It?

One might say that everybody can study this if they’ve the cash to purchase a uncommon magical artifact.

The bard, sorcerer, warlock, and wizard can all solid the dimension door spell.

Those that maintain the Trickery Area as a cleric subclass or the Oath of Vengeance as a paladin subclass have entry to this spell as a bonus area or oath spell, and it’s at all times prepared to be used.

It is usually obtainable as a subclass spell for rangers with the Fey Wanderer subclass.

Whereas 4th-level spells are reserved for wizards, the Eldritch Knight fighter and the Arcane Trickster rogue each have entry to the spell as a result of it’s on the wizard spell checklist.

Dimension door and different spells are added to the spellbook of any Eberron human who has the Dragonmark of Passage (if they’ve one).

Dimension door might be solid with out expending a spell slot from a Cape of the Mountebank, making it accessible to much more spellcasters.

These capes are frequent magical artifacts as a result of they grant their wearers entry to a free each day dimension door, which can be utilized to rapidly flee hazard, overcome obstacles, or catch as much as a pursued foe.

Bookmark, a one-of-a-kind dagger retrieved from the Tomb of Annihilation, and the Infiltrator’s Key each permit for its casting (a legendary merchandise from Wildemount).

Within the context of a marketing campaign, the probability of getting both is low.

Execs and Cons

Completely different teleportation spells in Dungeons & Dragons have their very own distinctive results.

The distinctive perform of the dimension door is as a sort of reasonably highly effective teleportation spell that permits you to deliver a companion alongside.

Differentiating options of misty step, far step, and thunder step is focused on their extra restricted ranges.

Inside a brief to medium vary, the caster of Scatter can teleport as much as 5 creatures.

Conversely, spells like “word of recall,” “teleport,” and “teleportation circle” can switch a number of creatures over a higher distance, however they demand higher-level spell slots.

Subsequently, it’s useful to contemplate the options of every teleportation spell that make it distinctive.


The vary of a dimension door spell is 500 ft, making it the longest of the lower-level teleportation spells.

The potential advantages of this are substantial. Getting access to a dimension door can save your life should you ever end up in a sticky state of affairs involving a very vicious creature or a probably hazardous place.

You may safely assume that 500 ft will give you ample room to cover from any pursuers.

Hardly ever, when up in opposition to fast-moving monsters, it gained’t will let you run away (like rocs, or creatures on the again of a phantom steed).

It’s potential that 500 ft are sufficient to provide you a combating likelihood in places with a whole lot of covers.

Nonetheless, the radius of impact for spells like “find creature” or “locate object” is one thousand ft.

You gained’t be fully secure from somebody who can carry out both of these spells on you, and the five hundred ft you’ll go along with the “dimension door” gained’t be sufficient to get you out of their sight.

Maybe that can purchase you sufficient time to make your escape.

Goal Location

Not like scatter, far step, hazy step, and thunder step, dimension door doesn’t require you to have a line of sight to the vacation spot.

In the meantime, each the teleportation circle and the phrase of recall want teleporting to a specified spot, however teleporting has enormous drawbacks should you attempt to teleport to a location you aren’t aware of.

Subsequently, dimension door is likely one of the uncommon spells that will let you simply title a spot you’d moderately be.

This may be useful if it is advisable to discover your option to a spot you might be unfamiliar.

Assuming the native wizards aren’t adept sufficient to ward it in opposition to teleportation, a dimensional portal might be utilized to sneak inside castles, enter the lairs of sure beasts, or teleport into financial institution vaults.

Nonetheless, many monsters lack the extent of spellcasting required to adequately guard their hoards or lairs in opposition to teleportation, and large strongholds are unlikely to be completely coated by these spells.

Additionally, because the caster should have the ability to see the vacation spot of spells like scatter, far step, misty step, and thunder step, blinding them would possibly typically negate their results.

Teleportation spells might be negated by utilizing darkness, blindness/deafness, or fog cloud spells; shutting off all sources of sunshine; and even merely placing a bag over the caster’s head.

Nonetheless, this tactic is ineffective on a dimensional door, offering you with a backup choice to teleport to security.

Ideas and Tips

Relying on how you place it to make use of, “dimension door” can accomplish all kinds of duties.

And should you’re on the lookout for any 5e purposes, we’ve received you coated there, too.


One prepared creature of your dimension or smaller can accompany you due to this spell.

The best way that operates is actually unusual.

To go to security, an ally would usually be prepared, however is it potential for somebody to be each unconscious and prepared after being knocked out?

Relating to magic, the phrases “willing” and “unwilling” in 5e don’t have concrete definitions.

Selections of that nature are finally as much as the discretion of the DM in cost.

The overwhelming majority will allow you to transport a pal who’s unconscious away from a wrathful Kraken.

Additionally, do not forget that a corpse is simply one other factor you might put in your assortment.

If it is advisable to get a fallen ally’s physique off the sphere to revive them, you possibly can dimension door away with it whether it is gentle sufficient to hold.

So long as you might have satisfactory power, this methodology will work no matter whether or not or not the deceased creature is smaller than you.

Appeal Spells

Nonetheless, the ‘willing’ situation doesn’t clarify why the goal is prepared, which is a vital level.

Usually, you couldn’t simply seize an adversary and transport them to a spot the place they’d be in peril.

Nonetheless, you now have a prepared creature to teleport should you use a spell-like allure individual, allure monster, or suggestion to persuade them to return with you.

A monster of your dimension or smaller might be dropped as a proposal on the opposing commander, after which dimension doored both 500 ft into the air or over one thing extraordinarily horrible.

You have got two spells, and should you’re fortunate, one among them will trigger the sufferer to fall right into a pit of lava or an acid pool, dealing a further 20d6 injury.

You’ll want one thing to maintain you from plummeting to your dying, however between spells like feather fall and magical objects that allow flight, levitation, or teleportation, you must have the ability to keep away from falling to your doom.

Environmental Hazards

Within the absence of pure hazards like a lava pit or an acid pool, you must create your personal.

So long as you might have entry to dimension doorways, there’s nothing stopping you from throwing a charmed enemy into one of many many lethal traps present in dungeons.

It’s simple to consider hazards like spiked pits, spinning blades, and piranha tanks, however actually any sort of risk would possibly show helpful.

It might be actually useful should you might arrange this dimension door trick, as there are particular traps that guarantee nearly sure dying.

Nonetheless, this assumes {that a} useful dungeon stuffed with spiky pits and purple worm poison is conveniently situated close by.

You would possibly at all times strive your hand at making your personal, although. Any sort of poison you will get your fingers on can be utilized to cowl spikes you arrange.

Since many foes have excessive Structure saving throws, it’s preferable to make use of a poison that also offers half injury on a profitable save.

To high all of it off, there are extra risks that could be arrange for a briefly pleasant adversary to be dropped into.

The second chapter of Xanathar’s Guide to Every thing explains the best way to make efficient use of assorted objects within the sport. For sleights of hand like these, two of them are vital.

The instruments of a thief can assist you arrange traps, whereas the alchemist’s instruments can assist you create acid or alchemist’s hearth.

It’s best to ask your DM should you can make the most of the foundations, as they’re completely discretionary.

It prices 12.5 gold items to make a vial of acid utilizing alchemist’s provides if you’re allowed to take action.

Acid is usually used as an improvised weapon by being hurled or sprayed at a goal, delivering 2d6 injury on a success.

However what should you produced numerous acid vials? Someplace over twenty tiny vials, all neatly linked up.

In case your DM is feeling very beneficiant, you would possibly have the ability to use some thieving tools to make your bundle of acid vials right into a lure.

You might also ask your DM should you can merely place a creature on one of many bottles.

Really, this can be a case of excessive jinks.

Some DMs is likely to be prepared to miss this, although, should you can organize issues correctly.

In a best-case situation, the creature you drop might take 40d6 of acid injury out of your 20 vials.

Magical Hazards

Extra standard threats embrace spells with probably deadly space results.

Dropping a creature into an space beneath the impact of quite a few spells that deal injury upon entry or (ideally) the beginning of a creature’s flip is feasible, however provided that the timing is good.

Wall of fireplace, wall of thorns, maelstrom, and evard’s black tentacles are all helpful spells for creating damaging zones.

Some, like evard’s black tentacles, goal to harm creatures in addition to include them within the space they’re in.

When a creature is restrained by two or extra spells without delay, corresponding to with evard’s or internet, it might reach saving itself from the primary spell however fail in opposition to the second, leaving it susceptible to a 3rd, extra devastating spell, corresponding to cloudkill.

Monster Bomb

It is a pure follow-up to the aforementioned allure maneuver.

It’s best to needless to say you possibly can journey with any animal that is able to accompany you, supplied that it’s your dimension or smaller.

Clearly, the primary drawback to unravel is coping with the truth that the overwhelming majority of dangerous species are both too enormous or too unwilling to be approached.

Nonetheless, suppose you have been conscious of an enemy stronghold.

Moreover, you might be conscious of the placement of a probably deadly beast (ideally with low Knowledge saves).

You may, in precept, polymorph the creature right into a beast of your dimension or smaller.

Nonetheless, this may be tough to arrange.

After that, you or a useful sorcerer can allure the animal with an animal friendship spell or something related.

There may be now somebody or one thing your dimension or smaller who’s (hopefully) prepared to accompany you in your journey.

You would possibly need to bribe them with some meals.

Then, having somebody drop the polymorph spell or just dropping the transformed monster so the autumn injury knocks it out of its beast form, you teleport to a spot above the camp and unleash the beast wild.

Whether or not or not this methodology is helpful will depend on what you’re in a position to polymorph and the strengths of your opponent’s defenses.

Even a dying dragon poses little hazard to a citadel with a variety of wizards on guard.

Nonetheless, if the adversary isn’t ready for lycanthropes and doesn’t have any silvered or magical weapons, a werewolf impervious to nonmagical assaults might trigger havoc of their camp.

Although you’d must watch out to not launch any extra werewolves into the wild following the assault, it’s nonetheless a viable choice for opening hearth.

Carrying Capability

You may take no matter you need with you whenever you teleport by way of a dimensional door, so long as the whole weight is bigger than your personal.

A monster with a power rating of 18 can carry 270 kilos as a result of your carrying capability is the same as 15 occasions your power rating.

Good, however we are able to broaden upon that.

First, the orc, goliath, bugbear, loxodon, and firbolg races all have entry to a particular capacity known as Highly effective Construct.

The straightforward capacity “Powerful Build” will increase the creature’s dimension by one when calculating its carrying, pushing, dragging, and lifting capacities.

Right now, carrying capability is the only real issue of any sensible significance.

Within the subsequent bigger dimension class, a creature can carry twice as a lot weight because it might on the earlier one.

Thus, a golem with 18 strengths might carry 540 kilos, whereas a human with the identical stat can solely carry 270.

A particularly helpful creature can be one that may solid dimension doorways and has a big carrying capability.

With no movable pit or different storage units, a vault permits you to retrieve extra riches.

Bigger items could possibly be introduced into or out of battle as a part of an ambush or escape.

540 kilos might appear to be loads, however let’s enhance that quantity.

The enlarge/scale back spell is kind of useful, but it requires a low spell stage to solid.

The spell will increase the goal’s carrying capability by doubling its dimension, however this isn’t the spell’s major impact.

In its new, improved kind, a goliath is a Giant creature with the carrying capability of a Medium creature, or 1,080 kilos (nonetheless assuming 18 Energy).

As soon as extra, I imagine we’re able to higher achievement.

The Rune Knight is a brand new fighter archetype launched in Tasha’s Cauldron of Every thing who makes use of giant-inspired magic to extend in dimension and produce different results.

In the interim, we’re solely involved with the dimensions development.

On this situation, the goliath fighter should first make the most of their big’s mighty capacity to develop into a large dimension.

Utilizing enlarge/scale back, a useful spellcaster has shrunk our gargantuan Rune Knight to the dimensions of a Enormous beast, but he can nonetheless carry as a lot as a gargantuan.

This goliath is the dimensions of a real big and might heft a whopping 2,160 kilos.

When our goliath reaches stage 18, they’ve entry to the massive dimension and the Large’s Would possibly perform.

So, to enlarge them can be to make them Gargantuan.

Contemplating the gargantuan Rune Knight can’t be counted as a dimension increased than Gargantuan, it’s doubtless that Highly effective Construct would cease being helpful right here.

The Colossal dimension class that was included in earlier editions was faraway from the fifth version.

Now {that a} goliath participant character that may carry over 2,000 kilos can teleport, the sky’s the restrict for what they’ll accomplish.

While you open a dimensional gateway, your giant-sized ally can come into the center of a city and wreck havoc, as Godzilla did in Tokyo.

It’s possible you’ll carry out some type of ceremony to summon an enormous to struggle in your aspect.

Many species maintain giants in excessive esteem, and any being that may persuade others that it may possibly summon one has immediately grow to be a formidable foe.

You would possibly make up an enthralling plan whereby roving “giants” repeatedly assault villages, and also you and your allies got down to “banish” them.

For those who equip your Rune Knight with a cape of the mountebank, they’ll disappear in a cloud of smoke at your command.

Additionally, image a Rune Knight goliath with flying boots and two tonnes of rocks to rain down on an unsuspecting bandit outpost.

It’s potential that your huge celebration member could also be put to good service carrying meals and drugs to besieged castles throughout the battlefield.

Even when your opponent is close to, you possibly can have your Rune Knight companion maintain again the collapse of a dam or the ceiling, then teleport away.

The Rune Knight’s unrestrained assault is then unleashed upon the prey.

The power to immediately journey over comparatively nice distances makes the utility spell “dimension door” extraordinarily versatile.

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