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In D&D, the Genasi are a enjoyable race that matches the story.

Every of the 4 Elemental Planes is represented by one in all the 4 Genasi sub-races.

They’re additionally the closest you will get in 5e to taking part in an elemental.

This text talks about the Genasi, their subraces, their traits, and which courses are good for them.

Let’s begin with what the Genasi in D&D are.

What’s a Genasi in D&D 5e?

Genasi are a playable race in D&D 5e.

They’re associated to elementals, particularly genies, in order that they have themes associated to these issues.

Genasi are a race that you could select when making your participant character.

So, they’ve their very own sub-races and racial traits, which I’ll discuss in a bit.

Some gamers say that Genasi are half-elementals.

Genasi are normally born when a human and an elemental (normally a genie) have a baby.

A Genasi will get the elemental traits from his or her dad and mom, however the little one normally appears to be like extra human.

What Guide Are Genasi In 5e?

In D&D 5e, the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion is the place Genasi got here from.

The Princes of the Apocalypse(PotA) journey module will use this free useful resource.

Since then, the Genasi race has not been a selection in any books or different supplies.

Since PotA was principally about the 4 Elemental Planes, it is sensible that Genasi haven’t been in different supply zero books, I assume.

Wizards of the Coast made Goliath a playable race in Volo’s Information to Monsters, which is why I don’t like this.

In the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion, Goliath additionally made their first look.

Why not the Genasi, then?

However neither the Aarakocra nor the Deep Gnomes have come again like the Genasi.

It’s clear which of these races was the hottest.

The Genasi Sub-Races

In D&D 5e, Genasi are divided into 4 subraces: Air Genasi, Earth Genasi, Hearth Genasi, and Water Genasi.

One for every of the Forgotten Realms’ Elemental Planes.

Every of the 4 important Elemental Planes is represented by one in all the sub-races of the Genasi.

So, every one has its personal style and traits.

Although they appear completely different relying on the place they got here from, all Genasi have the similar vaguely human-like options.

If it weren’t for his or her unusual pores and skin, eye, and hair color and different results in the atmosphere, like a relentless breeze or the odor of brimstone, they’d look and act like every other human or humanoid race.

Nonetheless, any Genasi, it doesn’t matter what sub-race they’re, could look extra human-like than not, with solely small hints of their elemental ancestry.

Additionally, a genasi is normally born when a human and one in all the elemental genies (djinn, dao, efreet, or married) have a baby.

However they could have the ability to discover their elemental ancestors additional again of their household tree.

Or, they may very well be born close to a portal to one in all the Elemental Planes, the place they’re uncovered to robust elemental forces.

Air Genasi

Air Genasi are part of the Air Elemental Aircraft.

Most of the time, they will hint their roots again to djinn, that are air genies.

Like the wind, Air Genasi have a tendency to be carefree, however they will get offended as shortly as the climate adjustments.

Air Genasi may need hair, eyes, and pores and skin which can be all shades of sky blue.

Most of the time, they arrive with a comfortable breeze that lightly strikes their hair and garments.

Earth Genasi

The Earth Genasi stand for the Earth Elemental Aircraft.

They’re made when a humanoid and a creature product of earth have a baby collectively.

Most of the time, this implies mating with the dao, which is an earth-based genie.

Since they arrive from the earth factor, Earth Genasi have a tendency to be sluggish and cautious.

And they’re stronger and might do some issues with stone and earth.

A planet Genasi has as many various appears to be like as there are sorts of pure stone in the world.

Most of the time, their pores and skin is darkish, like black, gray, or brown.

However their pores and skin could be tough and appear to be gravel, easy and metallic, and even shiny like a gem.

Hearth Genasi

Hearth Genasi are a part of the Hearth Elemental Aircraft.

They’re the offspring of a humanoid and a hearth elemental creature, normally an efreet.

The Hearth Genasi are normally daring and fast to anger, and so they have a tendency to be louder folks.

Most Hearth Genasi appear to be their household tree, which is product of flames.

Their pores and skin colour ranges from ash gray to reddish brown to even black.

Most Hearth Genasi really feel like they’ve a fever, which is an attention-grabbing factor about them.

Their hair may simply look crimson, or it may very well be made of fireside.

Water Genasi

Water Genasi are a part of the Water Elemental Aircraft.

When a married or different water-element creature raises a baby with a humanoid creature, the little one could tackle a few of their elemental traits.

Water Genasi are normally drawn to the freedom and a want to go locations, which makes them pure adventurers.

The look of a Water Genasi is, after all, based mostly on water.

Their pores and skin is likely to be blue or inexperienced and all the time really feel damp.

Their eyes is likely to be blue-black and just a little bit larger than a traditional human’s.

And their hair may appear to be it’s floating in water.

Genasi 5e Traits

The essential traits of a Genasi don’t actually stand out.

After all, additionally they get the traditional Means Rating bonus, a base motion velocity, and a few languages.

However that’s just about it.

From the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion, listed here are the important traits of a Genasi:

  1. Scores on talents go up.
  2. Your rating for Structure goes up by 2.
  3. The dimensions of you is Medium.
  4. Your base strolling velocity is 30 ft.
  5. You may learn and write in each Primordial and Widespread language.

On the Genasi race web page of DnD Past, you too can discover all of the traits free of charge.

You may, after all, ignore the Means Rating Improve traits in the event you’re utilizing Tasha’s Cauldron of The whole lot.

However I’m leaving them in case your desk doesn’t use that elective rule.

Now, since the Genasi race has completely different sub-races, every one has its personal traits, similar to every other race.

Right here, the Genasi’s race begins to present itself.

So, let’s go over every one’s distinctive traits.

Air Genasi Traits

The traits of Air Genasi present how a lot they like the wind and the open sky.

These Genasi are the ones with the most of the expertise.

That’s about as helpful as they get, although.

Some gamers refer to the Air Genasi’s traits as “ribbon abilities”,

Principally, they’re the traits which can be principally for flavour and may by no means come up in your sport.

Earlier than I say rather more, let’s take a look at what the Air Genasi are like.

  1. Scores on talents go up.
  2. Never-ending Breath: Your Dexterity rating goes up by 1.
  3. For those who’re not damage, you possibly can maintain your breath for so long as you need.
  4. Come along with the Wind.
  5. The levitate spell can be utilized as soon as per lengthy relaxation.

I meant the trait known as “Unending Breath.”

Even so, I did use it to maintain my Air Genasi Ranger, Gustav, from getting poisoned in one in all the adventures in Tales from the Yawning Portal.

However I don’t see that taking place fairly often.

Perhaps if a spell like “Stinking Cloud” impacts you, however that’s nonetheless a fairly slim case.

Air Genasi could make first rate Thieves, Monks, Ranger-based Fighters, and Ranger-based Fighters with dex.

Earth Genasi Traits

The traits of Earth Genasi present their connection to stone.

Since their Power Means Rating goes up, this Genasi sub-race is the most bodily highly effective of its type.

However they will additionally transfer round loads on land.

Listed here are the qualities of an Earth Genasi:

  1. Scores on talents go up.
  2. Earth Stroll provides 1 to your Power rating.
  3. You don’t care about tough land product of earth or stone.
  4. Mix Stone: As soon as per lengthy relaxation, you should use the move with out hint spell.

The spell Move With out Hint could be very highly effective.

So, even when your character isn’t sneaky, you continue to have an awesome Stealth trait.

Additionally, in the event you’re a front-line fighter, it’s nice to have the ability to ignore tough terrain.

In 5e, Earth Genasi works nicely with courses that act as tanks.

There are Barbarians, Fighters, and Paladins amongst these courses.

However you possibly can select any character based mostly on Power or any frontline preventing class.

Hearth Genasi Traits

Hearth Genasi traits have to do with hearth and lightweight.

In all honesty, it looks as if the Hearth Genasi don’t get as a lot as their Air and Earth cousins.

  1. Scores on talents go up.
  2. Your rating for Intelligence goes up by 1.
  3. Darkvision: You may see up to 60 ft away in dim gentle in addition to in brilliant gentle, and in the darkish in addition to in dim gentle.
  4. Hearth Resistance: You resist hearth harm.
  5. Get to the hearth: Whenever you attain third degree, you realize the produce flame cantrip and might use the burning palms spell as soon as per lengthy relaxation.

Hearth normally exhibits up sooner or later in most adventures, so the Hearth Resistance trait is nice.

And the means to see in the darkish is all the time a plus for any participant character.

With their Intelligence bonus, Hearth Genasi do nicely as Artificers and Wizards.

Or, in the event you like preventing, Eldritch Knight Fighters, Psy Warrior Fighters (TCoE), and Arcane Trickster Rogues are all nice decisions as a result of they use Intelligence ultimately.

Water Genasi Traits

Water Genasi have traits that give them some management over water and assist them keep alive in it.

Essentially the most sub-race traits are given to them than to every other Genasi.

  1. Upgraded Expertise: Your rating for Knowledge goes up by 1.
  2. Acid Resistance: You resist acid harm.
  3. Amphibious: Each air and water could be breathed in.
  4. Swim: You may swim 30 ft per minute.

Inform the Wave to come.

Whenever you attain third degree, you realize the form water cantrip and might use the create or destroy water spell as soon as per lengthy relaxation.

Now, are these Genasi sub-races as helpful as the others?

Sure, in some circumstances.

They’re resistant to harm, can breathe underwater, transfer at a distinct velocity, and have some pure spellcasting expertise.

Together with the traditional bonus for Means Rating.

The one unhealthy factor is that each one of those traits have one thing to do with water.

So, you’ll solely want them in case your marketing campaign has a whole lot of water or in case your journey takes you close to a water supply.

Water Genasi does nicely in any class that makes use of Knowledge as a core Means Rating.

So, they’re nice Clerics, Druids, Monks, and Rangers.

Which Courses Are Good for Genasi?

Now that you realize the fundamentals about the Genasi in 5e, let’s take a look at the courses they will select from.

Like every other playable race in D&D, Genasi are higher at some courses than others.

Most of the time, which means that their Means Rating bonus ought to match the core stat of the class.

However Genasi’s greatest courses are additionally affected by his or her extra particular racial traits.

For those who play Tasha’s Cauldron of The whole lot with the elective Means Rating guidelines, Genasi could be any character class.

I’m principally taking a look at their Means Rating bonuses, however the different traits do have some impact.

However TCoE has an elective rule that allows you to change the Means Rating bonus of 1 race for that of one other.

So, simply do not forget that TCoE has nothing to do with the greatest courses for Genasi.

So, let’s discuss the greatest D&D 5e courses for a Genasi.

Good Courses for Genasi in D&D 5e

In 5e, the greatest courses for Genasi have in mind their Means Rating Will increase.

Since the Genasi have 4 subraces, you possibly can select from a whole lot of good courses.

Now, the different sub-race traits of the Genasi don’t actually lean towards anyone class.

Due to this, you’ve got a whole lot of freedom to select what position you need to play in your class or occasion.

Here’s a checklist of Genasi’s greatest D&D courses:


Hearth Genasi are good decisions for the Artificer as a result of they’ve a bonus to Intelligence.

The Earth, Hearth, and Water Genasi are the greatest decisions for an Artificer who desires to add extra spells to their checklist.

However do not forget that for the Genasi’s pure spells, you utilize your Structure modifier.


With their Power and Structure bonuses, Earth Genasi are a superb race for Barbarians.

Additionally, in the event you don’t care about stone-based tough terrain, you may find yourself in conditions the place melee fight is simpler.


If you’d like to play a Genasi Cleric, it’s best to select the Water sub-race.

Their Knowledge bonus helps you forged spells as a Cleric, and their harm resistance offers you just a little extra probability to keep alive in sure conditions.

Nonetheless, Earth Genasi is an efficient selection for Clerics who need to be extra martial and have just a little extra stealth with passing with out hint.


If you’d like to play a Druid in 5e, Water Genasi is an efficient selection.

Getting a lift to your Knowledge is nice for a Druid’s means to forged spells, and having the ability to take much less harm from acid is helpful in sure conditions.

Additionally, because you tackle the bodily traits of your beast kind whenever you use Wild Form, your harm resistance most likely received’t work.


Since Earth Genasi is fighters, they make nice Fighters.

Their bonuses to Power and Structure are nice for taking part in a Fighter in the entrance line.

However Air Genasi are a sensible choice if you’d like a fighter with extra of a deal with Dexterity (particularly for utilizing levitate to rise above the battlefield).

Hearth Genasi additionally work nicely for the Eldrith Knight and Psy Warrior (TCoE) courses, whose spells and talents are based mostly on Intelligence.


Genasi could be a monk.

With the Dexterity increase, the Air Genasi is an efficient selection, however their pure spellcasting (i.e., levitate) doesn’t actually work for a melee-focused class.

The Knowledge bonus of Water Genasi works nicely, and their different racial traits give them a bit greater than Air Genasi.


Since they get additional Power and Structure, Earth Genasi make good Paladins.

Like different martial courses, ignoring stone-based tough terrain is nice for moving into melee with hostile creatures.

A decrease Dexterity rating is made up for “pass without trace.”

Nonetheless, in the event you play a Dexterity Paladin, Air Genasi can work simply as nicely.


As a result of they’ve a bonus to Dexterity, Air Genasi are good for Rangers.

However in the event you’re taking part in a Ranger with a gun, levitate may also help you get away from enemies who’re shut up.

Earth Genasi are good for melee-focused Rangers, particularly since the free move with out hint helps make up for the Ranger’s not-so-great spellcasting.

And Water Genasi work to assist your Ranger forged spells higher.


If you’d like to play a Rogue, Air Genasi are most likely your greatest guess.

Their bonus to Dexterity is nice for Rogues, and levitate could be helpful in some conditions.

With their Intelligence bonus, Hearth Genasi can also be not a foul selection for Arcane Tricksters.


Hearth Genasi are the best option if you’d like to be a Wizard.

Their bonus to intelligence is a good way to make it easier to forged spells.

And the spells they already know make room to your Wizard spells.

Do not forget that your Structure rating is your Genasi spellcasting means rating.

Now that you realize a few of the greatest courses for Genasi in 5e, let’s take a look at a few of the worst ones.

Dangerous Courses for Genasi in D&D 5e

The three courses that aren’t good for Genasi are the Bard, the Sorcerer, and the Warlock.

All of those courses deal with the Charisma Means Rating.

Since Genasi get no bonus to Charisma, these courses can’t forged spells in addition to they might.

Nonetheless, every of those has its personal execs and cons whenever you play as a Genasi.


For those who focus extra on the martial subclasses, a Genasi Bard may work.

With an air or earth Genasi, the School of Valor and the School of Swords (Xanathar’s Information to The whole lot) may work.


Genasi Sorcerers actually don’t have any good decisions.

You don’t have a whole lot of decisions as a Sorcerer since you don’t have a Charisma bonus or any form of martial Sorcerer subclass.


In Xanathar’s Information to The whole lot, the Hexblade Warlock is an efficient selection for Air and Earth Genasi.

However your spells and sophistication talents worsen as a result of your Charisma isn’t as excessive.

D&D 5e Genasi FAQs

How Do You Pronounce Genasi?

On the DnD Beyond page for Genasi, it says that the identify is pronounced “jeh-NAH-see.”

What Language Do Genasi Converse?

In D&D 5e, Genasi converse Widespread and Primordial.

For those who’re taking part in with Tasha’s Cauldron of The whole lot’s elective participant character guidelines, you possibly can swap them out for every other language your DM helps you to.

How Tall Are Genasi?

In 5e, Genasi are about the similar peak as folks.

So they’re normally between 5 and 6 ft tall.

How Lengthy Do Genasi Dwell?

In D&D 5e, the Genasi age at about the similar fee as folks.

However they dwell longer and might dwell up to 120 years.

Can Genasi Look Human?

In 5e, Genasi usually look vaguely human, however they’ve some bizarre issues about them, like unusual pores and skin tones or small magical results round them.

Nonetheless, a Genasi may look extra human, with solely small indicators of their elemental heritage.

Are Genasi Elementals?

In D&D 5e, Genasi are solely folks.

Meaning they aren’t components.

Last Ideas

I like the Genasi in D&D as an entire.

However, particularly the Air Genasi, they don’t really feel like they’ve sufficient energy.

Nonetheless, a playable race can solely have an effect on a personality’s high quality a lot.

Genasi are the closest factor to elemental participant characters that now we have in 5e, however they aren’t elementals.

Although a number of of the sub-races appear to have had extra thought put into them, all of them have traits that match with their themes.

Genasi are good at most of D&D 5e’s courses as a result of they’ve many various sub-races.

I all the time like to remind folks at the finish of those posts to play the character they need to play.

You could be a Hearth Genasi Bard if you’d like to.

You may play a Genasi Warlock with a Genie Patron as a result of one in all their dad and mom is a Genie Patron.

That sounds actually nice.

Don’t let anybody inform you that you could’t play these characters as a result of they’re “not optimized.”

One in every of my favorite characters was an Air Genasi Ranger named Gustav, or Gust for brief.

He was round for a very long time, too.

Let me inform you, the spell “Levitate” doesn’t appear to be a lot till you want it.

And it feels good to maintain your breath eternally to get out of a darkish room with poison fuel.

Have you ever ever performed a Genasi, or are you presently taking part in one?

Go away a remark under, and we’ll inform one another about our adventures.

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