DM Full Form: What is the Full Form of DM

DM full form: In today’s article, you will know DM full form and all the things related to DM which you need to know. You must have heard about DM somewhere and perhaps you would also know the full form of DM, but is that enough?


You need to know all the things about DM which are necessary for you, which we will know in today’s article.

Government jiob is the dream of every student because you get a chance to serve your country as well as respect. One of them is also the post of DM. To understand DM’s post, first of all we know the full form of DM.

DM Full Form?

The full form of DM is “District Magistrate” which abbreviates as DM.

The District Magistrate id called “Jila Adhikari” in Hindi.

A DM who handles the law and order maintenance of police and jails, etc. The larger the post of the District Magistrate, the greater the responsibility. Which we will get to know further.

As I have told you, DM’s full form in English is the District Magistrate in English is the District Magistrate. So under this article we can use the term District Magistrate instead of DM.

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Who is a DM?

The District Magistrate, as we are briefly known as DM, is an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer, the most senior executive magistrate and head of general administration in a district in India.

The District Magistrate or Collector is the Chief Executive of one district who is responsible for the smooth running of the administration of that district.

You can also call a district officer the principal base of that district as he is the main agent for creating necessary synergy of the official agencies working within the district.

Responsibilities of DM

The DM has following responsibilities:

  • Maintaining district law and order.
  • Control and direct the work of the police.
  • The District Magistrate has authority over the lock-up and administration of the jail in the district.
  • The district magistrate sends a report of crimes and actions in the district to the government.
  • The DM supervises all government work and all the districts within his district. A DM keeps an eye on all the officers working under him to keep his system running smoothly.

How to become DM?

Becoming a DM is a dream of every student that this dream is yours too, but what does one have to do to become a DM?

To become a DM you have to clear IAS. to become an IAS officer, you have to appear in the CSE exam conducted by UPSC every year. When you achieve a good rank in the UPSC Civil Services Examination, you are selected for the Indian Administrative Services (IAS).

After one or two promotions, the IAS officer becomes the DM of a district. After admission to IAS, you will automatically be promoted to the rank of DM. But, it is not possible for you to choose a district.

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Age limit of DM

For the post of DM, the limit has been kept in different categories according to different categories.

If you belong to a general category, then your age limit should be 21 to 30 years old.

For OBC class should be 21 years to 33 years, because if you are enrolled in OBC category then you get 3 years relaxation.

If we talk about SC/ST class people then they get 2 years more relaxation than those belonging to OBC category. They have 5 years relaxation, then the exam limit for the post of District Magistrate is from 21 years to 35 years.

Qualification to become a DM

To become a DM, you must have a Bachelor degree from any stream and from a recognized university.

After this you can prepare for UPSC. You are eligible for this exam…

How to prepare for DM exam?

  • First of all, you have to prepare a strategy for this, which you can do with the help of experts.
  • You have to increase your general knowledge and to increase it, you can use books and news paper etc.
  • If you need to know the law under it, then your focus should also be on it.
  • You can analyse past question papers to understand its exam pattern. You will benefit greatly from this.
  • And also, You can use the internet. Because in today’s digital age, all kinds of information available on the internet and many such apps and websites that provide you free and paid knowledge.

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