Discord bots: The best bots and how to install on the server

Discord bots: the best bots and how to install on the server – Discord offers a wide variety of bots intended to perform numerous functions within a server. On the other hand, there are those aimed at helping administrators to manage chats or monitor the behavior of channel members and expel them, if necessary. Likewise, it is possible to mention more recreational alternatives, which can, for example, play music from different streaming platforms, such as Spotify.

A bot is a computer tool that is responsible for executing various tasks when added to a channel. Commonly, they allow both members and administrators have fun, either run the mini – games, share funny pictures, make drawings and even, there are options oriented exclusively to gamers . So, it is possible to mention a series of proposals for different servers.

Tips for using Bots on Discord

It is possible to mention certain suggestions for using bots in Discord to improve the experience on this platform, among which the following are worth noting:

  • There are bots indicated to perform specific functions . However, there are proposals that perform various tasks, be it moderation, organization of events or execution of games.
  • Sometimes after downloading, it will be necessary for the user to configure them or add certain startup commands, which can be viewed on their official page or data sheet.
  • Those in charge of conducting sweepstakes, contests or giveaways, have at their disposal tools to publicize these events .
  • Those who seek help to manage their chats or channels, have different alternatives to regulate the rules of coexistence or inappropriate behavior of certain members.
  • Gamers have minigames and other kinds of bots, with the ability to signal when a user is playing or not. Likewise, there are proposals aimed at players’ unions and teams.
  • There are options geared towards music fans, which allow you to play a particular song, create song lists, or drop tracks from platforms like Spotify .

How to add bots to the server

Adding bots to the Discord server is a simple task, as long as you are the server administrator or are granted the status to do so. Once this is clear, you must follow these steps:

  • To add a bot, it is necessary to go to the official page of said tool or go to websites that bring them together. Some examples are: Discord Bot List, Carbonitex, Bots on Discord, and Top Bots . This last proposal will be used in the next tutorial.
  • Access the bot you want to add, verify that it fulfills the functions you are looking for and press the “Invite this bot” button .How to add Discord bots to the server. Step 2
  • Then press “Continue” to get it on the Discord channel of your choice.How to add Discord bots to the server. Step 3

The best bots

According to the preferences of the user or needs of the administrator, it is convenient to mention the best bots according to their function, among which are:

Music players

Among the bots most used in Discord to play music, it is possible to mention a set of alternatives. Some of these are:


The best Discord bots for their features. Music players. HydraIt is one of the most modern and dynamic alternatives to listen to music on Discord, as it has support for other platforms, including Spotify and SoundCloud. In general, it is aimed at facilitating certain actions for the user, either to search, explore and find all the musical themes of their choice, with a larger database than YouTube.

Official page : https://hydra.bot/


The best Discord bots for their features. Music players. FredBoatIt is one of the lesser-known bots on this platform, which, following the dynamics of other tools of this class, can place numerous songs . It is one of the broadest alternatives because it has support on YouTube, Twitch, SoundCloud, Vimeo and Mixer. It does not have paid versions, so its features are simple.

Official page : https://fredboat.com/


The best Discord bots for their features. Music players. ChipIt provides various tools in addition to playing music, being able to give access to the members of a server to change, repeat or randomize the list of songs . And if it is to the liking of users, it is possible to execute a certain command to display the lyrics of said songs . It also has support on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, Vimeo and SoundCloud.

Official page : https://chipbot.gg/home


The best Discord bots for their features. Music players. AyanaIt is very striking due to its profile, based on the anime drawing. It is responsible for playing music and moderating a chat, with blocking functions. Likewise, it is possible to opt for this proposal to amuse the members of a server, since it offers funny images and memes . However, its paid function has more attractive characteristics, among these: connection stability and a broader repertoire of songs.

Official page : https://ayana.io/

Event organizers

The organizers of events bots are often specifically aimed at youtubers and content creators, it is aimed at conducting raffles, giveaways or unboxings. These include:


The best Discord bots for their features. Event organizers. GiveawayBotAs its name implies, it specializes in advertising all kinds of giveaways and contests, whether for cosmetics, video consoles, T-shirts or other types of items raffled off by content creators. This bot allows server administrators to get new members and perform these acts honestly.

Official page : https://giveawaybot.party/


The best Discord bots for their features. Event organizers. MEE6It is a versatile tool that, in addition to organizing events through specific commands, can be run in order to moderate a chat, as well as receive notifications from other platforms, including Twitch, YouTube and Reddit. An advantage of adding this bot to Discord, it has tools to manage welcome messages for new users.

Official page : https://mee6.xyz/


The best Discord bots for their features. Event organizers. Raid-HelperIt is designed to organize and stipulate dates for events . Likewise, it allows the administrators of a chat or server to estimate the number of participants through surveys, as well as their suggestions and wishes through other functions. Usually it has been used by WoW (World of Warcraft) fans.

Official page : https://raid-helper.com/

Chat moderators

The moderators of chat bots perform functions related to management members. Among the most outstanding are the following:


The best Discord bots for their features. Chat moderators. TypicalBotIt is a tool in charge of providing information hosted on ChannelID and ServerID, adding minigames through commands and providing configurations to administrators. Either with permissions to perform actions to other members or automatic chat management to save time.

Official page : https://typicalbot.com/


The best Discord bots for their features. Chat moderators. YAGPDBIt presents a control panel, in which server administrators can modify commands in order to customize them and record the statistics of their server. It also has an automatic moderation function and options to assign names to each member, in order to make the interaction more fun.

Official page : https://yagpdb.xyz/


The best Discord bots for their features. Chat moderators. WildbeastIt focuses on the mute or kick-out of members who do not comply with the server and Discord rules. Likewise, it stands out for its versatility, since it has the ability to generate custom commands to make it easy to use, play different songs and run mini-games to entertain users.

Official page : https://wildbeast.guide/


The best Discord bots for their features. Chat moderators. DynoLike many bots, it performs other functions that go beyond chat management, allowing you to place music, add announcements of interest to members of a server and create a system of roles between users. As a moderator, you can use antispam systems and remove those who do not comply with the rules of conduct.

Official page : https://dyno.gg/

For gamers

For gamers who interact with their followers and teammates on Discord, there are also bots designed to make their game nights more fun. Among these it is worth noting:


The best Discord bots for their features. For gamers. PokecordThe game is entirely based on the world of Pokémon, which, as in the franchise titles, users must collect their own Pokémon and face each other to obtain victory. Likewise, they will be able to exchange and conduct business with their species to expand their collection. Overall, this is a fun adventure geared toward fans of this series.

Official page : https://top.gg/bot/705016654341472327


The best Discord bots for their features. For gamers. OWOIt is a bot, in which players will have the opportunity to collect animals and create their own zoo. In the same way, it gives rise to commercialization, exchange, as well as combat between users and species, so it follows the same mechanics as Pokecord. So it can be ideal for users looking for a new adventure to focus on.

Official page : https://top.gg/bot/408785106942164992

Hangman (The Hanged Man)

The best Discord bots for their features. For gamers. Hangman (The Hangman)This is the digitized game “hangman”, where users through this bot, must guess each letter to form a word . If this is not successful, this tool will draw a man until he ends up hanging if the term is not deciphered . Consequently, it is ideal for promoting interaction between members of a server.

Official page : https://bots.ondiscord.xyz/bots/371789181954818050


The best Discord bots for their features. For gamers. SteambotFor those who are registered on Steam, this is the perfect bot. It is responsible for providing data about the different games that are available on the portal. It also offers features and highlights about each title, as well as alerts when there are offers on the platform .

Official page : https://discordbotlist.com/bots/steambot


The best Discord bots for their features. For gamers. GamestatsIt is aimed at fans of various PC, Smartphone or video game consoles, as it allows you to link accounts on Steam, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. This, in order to provide all kinds of information to users gathered on a server to share with each other, be it statistics, rankings and other data.

Official page : https://gamestats.gg/

Epic RPG

The best Discord bots for their features. For gamers. Epic RPGIt is an RPG game, where players must pass a total of 15 dungeons and levels. As you progress through the title, you will be able to earn coins, called EPIC coins, experience, and new armor. Overall, it provides a fun adventure with simple and entertaining gameplay.

Official page : https://top.gg/bot/555955826880413696


In Discord, you will find other bots that can facilitate different tasks and present different characteristics aimed at many servers and users. Some options to mention are:


The best Discord bots for their features. Others. MoveFor fans of husbandos and waifus, that is, anime characters that stand out for their beauty, there is the Mudae bot. It is defined as a card game in which users must compete in order to obtain more than 50,000 figures of this class . In turn, it has other minigames related to that type of Japanese content.

Official page : https://top.gg/bot/432610292342587392


The best Discord bots for their features. Others. ProBotIt is exclusively aimed at allowing server administrators to provide a unique and original welcome to their members. It also offers analysis and study of the channel itself, thus providing statistical data about this medium, either to know its level of popularity or influence on Discord.

Official page : https://probot.io/es

Dank Memer

The best Discord bots for their features. Others. Dank MemerIt is one of the most popular entertainment and humor bots on Discord, as it offers all kinds of funny memes and images that are trending on the Internet. Similarly, it executes other commands to distract users, including playing music and running various mini-games.

Official page : https://dankmemer.lol/


The best Discord bots for their features. Others. Carl-botYou can perform different general tasks on a server, such as adding information about the channel and its members . These data include: the level of interaction of each individual, popularity statistics, leaderboards and various notes that can help administrators establish strategies to boost the popularity of their medium.

Official page : https://carl.gg/

Why use them

Using a bot in Discord can generate a series of advantages to any server, so some reasons to use them are:

There are options that have the ability to offer personalized greetings and information about the server, to help users determine if their channel is growing or not .
They can entertain and encourage interaction between administrators and members of a server.
They are generally free, although there are proposals with Premium versions that can attract attention due to the unlimited features they provide.
The best Discord bots are those that allow users to make their stay on this platform more entertaining, as they are easy to add to a server and can automate certain tasks.

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