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DeakinSync: DeakinSync is the online student login portal. It also offers everyone to access to everything you wish at Deakin University.

User can use CloudDeakin and StudentConnect by DeakinSync, further as user email, calendar, Office365, and other productivity and collaboration tools there.

The revitalized DeakinSync has redesigned in use to feedback from all over the University there in Australia. It includes from a large range of scholars. You’ll get pleasure from a simplified programme, easier navigation, more prominent placement of valued features and greater accessibility. Also You will find it much simpler to use on all devices. It includes mobile and tablets, that you told us was very important.

Deakin college portal is personalized to fulfill the needs of its user throughout users life as a Deakin student.

How to log into Deakinsync

To use Deakin Sync,

  1. Firstly, you must have to Visit to the Deakin login portal
  2. Then, Enter your Deakin username.
  3. Now enter your password.
  4. At last, click the “Sign On” button to use the dashboard.

Deakinsync has been developed to enhance the university experience. It is occur on providing one entry point to the subsequent tools and information.:

  • Personal organization tools. It includes the email and a calendar showing events from a spread of systems like CloudDeakin (assignments), STAR (timetable), and InPlace (placements).
  • Productivity and collaboration tools. It a set of powerful products, including OneDrive (cloud document storage), Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc), and Communities (connect with other students).
  • Use to learning tools. It includes single sign-on access to CloudDeakin units. So therefore the e-Portfolio tool.
  • Use to school information. It includes library, enrolments, study support, and far more.

What is StudentConnect?

StudentConnect that gives user online access to users enrolment details with the University. That includes:

  • Personal Details,
  • Enrolment,
  • Assessment & Exams,
  • Timetable,
  • Fees & Payment,
  • Graduation information.

To use StudentConnect, only login to DeakinSync. And then you must choose the StudentConnect icon within the toolbar there. And you also will able to access StudentConnect directly by visiting

What is the difference between CloudDeakin, StudentConnect, DeakinSync?

CloudDeakin is the learning environment within the cloud, with all the data you wish related to the course and user classes. User will able to submit assignments through CloudDeakin there. And also participate in discussions with other students and teaching staff.

StudentConnect enables you to manage your enrolment details at Deakin, including your details, course enrolment, timetable, fees, and graduation information.

DeakinSync is your hub, with quick access to everything you would like to succeed at Deakin University.

What is Deakin star?

STAR is a Student Timetable Allocation and Registration. It is a personalized timetabling system. It permits students enrolled in on-campus units to register for scheduled classes, seminars, and other activities.

The background

Deakin University is a good known Australian public university with campuses all over the state of Victoria. It also serves more than 60,000+ students annually.

The challenge

The university approached us in August 2013 to supply UX consulting and style services for a groundbreaking new university portal for college kids.

What is my deakin student email address?

User Deakin student email address matches the username User founded after User enrolled followed by the “”.

User can uses the student email inbox through DeakinSync. Then must Select the ‘Mail’ once in mobile view.

User can learn a path to activate their Deakin IT account by visiting to the Username and password generation. So must follow the instructions.

New students will must activate their username and password before logging on for the primary time and to be ready to enroll in units.

When user have the username and password, then user will have the official Deakin email account (e.g:

You can then forward it to user favorite personal email account. And make sure that user get important information, as user wish it, as you progress through users Deakin journey.

How we’ve improved DeakinSync

Take your time to explore the subsequent key features:

  • Navigation. It is just located to the top of the page. You will able to simply navigate to key Deakin sites, systems, details and many more.
  • Student details. It also will show the name and student number.
  • Course details. displays the course(s) you’re enrolled in. A progress bar shows what percentage credit points you’ve completed, and you’ll easily link to your course handbook and map to assist you intend your course, understand course rules and enrol in units.
  • Current units. You must shows which units you are now enrolled in.
  • All units. It summarizes the enrolled or future and completed units, with status, credit points achieved, access to your relevant primary learning sites and any recognition of prior learning (RPL).
  • Course sites and other resources. gives you quick access to your course discipline sites, and enables you to feature other relevant learning sites or modules.
  • Featured communication. It displays recommended actions. Also it will benefit user learning and highlights ways user will be able to become involved in uni-life.
  • News feed. Links to the Deakin Life blog. So you’ll able to stay awaken so far with relevant and timely one news, events and opportunities.

How to explore the new DeakinSync

User have to simply click on the Preview the new DeakinSync feature tile on the version of DeakinSync To view the live preview DeakinSync website.

HDR students: while this preview version won’t be available to you, the nice news is that a very tailored version, with essential tools and features only for you, isn’t far away! Stay tuned for more updates soon.

If you’ve got any issues along with your Deakin account or Deakin college portal, contact IT Help.

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