Customer data may have been accessed in data breach, Ubiquiti said

Ubiquiti, one of the most important and biggest sellers of networking gear including routers, mesh networks and webcams, has alerted its customers to an information breach.

In a short email to customers on Monday, the tech organization said it became attentive to unauthorized access to its systems hosted by a third-party cloud provider. Ubiquiti didn’t name the cloud company, when the breach happened, or what caused the security incident. An organization representative didn’t answer requests for comment…

However, the corporate confirmed that it “cannot be certain” that customer information had not been exposed.

“This data may include your name, email address, and also the one-way encrypted password to your account,” said the e-mail to customers. “The information may incorporate your address and telephone number if you have on condition that to us.”


Despite the fact that the email says passwords are scrambled, the corporate says users should update their passwords and furthermore enable two-factor validation, which makes it harder for programmers/hackers from taking the stolen passwords and using them to interrupt into accounts.

Ubiquiti account users can remotely manage as well as access their routers and devices from the net.

The networking organization immediately followed its email with a post on its locale pages affirming that the e-mail was authentic, after several complained that the e-mail sent to customers included mistakes. So, customer data may have been accessed in data breach.

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