CSUF Email Student Login: How To Access CSUF Email

CSUF Email Student Login: The California State University, Fullerton gives every student an Office 365 Outlook email account (CSUF Email) and admittance to an assortment of administrations, Titan Apps, given by Google (G-Suite like Google Drive, Google Docs). You’ll have the option to get to your email and your Titan Apps by signing in to your CSUF Portal account.

There 3 ways to access Outlook on the net which we’ll cover below;

  • Access using your portal
  • Access using Login to Email page
  • Access using Microsoft’s Outlook login page

Access csuf email using your portal

  1. Firstly, Log in to your campus portal.
  2. Then, at the top right of the Portal homepage, Click on the student email icon.
  3. After that, Enter your CSUF Portal username and password. Then click check in.
  4. Then, select Yes or No on the Microsoft sign-in screen, Based on your preferences.
  5. You’ll be prompted to pick out your language and zone if this is often the primary time you’re accessing your student email.
  6. And then, Click “Save”. You’re done!
CSUF Email Login Dashboard
CSUF Email Login Dashboard

Access using “login to email” page

  1. Firstly, Open email.fullerton.edu/ in your application
  2. Then, Click on Email Login under Student Login.
  3. Then, Enter your CSUF Portal username and password. Then click sign up.
  4. After that, Select Yes or No on the Microsoft sign-in screen Based on your preferences.
  5. And then, You’re now logged in to your CSUF email account.

Access using Microsoft’s Outlook login page

  1. Open an online browser to Microsoft’s Outlook login page.
  2. Enter your campus email address, e.g. mathewheaden@csu.fullerton.edu and after that click Next.
  3. Enter your CSUF Portal username and password. Then click register.
  4. Select Yes or No on the Microsoft sign-in screen Based on your preferences.
  5. You’re done.

How to access your CSUF google account

  1. Open any Google app and click on “Sign In”
  2. Enter your campus email address. Then click Next.
  3. After that, Enter your campus username as well as password on the Titan Applications sign-in screen. Then click check in.
  4. Click Continue whenever provoked to check it’s your account. If you have got founded two-step verification with Google for your CSUF Google account, you will be prompted to verify your account employing a second method like a text message.
  5. You’re logged into your CSUF Google account!

How to founded Csuf email on Iphone

  1. Firstly, tap Settings to open the Settings application from the iPad home screen. Tap on Calendars, Contacts, Mail, and after that tap on to the Add Account… to feature your Fullerton email account.
  2. Tap on Microsoft Exchange to begin arrangement.
  3. Enter your email address (counting the @exchange.fullerton.edu), username, secret word, and a layout. Enter advertisement into the Domain field. Tap Next.
  4. An extra field will seem named Server. Enter campusmail.fullerton.edu on the grounds that the server. Then, at that point, tap Next.
  5. Turn on the switches wanted for Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. You’ll be able to also change the Mail Days to Sync to your required time.
  6. Tap Done and your email is now setup. For further assistance, contact the assistance Desk at 657-278-7777.

FAQ’s of Csuf email

What is my Csuf email address?

Your username related to your CSUF account is your csuf email adress (username@csu.fullerton.edu).

How do I log into my Csuf email?

Enter your student email address (i.e. tuffy@csu.fullerton.edu). You will be redirected to the Titan Application page. Register along with your Portal username and password. The username is part of email before the @csu.fullerton.edu.

How should I access google account through csuf campus?

Log in to the campus portal. Type Titan Apps within the portal app search box on the left of the portal homepage. Then select Titan Apps. Next, select the Google App you wish to use.

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