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What Is Cowin App, How It Works, Complete Information

Cowin App: As you would know that our country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the corona vaccine, that is, now people across the country have started getting the corona vaccine, this vaccination campaign of India is the world’s largest vaccination campaign. Along with this campaign, PM Narendra Modi also launched the CoWin App.

It is mandatory to register on the Kovin app for the vaccination of corona, the entire process of corona vaccination will be done through this app, many questions will be arising in your mind about the Kovin app, what is the CoWin app, how does it work, many such questions will be asked by you. If you must be coming in mind, then let us know everything about this app in detail.

What is CoWin App

The Government of India has created a management system to manage the vaccination of Corona, named CoWin (Covin Vaccine Intelligence Network). This application will have total data from the immunization place to individuals taking the antibody vaccine.

There will be finished following of the inoculation cycle through the Cowin application, in which the total information of individuals who have been immunized will be there. To whom, when, where and which vaccine has been given, it will have complete information, if you also want to take corona vaccination, then you will have to register on this app.

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How to Register in CoWin App

Now you must be wondering where to download the app, then friends, let us tell you that the Kovin app has not come into the function yet, this app has not yet been released for the use of the general public, this app can only be used by health officials.

You can, if you find an app similar to this app on the Google Play Store on the Internet and if it now asks for personal information in your phone, then be careful, you will find many apps with the same name in the Internet, the Ministry of Health regarding these fake apps He has also alerted the people.

From March, the general public will be able to use this app, this app will be launched for Android, iOS and Kaios. Jio users will also be able to download this app on their phones.

Identity card required for registration of CoWin App

To register in CoWin App, you must have any one ID like Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Driving License and PAN Card, etc., then only you will be able to register in this app and take advantage of it.

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Five models of the Covin app

There are five modules have been created in the Kovin app for covid 19 vaccine registration as well as tracking –

  • Administrator module
  • Registration module
  • Vaccination module
  • Beneficiary Acknowledgment
  • Report module

In the administrative module, the session for vaccination will be determined and notifications will be sent to the vaccinees and managers. After the waxing of the model, people will also be given a certificate.

Complete process of corona vaccination

First of all you have to register on CoWin App after that you will get a message with location and date then you have to show that message on given date in Vaccine center there your identity card will be checked and through OTP on Cowin App Verification will be done.

After that you will get the vaccine and the data will be uploaded Now you will get the message for the second dose in which you will be told when the second dose will be given. You will need to stay at the center for 30 minutes after vaccination to check for side effects.

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Today in this post I told what is CoWin App, I tried to give complete information about this app in very simple words, I hope this article must have been very helpful for you.

If you have any question or suggestion, you can ask your question by commenting in the comment box below, you will be replied within 6 hours.

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