Couchtuner: Watch TV Series Online For Free

Couchtuner: Couchtuner is a free of cost service for unlimited and free streaming of movies and television series. It provides you free streaming of movies as well as tv shows available.

Are you too much keen on watching TV shows and films regularly? Is it quite common for you to search out yourself running in need of captivating things to watch? If your answer is “yes” for any of those two inquiries, the Couchtuner or any of the similar online streaming sites is all that you simply need throughout everyday life.

Couchtuner is a franchise who want to serve the TV content at no cost on their website but nowadays it’s not working properly. Therefore I plan to write about the similar places that may facilitate your to urge the content associated with shows and exclusive series.

Couchtuner, like many of its similar applications like Netflix, Prime, ThopTv, etc., brings you a large range of films and television series comfortably to your device. Its impressive collection and simple use make Couchtuner one amongst the foremost loved applications to finish the entertainment element of the people.

Although there are loads of things that make Couchtuner amazing, there are some drawbacks. Just like the incontrovertible fact that Couchtuner doesn’t allow you to download your videos but only stream it, or that it doesn’t own any videos it provides.

What is Couchtuner?

It is a web streaming site, whose home page keeps displaying all the trending shows, all the newly released episodes of series, those that are all-time favorites to people, and plenty of more.

If you would like to search for a specific television show, all you have got to search out is that the search-panel that’s situated within the upper-right section of the landing page. You only have to type the name of the show you would like to watch, press ‘enter’ on your keyboard, then wait for some seconds to get all the search results displayed on the page.

There is almost zero chance of not finding what you’re trying to find in Couchtuner because it contains almost every TV shows in existence, whether that has been on air recently or a long time back.

After finding the show of your choice, there’s not much to try and do apart from clicking on that and selecting an episode. Now enjoy your watch!

But if pop-ads don’t seem to be a part of your concern, which I feel isn’t true, couchtuner contains a great collection of films and television series.

I have penned down an inventory of some best Couchtuner alternatives and also I’ve got tried all of the listed sites before adding them to the list.

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Couchtuner Application

Although the Couchtuner website is trendy in online streaming, I’ve got not come across any legit Couctuner apps for Android/iOS. Hence, I can conclude that Couchtuner has no Android or iOS application for TV Shows streaming. If you’re already using one, then I’m sorry to mention that its fake. I am genuinely advising you to test the app’s legitimacy as your privacy might secretly be compromised.

How To Watch Couchtuner employing a VPN

A Virtual Private Network or VPN causes you to able to make a secure association over the network access that you’re availing. This process prevents observers who are from outside, which additionally incorporates your network access suppliers. VPN secures you against programmers and sneaking around by catching and investigating your web traffic.

There are some things that you simply should detain mind while selecting a VPN service for your household. Pay sincere attention to the world footprint, price, the amount of IP addresses that the providers offer, and also the security and privacy protections.

Whichever VPN service you decide on, the setup process of all of them are quite similar:-

  1. Create a user-account,
  2. Select an idea for yourself, then provide your payment details,
  3. Download and install a VPN client into the device you’re using,
  4. Get connect to the net securely.

Note:- There are numerous VPN service providers who provide you with a free period of one month just about. During that period you’ll be able to use the service you have chosen to access Couchtuner free.

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Alternatives of Couchtuner

Furthermore, it’s completely legal to access them because they dare tv only provides a link to third-party streams.


Netflix comes first, especially since it’s the foremost popular site on our list of CouchTuner alternatives. It’s not free to use, but new subscribers can stream their favorite movies and television series at no cost in their first month. Moreover, a lot of people worldwide are obsessive about the platform.


Hulu is additionally a preferred video streaming website with unique features that make it a fierce competitor to Netflix. The platform also offers unlimited movies and television shows like Netflix. What’s more, it offers exclusive, original titles. A number of the popular content it features include The Handmaid’s Tale, The Great, and Mrs. America.


Fmovies is a free alternative to CouchTuner. This Fmovies platform also provides URL sources where users will be able to stream or download their favorite movies for free. The interface is user-friendly and properly organized.

Also, the platform features a movie request section where users can request their favorite TV shows and films. However, you need to provide an email-ID and also the name of the film to access it.


This is one among the free streaming websites that are the same as CouchTuner. It classifies content for clear navigation on the platform. You’ll be able to browse in line with genre, movie, TV series, release year, and requests.


SolarMovie includes a lot in common with Fmovies and PutLocker. However, it’s a friendlier user-interface. Navigation is additionally straightforward on this platform with categories, like genre, TV series, movies, episodes, top IMDB rating, and featured titles.


Popcornflix is additionally a free video streaming website and one in all the simplest alternatives to CouchTuner. you’ll watch documentaries, movies, original web series, and more, without paying for a subscription.

When it involves features, Netflix beats Popcornflix. However, what’s great about the latter is its content is totally free. At no cost, users can stream high-quality videos, making it an appealing option for several.


Soap2day is a great free online streaming website out competing with other website. Because the name says it all, you’ll be able to watch TV shows here but the simplest part, it’s an enormous collection of latest and classical movies too.

One of the most effective and best fact about Soap2day is their search function together with organised categories making the navigation very smooth. Our favourite is that the sort feature as per IMDB since it saves time to open another tab just to see rating.


Primewire is most effective and best alternative of Couchtuner. It’s easy to navigate and therefore the well laid out user interface makes it easy to search out and watch movies and television shows. A good thing about this website is that you simply can watch movies in several resolutions. You simply have to register to rate content.

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LookMovie encompasses a big selection of films and television shows that are available in a responsive and modern website. The massive database gets daily updates and therefore the latest additions will come up on top for you to require your pick. Information about the year of release and also the IMDB rating displays the films. It makes filtering out movies easy.


MoviesJoy is for any individual who needs to see excellent TV shows and movies from widest range of genres, like romance, horror, fantasy, thriller, and more. You do not need registration to watch the films here. The content is filtered and sorted consistent with IMDB rating, alphabetical order, the year of release, and more.


Vumoo won’t be as popular because the other options mentioned above, but don’t let this lesser-known option remain unexplored. The content is sorted and filtered per the year of release, alphabetical order, IMDB rating, and more. It doesn’t ask you to register or put your credit card information. Everyone loves Vumoo because of its easy to navigate user interface and that’s one amongst the reason why we included it in our list of the simplest couchtuner alternatives.

Tubi TV

Tubi has over 200 partners from whom it hosts the most recent contents. Users usually prefer Tubi for watching content from the renowned studios like Lionsgate Motion Pictures, Paramount Pictures, and MGM, and so on. You get to watch TV shows and films from every possible genre absolutely at no cost.


Another great alternative to Couchtuner, PopcornTime streams all the newest torrent TV shows and films instantaneously for you. It offers content at no cost and you get to look at your favorite content from anywhere. The website will search the correct torrents from the net and produce it to you for streaming on your device.


Yesmovies is a pretty popular site when it involves streaming TV shows and films free without even any registrations. It’s easy to navigate and you get to watch TV shows and films from every possible genre. Its collection even includes movies from India, Mexico, Korea, and Japan.


CafeMovie features a great collection of TV shows and films, and these are all kept well synchronized at one place. Finding the content that you just are searching for won’t feel too difficult anymore once you’re here. Besides, it’s a legal site, which many other streaming sites cannot claim to be. So, you’ll get only good quality movies in here and no pirated stuff.

123 Movies

123 Movies is really a site that needs no introduction if you have been streaming movies for quite while now. It’s a free site with no need for logging in or paying any hidden charges. Of course, it’s the identical ad problem, but otherwise it’s a good alternative for Couchtuner.


WatchFree has an intensive database that has most of the new titles. The large search bar right within the middle of the web site makes it easy for you to search for your favorite titles. All the titles include enough details to assist you create the choice. You don’t have to register or include mastercard information.

When it involves a free streaming service, is one amongst the foremost popular one out there. This site provides a variety of old and new movies that are lined up with clear distinctions about the genre. Hover over the pictorial representation of the title and you may get a short description about the show or movie with other important information. you may get HD options with the paid services and you’ll be able to also watch it free.

AZ Movies

AZ Movies is a really popular free streaming platform, like Putlocker. You get latest TV series and films, together with Netflix and other streaming platforms. Though it basically mirrors the features and appearances of Couchtuner, it’s this annoying habit of putting up ads before of the user to interrupt his viewing experience.


Moviewatcher is a site just like Couchtuner, and it’s an incredible collection of excellent movies. You get a crisp display, and it’ll take you less than some seconds to begin watching the title you searched for. The auto-fill prompts are a very nice touch. the house page is good and simple to navigate, while there’ll be two ad related redirects.

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Q1) What’s Couchtuner?

Couchtuner is a free of cost service that gives you free streaming of films moreover as tv shows available on a number of the foremost [popular streaming clients like Netflix and Prime Video. Unlike these paid services, this website makes of these available to you for absolutely free of cost.

Q2) Is Couchtuner safe or unsafe?

As far as we are aware, Couchtuner doesn’t have any right to any of its contents. But Couchtuner and also the other online streaming sites tend to induce around these complications by highlighting a very important fact, that none of the contents they need kept available on their sites is hosted on or through their servers.

The film studios, production houses, and entertainment companies don’t please take a look at things, in fact for obvious reasons.

During the recent past, this excuse didn’t have much to try and do against the accusation of stealing anyone’s content. The quantity of online streaming sites that are blocked is increasing rapidly, and also the number of blocked sites will keep rising and falling frequently.

Q3) Is CouchTuner Legal or illegal?

Whether the website is legal or illegal is decided by the law in their jurisdictions. In most cases, it’s illegal to broadcast copyrighted content without permission from the owners. Obviously, Couchtuner is a site with pirated content, so it’s legal.

This is the explanation why the website is usually getting blocked which in term ends up in them getting subdomains to continue their streaming. Those users who are already frustrated by this activity can find solace in Couchtuner alternatives which are plenty on the web. Let’s dive into a number of the alternative sites where you’ll be able to enjoy free movies and television series.

Q4) Has Couchtuner website been Blocked?

We all know Couchtuner doesn’t host content legally, therefore couch tuner is banned in a very lot of nations.

You might be thinking that you just were able to access couchtuner some days ago but now once you try and visit the website now, it says “you don’t seem to be authorized to access this website.”

This is because Google Search Console has blocked couchtuner in many regions because of strict laws against piracy. Couch tuner is blocked in a lot of nations and if you encounter the message above, it’s blocked in your country too.

However, the owners of Couchtuner have purchased several domain extensions. Therefore, if one domain gets block the opposite one starts working.

Q5) Where should I Watch Free TV-Shows Online?

Since CouchTuner gets frequently blocked by many ISP (Internet Service Provider) so it’s better to seem for other viable options for getting the most recent TV shows and films for entertainment purposes.

You can watch free tv online on Couchtuner eu, couchtuner ag, if none of this work for you then you’ll be able to scroll down and undergo our list of Best Couchtuner Alternatives. We’ve handpicked each and each site in the list below, we’ve got also linked the original site in order that you’ll be able to review each of them on your own.

Q6) Are Couchtuner and its Alternatives Free?

Yes, all of the alternatives that are available on this rundown are free of cost. You’ll be able to access them free and luxuriate in all of their content without even spending one penny. Therefore, without paying for any paid media stream, keep yourself entertained.

Q7) What Are the best available Alternatives of Couchtuner?

The three most important alternatives of the Couchtuner are Tubi, Mangastream, KissCartoon, and Watch Episode. Of these couchtuner alternatives provide excellent service with minimal ads and greater diversity of content. Therefore, ensure you give either of those a shot.

Q8) What Happened To Couchtuner website?

Since Couchtuner was providing movies and television shows at no cost, the original owners have all the right to file a copyright claim against it. Therefore, Couchtuner either blocked by your ISP, migrated to a new domain, or is stop working completely from the web because of violation of content guidelines.

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Q9) Is Couchtuner website Down?

Yes, as of now, it seems that the popular client for streaming media is down due to some unknown reasons. However, the explanation also can be your ISP blocking access to the web site or the migration of the web site to a full new domain.

Q10) Does CouchTuner have viruses?

Couchtuner isn’t entirely safe to use as there’s a high risk of getting malware into your system. You wish to follow certain steps to avoid the chance of viruses.

Q11) Why people should always Use a VPN to safely Stream on such a website?

Failure to use a VPN to obscure online activity can allow third-parties to track and log what you are doing. A VPN offers improved anonymity by masking your IP address and connecting individuals to the net via a proxy server, allowing you to stream, download, and browse without it being related to you.

Q12) How Couchtuner Services Offer Content free of Charge?

Most free administrations use promotion income to pay working expenses; however, ads and pop-ups can contain viruses, malware, or ransomware, or are simply troublesome.

Q13) Is Couchtuner banned in some of the countries like EU and UK?

Yes, it’s banned in the UK and most of the european countries. The united kingdom government officially put this website on the banned list. Overall, streaming unlicensed movies prohibited within the UK and also the European region. You must avoid both downloading and streaming copyright stuff if you reside in this particular region, even the other country within the world. Because most of the countries like United Kingdom and European Union countries don’t allow these types of activities.

Q14) Why the sentence “How to get away with a murderer” is extremely popular on Couchtuner?

Couchuner provides numerous TV Shows in high-quality. They provide the regularly updated episodes of these series. Hence, many of the Couchtuner fans use to search their specific television show along with a suffix or prefix as Couchtuner. And “How to induce away with a murderer Couchtuner” is one such search term.

Q15) Why was Couchtuner blocked in most of the countries like USA and UK?

First of all, I would like to make sure that Couchtuner not only blocked in USA and UK, but the website has become inaccessible globally. The most explanation for its blockage was copyright material. This site was taking care of unlicensed content without paying royalty charges to original creators.

Q16) What’s the official working website of Couchtuner?

The official website is, that’s now not working. There are working intermediary and mirror sites that continue to change their areas now and again. In fact, there isn’t any operational Couchtuner official site remaining to access.

Q17) How to Unblock Couchtuner website by using Proxy websites?

There is no way to unblock the official website as all the information has been deleted from original servers. Instead, you’ll be able to use Proxy and Mirror websites that work the same as Couchtuner, but most of them don’t belong to the original website. A number of the foremost popular clone sites are,, and

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Couchtuner is a wonderful site for streaming Movies and Web series seamlessly and with none resistance, because it offers an incredible user interface to its visitors that helps in navigating them to their desired location with no pain.

If you’re a daily user at Couch Tuner, you’d remember of its reliable features that attract visitors to its site.

Couchtuner is one among the foremost admire streaming sites. But its alternatives are there too, all of which provide lots to you. In the above article, we’ve listed the main points and a few of the highest Couchtuner alternatives.

We have likewise explained how you get the chance to watch Couchtuner, alongside all the remainder of the net streaming sites, without telling your ISP about the fact.

We trust that our long array of web-based streaming sites encourages you to find and make the foremost of your preferred motion pictures and television shows.


We Don’t Support Piracy. We never support or endorse piracy. This information is only educational. We recommend that you just purchase a streaming service that has legal access to the films you wish to watch. There are a lot of reasonable alternatives like Netflix and Hulu. It helps the creators keep turning out with great content!

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