CorrLinks Login: How To Use CorrLinks To Email Federal Prisoners

CorrLinks: How To Use CorrLinks To Email Federal Prisoners For Free. CorrLink email system provides the chance to send or receive messages to inmates. CorrLinks is an email communicating media with inmates. It replaces the normal way of communicating with inmates through letters which may be a time-consuming process.

If you would like to speak with those that are incarcerated in prison or if you incarcerated in jail then you’ll use CorrLinks Email to speak together with your family and friends.

Family members, Relatives and friends companions can cooperate with inmates that imprison in jail. It’s a simple and speedy way of communicating together with your family and friends.

This portal email system is under the control of the Federal Bureau of Prisons that allows your inmates to send or receive emails there.

What is CorrLinks?

CorrLinks may be a privately owned company that operates the monetary fund Limited Inmate automatic data processing system (TRULINCS), the e-mail system utilized by the u. s. Government Federal Bureau of Prisons to allow detainees to talk with the surface world. This portal could be an auxiliary of Advanced Technologies Group.

It doesn’t provide unrestricted access of the web to inmates. Other than, it’s a closely monitored email correspondence option for communicating with inmates who have access thereto. It’s not surprising that several of our users access the the portal website and app daily. We are asked questions on this service on a daily basis, and that we have done our greatest to handle a number of our most often asked questions about this portal below.

So, it’s free to those on the skin. you’ll be able to upgrade to a premium account for a tiny low fee. But this can be not necessary. On this following blog, I will show you a step-by-step complete guide and the way to founded a CorrLinks account and use it to email federal prison inmates free.

This portal may be a best path for family and friends to electronically online communicate with their loved ones incarcerated in institutions. Established through a relationship between a corrections agency and ATG, this method allows family and friends to take this portal services.

What is CorrLinks Video Service?

CorrLinks now supports video chat using your laptop computer, iOS or Android devices with inmates in select institutions.

  • Full color video with clear audio communication from your notebook computer, iOS or Android device.
  • Permitted video session times are set by every institution. But they are generally available daily.
  • Each video session lasts less than 25 minutes (for FBOP inmates) and 20 minutes (for Michigan inmates); starting at the highest and bottom of every hour.
  • This portal users don’t seem to be charged for video sessions, rather they accept invitations from incarcerated family member/friends.
  • System uses 640 x 480 video to reduce the network bandwidth needed.

CorrLinks Application

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  • Publish Date: 2019-04-10
  • App uploaded by: Tor Inge Mork
  • Latest Version: 1.2.1
  • Requirements: Android 4.0+
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How To Login At CorrLinks Securely

To register to your CorrLinks account you want to have a sound CorrLinks Email subscription. If you have got a CorrLinks Email subscription then follow these steps carefully.

  1. Visit the CorrLinks Official Website Login Page at
  2. Now enter your Email Address and Password
  3. Then click on Login.
  4. If you’ll not sign up then use Forgot Password to reset your CorrLinks password.
  5. Using CorrLinks Email is that the standard email system. Composing of messages is comparable to an everyday Email communication system like Gmail and Outlook Mail.

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How To Create An Account At CorrLinks Portal

When you don’t have any account, so start building it. Head to the portal official online page where you’ll be able to find the Register option. Click on the register choice to create the account. to make an account, you want to be 18 years old.

In the signup page, it’ll fire Name, Email address, and password. If you have got a singular identification code that you simply can get when inmate sends asking mail to speak with you enter that code. You’ll be able to add inmates later also.

How To Use CorrLinks Inmate Email ID

  1. To communicate, inmates must have an email address of these whom they need to speak with. Inmates send missive of invitation to those whom they require to speak through email.
  2. If you have already got a CorrLinks account, you would like to approve the request which is shipped by an inmate by entering a verification code.
  3. Once you approve the request, you’ll be able to start communicating with inmates.

Note: The Federal Bureau of Prisons monitors all their processes there.

How To Reset Forgotten Password

In case you forgot your password, this is often how you’ll be able to reset it.

  1. When on the official page, select the choice Forgot your password?
  2. You’ll be prompted to a new page.
  3. Now Insert the registered email address which associates with the system.
  4. Complete captcha verification and choose the next option.
  5. A link expires within a 24 hours will then be sent to the email address to reset the password.
  6. Tap the link and follow the steps to line a unique password.

Properties Of CorrLinks

  • Adding a convict using their inmate number is easy.
  • You can block an inmate who you are doing not want to stay up-to-date with.
  • Writing/sending a message to an inmate is enabled.
  • CorrLinks that provides a video interaction with the colleges With the new user interface.
  • Users will able to get an excellent experience using the CorrLinks mobile application.
  • By sending an application to the agency, you’ll be able to unblock a convict.

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Features Of CorrLinks App

  • Stay to bear along with your loved ones with real time alerts. Receive immediate push notifications to your device anytime you receive a brand new message.
  • Eliminates login on a mobile device!
  • Messages downloaded significantly faster!
  • Messages previously read are in your inbox and don’t have to downloaded again!
  • Retain all of your messages for 60 days, rather than 30!
  • Attach up to three mobile devices to your account!
  • Eliminates Captcha on the mobile app that arduous to read verification process.

Highs And Lows


  • Authorized inmate communications
  • No login
  • Notifications


  • Poor design
  • Slow messaging function
  • No captcha


1) How To sign up for CorrLinks?

To start using this portal, you will first need to register there.

2) What To do If forgot password on CorrLinks?

CorrLinks never be able to personally assist you with this. But their system will allow you to reset your password.

3) Is there any fees to use CorrLinks?

Yes of course, there is a nominal fee to inmates to use the e-mail function on the portal. there’s also a little fee to print the messages if they desire. there’s no fee to you as a member of the general public to use this service. Just confine mind that it does cost the inmate to use it.

4) Does CorrLinks have an application?

Yes of course, CorrLinks has applications for devices such as iPhone, Google Play, and Android.

5) Can all inmates use CorrLinks Portal?

Not at all. CorrLinks can be an best way at the jail where there the inmate is housed. When this portal portal primarily serves users incarcerated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, it’s expanding its service to several state prisons.

6) How to accept an inmate on CorrLinks Portal?

You will receive an alert that the inmate wants to feature you to his or her account. you only must accept this request so as to start exchanging messages with the inmate.

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7) How To block an inmate on CorrLinks?

Don’t block unless you’re absolutely certain you wish to dam this inmate. Adding them back becomes a way greater task. To unblock an inmate, you need to send a written request to the institution to notify them that you simply would really like the block removed. you’ll must retrieve the prison’s address by visiting

Once the block is remove, the inmate will have to add your email again to get a brand new invitation to you. That being said, if you would like to dam an inmate on the portal, you’ll be able to do so here.

8) How long can my message be there to an inmate?

Your message is also a maximum of 13,000 characters. (Note: that’s characters, not words.)

9) Can one contact CorrLinks directly?

To keep costs down, CorrLinks doesn’t provide phone support. However, they are doing have online support available.

10) Will CorrLinks provide video visit options?

Yes of course, full color video visits with audio is offer. However, not every prison has this feature. it’s available at many facilities now and more will likely follow.

11) How To send images to inmates using CorrLinks?

Not at all. Currently you will never able to send images to inmates using CorrLinks Portal.

12) Where are CorrLinks Video Services available for me?

CorrLinks portal Video Service is that the live to designated pilot Federal Bureau of jail and Michigan institutions there. You must Check with incarcerated family member/friend for specific details.

13) Am I charged money while accepting a video session?

Not at all, CorrLinks users aren’t charged for video sessions. The inmate is charged for the video session. For a cost not rather more than a call of equal length, you’ll be able to talk face to face!

14) What type of OS, browser and applications necessary to conduct a video session?

CorrLinks Video Service requires:

  • Windows 7 or newer computer
  • The latest and recent version of Internet Explorer or Chrome or Firefox or any search engine
  • To Download and configure the CorrLinks Video Service application.

Note: The Microsoft Surface RT isn’t supports, nor are Windows phones.

15) Is there any better alternative for this?

Not at all, there aren’t any other options for this kind of communication, as authority authorization is first needed. there’s also the portal Video. However, it’s severely limited by time and offers face calls only.

16) Should you download the application?

Yes always. It is the only good option for this sort of communication.

17) Where can you run CorrLinks application?

CorrLinks application will be able to use on Android 4.0 and later.

18) How much does CorrLinks Earn?

To use the CorrLinks Email system, Inmates will should pay 5 Cents per Minute. they need the printing email option, which costs around 30 cents per page. Users will able to send an email by paying nearly $.30 per Email. Read the article for more tips

Q19) How much time it takes to receive CorrLinks messages?

CorrLinks Emails aren’t like our normal Emails. CorrLinks Email that takes nearly 1 to 24 hours to deliver or receive any Email from other users.

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