Computer Network: The Complete Information On Network

Do you know what is Computer Network, if you do not know then in today’s post we will know what is Computer Network- What is Computer Network? What is the difference between Needs of Computer Networks, Types of Computer Network and Network and Networking.

What is computer network?

When two or more devices connect and share information, then we call it a network, it can be Device Computers, Servers, Mobiles, Routers etc.

Devices in the network are connected using two types of technology, Wired or Wireless. Cable such as Twisted Pair, Coaxial and Fiber Optic cable to make Wired Connection and Radio Wave to make Wireless Connection. Bluetooth and Satellite are used.

The term network is used in different contexts.

Example: Telephone network, Mobile network and Computer network We will read about Computer Network here.

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What is the need of computer network

Nowadays computers are used in every area of ​​life, many computers are used for day-to-day work in all organizations, networks are used for different types of purposes.

  • Sharing Files, Folders, Data and information
  • By Sharing Network resource just like a network printer
  • Sharing software

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Types of computer networks

The computer network is divided into three parts.

  1. LAN (Local Area Network)

The local network or small area network of any organization is called LAN network such as the network of school, campus hospital. Local area network is a very high speed network.

  1. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

When a network is created by joining two different LAN networks of an office or school in the same city, it is called MAN network. TV Cables Operator and Local Corporation uses this network.

  1. WAN (Wide Area Network)

WAN networks cover a very large geographical area, in which many LAN networks are interconnected, this network is called WAN Network. This is a global network, due to which the networks of different countries are connected to each other.

Some components are required to build a this network such as-

  • Computers
  • Switch
  • Router
  • Cables
  • Network Cards

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Difference between Network and Networking?

What is Difference between Network and Networking ? This is the question of all the people, people especially get confused about Network and Networking, the process that takes place in creating and configuring a network is called Networking, to set up a network. Hardware Device and Software (Protocols) are required to create!

After the network is configured, all the devices in the network share the information among themselves. To share information with each other in the network, the device follows some rules called Protocols, which are defined by the OSI model.

Friends, from today’s post of TechBenzy, we learned what are this Networks, Needs of Computer Networks, Types of this Network and what is the difference between Network and Networking. I hope you liked today’s post.

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