10 Tricks for Coin Master and tips to progress

Coin Master: There are a wide variety of cheats for Coin Master that can help players, both experienced and beginners, to progress in the title. These include exchanging more than five letters a day , interacting with other users connected through Facebook or attacking buildings that are damaged. In this way, it is possible to get free spins and gold coins .

Coin Master is a mobile game , in which users aim to become millionaires and build the best village, by using the slot machine and looting other villages. To achieve this, there are numerous tips that allow you to strategize in order to advance in the title. Among these recommendations is: do not store gold to avoid theft and be attentive to thematic events, as well as other suggestions.

10 Tricks for Coin Master and tips to progress.

Tricks for Coin Master

There are certain ways in which it is possible to obtain rewards in Coin Master , some of these tricks being the following:

Start as a guest

When entering Coin Master for the first time, the player will be asked to register a Facebook account or as a guest. In this case, you need to skip this step in order to take advantage of the bonus coins as well as free spins. Therefore, it is recommended to take this opportunity to get more money and advance in the construction of villages .

Once the coins have been taken, the player can go on to register their Facebook account in the game, which will unlock benefits that include 1 million coins and 50 free spins. In addition, it will give access to events, exchange of letters, among others.

Get infinite shots

Get infinite shots

To get infinite shots, the player can use the Spin Link application available for Android devices. This app offers lists with links provided by Coin Master , which are also published on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. By pressing them, the user will be able to acquire free spins on the slot machine.

The two-finger trick

When conducting an invasion, the title transports the player to another’s village, where they will get three shovels and four holes with treasures to excavate. In this case, there is a trick that can help the user to obtain all the riches, which will require them to dig the first holes. Then, to avoid losing the fourth, you will have to press with your fingers the two remaining holes at the same time, holding them in both spaces for one second.

Store shots, not coins

It is common to save gems or coins in most mobile games, being considered an excellent strategy to unlock objects and achievements. However, this idea should not be applied in Coin Master , as the villages will be the target of attacks and invasions, thus exposing the player to robberies . In the case of shots, saving allows you to get extra bonuses, which can multiply your winnings.

Collect and trade cards

By completing a collection of cards, the player can receive various rewards, such as pets and extra coins. To obtain a greater number of them , the user can make exchanges with Facebook friends . However, Coin Master limits its players to only making five changes a day.

To pass this limitation , it is only necessary to change the date of the Smartphone to that of the next day. Likewise, the app can be removed and installed again, although the game will likely disable this cheat in future updates.

Attack damaged buildings

Attack damaged buildings

One way to guarantee success during invasions is by attacking buildings with flaws and signs of damage, which are easy to see because they have smoke . Once the attack on this class of buildings begins, it will be easy for the player to obtain extra gold coins .

Perform the Grand Assault

Also known as Big Raid, it occurs when the player saves numerous coins and at the time of starting the bet in the round, he faces another user with the same proportion of gold. To guarantee victory, it is recommended to save shots and then activate the option “Maximum Bets with Coin Masters” . In this way, you will be able to get a large number of coins.

Spending time in boom villages

Boom villages are those levels or areas that tend to contain a greater number of rare cards and rewards. Therefore, it is an excellent option to spend more time in these types of villages , since they allow you to unlock this class of objects, which can help the player to complete their collections.

Invite Facebook friends

Inviting Facebook friends is a very effective trick to win 40 free spins . However, all that is necessary will be for the invited user to download, install and link their account to Coin Master . Therefore, by inviting numerous users, the player will be able to get a large number of spins .

Choose the mascot according to the play style

Players can unlock pets in village number four , with a total of three of them. There is no one better than another, so the choice will depend solely on the user’s preferences. However, it is advisable to choose the one that best suits your style of play , whether it is:

  • Foxy : He is in charge of digging a fourth hole during an invasion, giving the player extra coins.
  • Tiger : Can increase the user’s attack on reaching a village.
  • Rhinoceros : It can protect the village from invasions , being more effective and powerful than a shield.


Tricks for Coin Master

It is necessary to take into account numerous tips, as they allow the user to strengthen their gaming strategy in Coin Master, among these are:

Skillfully use the pet

It should be noted that the boosting effect of each pet is activated only for 4 hours , so it must be used strategically to take full advantage of it. The duration of this role is important to keep in mind, as it even relates to the defense pet Rino .

Be on the lookout for daily events and bonuses

Following the same dynamic of many mobile games, Coin Master offers periodic events and daily bonuses, which provide exclusive prizes . As a result, it is important to watch for free objects . Also, by completing tasks such as attacks or raids, it is possible to earn free coins and free kicks.

Keeping the pet active

Regardless of the pet selected, it must be kept active to receive a bonus , which can be achieved by feeding the creature so that it does not fall asleep . However, food is not usually enough, so it is necessary to buy it in the game store , with real money.

In case the player cannot acquire food, he will have to keep an eye out for themed events to get food. It is also one of the prizes available in the slot , although it is not usually common to obtain it.

Pay attention to offers

On many occasions the player will find tempting offers, which will provide discounts for a certain period . However, at certain times these are not very beneficial proposals for the user , so you should think carefully about your strategy before accepting this class of actions.

With these tips and tricks to progress in Coin Master, the player can become a millionaire and develop his village without problems and quickly.

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