CEO of Truecaller Says Half of the Indian Smartphones Have the Caller ID App

Truecaller India: Truecaller CEO Alan Mamedi says that the application has crossed new achievements, and around 200 million users in India alone. The caller ID app that’s popular for identifying spam calls — alongside providing messaging and payments features — grew its global user base 25 percent to 267 million active users at the tip of 2020 from 213 million active users at the top of the year. Of its total user base, Truecaller has over 73 percent in India. The India growth has also significantly helped the corporate expand its revenues and become profitable within the year that impacted lives thanks to the pandemic…

The Stockholm, Sweden-headquartered company grew within the country to over 195 million monthly active users from 185 million users in October.

Alan Mamedi, Co-founder and CEO of Truecaller, said the corporate grew 25 percent year-over-year in India last year.

“If we glance at historically, in 2018, we accustomed have around plus 40 percent market share of smartphones in India,” Mamedi told Gadgets 360 over a video call.

One of the explanations for the expansion of Truecaller in India was the growing adoption of smartphones as people were staying indoors during the nationwide lockdown and studying and staying remotely. However, Mamedi detected that the other prime reason behind the success was the work the corporate did during the year.

“I accept that the trust towards the brand, the corporate, and along these lines the qualities that we speak to has expanded due to numerous activities that we’ve got done as a team,” he said.

In 2020, Truecaller introduced offerings including Smart SMS, full-screen caller ID, Spam Activity Indicator, and a ‘Call Reason’ feature to tell users on why someone is looking. the corporate also taken off a women safety campaign to assist women smartphone users avoid unwelcome calls from stalkers, spammers, and harassers.

All these developments played a very important role in making Truecaller bigger in India. It also became the one among the highest three apps with most monthly active users within the country, consistent with App Annie.

The development of Indian users also brought some new paid subscribers to the app that gives Premium and Gold in light of the fact that the two membership models.

Truecaller at present has about 1.5 million paid subscribers internationally, of which around 60% are from India.

Mamedi told Gadgets 360 that an oversized number of people wanted to pay to support the corporate to keep running its service. The extra utility that Truecaller is adding to its premium functionality is additionally the explanation for the expansion of paid users, the manager underlined.

“The other explanation is because the market — and this isn’t India explicit — this is often I would say a global thing,” he said. “The users are becoming more and more accustomed paying for an administration than five years prior.”

But nonetheless, an oversized chunk of revenues at Truecaller comes from advertisements.

“While our incomes are developing, membership is currently representing more than 20% of our incomes. So, subscriptions are growing, but advertising continues to be the biggest one,” said Mamedi.

Truecaller presented its UPI-based payments service in March 2017. the corporate added features including request money for its users shortly after the launch to create its service competitive. It already has quite 20 million users who are making payments through the app.

But Truecaller doesn’t want to require on Google Pay, Paytm, or WhatsApp Pay, Mamedi said. Payments are aimed to figure complementary to its existing communication model.

“Our goal is how might we construct the least complex correspondence experience, where we add administrations what’s more,” Mamedi said.

Truecaller is now also that specialize in building partnerships with other payment providers to administer convenience to its users.

“In addition to the fact that we built our own payment infrastructure, yet we’ve likewise banded together up with all the different payment providers like Paytm, PhonePe, so we support them furthermore,” expressed Mamedi.

Big enough community to beat the competition (Truecaller)

Last year, Google introduced Verified Calls to supply Android users a native caller ID feature. Apple was also spotted developing something similar for iPhones. The moves by Google and Apple seemed to make things difficult for Truecaller because it is especially used for identifying spam calls by its users. Mamedi, however, doesn’t see it that way.

“We’re glad to work out different organizations seeing the opportunity and in this manner the issue that we address,” he said. “I accept that they’ll settle certain things in the calling space when it includes verified calls to a specific degree. But in a very market like India may be a bit more complex, it is not like one bank has one sign that they call from.”

The extensive community that helps verify a large amount of information for Truecaller is additionally something that’s now opening avenue for its initial public offering (IPO) later this year. the corporate on Thursday appointed Odd Bolin as its new Chief financial officer, who will manage its financial management and operations to succeed in the IPO stage.

Mamedi told Gadgets 360 that by becoming a public company, Truecaller would be able to do more acquisitions within the future and expand its business. IIt previously procured two organizations in India, including Kerala-based fintech startup Chillr.

“We’ve generally accepted that Truecaller should be a free organization,” he said. “We should stand on our own legs. we should always not be obsessed on somebody else. So going public is for us how to inform the market that we’re here to remain as a personal and independent company.”

Apart from its IPO, Truecaller sees 2021 because the year to boost its existing features including the recently launched ‘Call Reason’ through which businesses are able to tell the explanation for calling to their customers. the corporate is additionally reaching to enhance the messaging side of its app.

“On the messaging side with Smart SMS and these sorts of things, that is something that we’re unquestionably specializing in – and bringing our ability into making the informing experience even better,” Mamedi said.

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