CartoonCrazy: Watch Online Anime And Cartoons For Free

CartoonCrazy: Are you looking for sites like CartoonCrazy to stream cartoons online? If you’re familiar with the web site, you’d know that it houses plenty of handy content in Japanese anime. Whether you’re into different sections and genres (Comedy, Horror, Family, Adventure, etc), you ought to be able to find them in this spot.

Cartoon shows are a topic of entertainment for a flexible age bracket nowadays. Be it the US or Japanese releases, subtitled or para-dubbed, the recognition and pleasure from these cartoons are incomparable to straightforward kinds of cinema or theatre.

It is all about the concept of imagination, a breakaway from realism to create entertainment more appealing to youth. Cartoon Crazy wont to be at the highest spot once upon a time thanks to its unending list of anime-based content. But, most of its content illegally obtained, forcing the website to stop working officially. It, however, operates supported some mirror sites but has exceedingly lost popularity in recent years.

With cable services largely on a decline because of the web revolution, cartoons are slowly fading out from TV screens. All things being equal, individuals are picking to stream their #1 animation shows on the web. Sites like CartoonCrazy allow you to binge through thousands of episodes from the leisure of your couch, absolutely free.

What is CartoonCrazy

CartoonCrazy is numerous individuals’ favored platform to watch cartoon and anime online. This website is dedicated to cartoons and dubbed anime streaming in top quality and its content library includes up to 25000 episodes covering dozens of genres, like Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, Bleach, Legend of Korra, and teenage Titans.

It is an internet add-on where users can watch their favorite cartoon shows. Cartoons are a component of everyone’s life while growing up. Some cartoons even crafts for adults.

You can watch cartoon crazy to search out your favorite shows. These are often shows which went off the air way back. Popular anime shows are present in cartoon crazy.

Watch Cartoon Shows Online. You’ll be able to watch cartoons and anime in top quality online. Watch full episodes Cartooncrazy could be a web that gives many cartoon shows online. You’ll be able to see list, anime dubbed, and also the latest episodes.

It is an internet site that has the anime shows online on their website. This website is totally liberated to use. You’ll be able to watch all the most recent and newly released anime series on.

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How to use CartoonCrazy on your device?

a) On your PC

The best part about using this can be that the interface of the web site is extremely easy and attainable.

The primary elements required to control this website could be a mainstream browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, etc., for safe and secure use. The step following are, using VPN and renowned anti-virus software to limit the entry of the malware, if any. Then search for the web site, https://www1., on the search bar. There’ll be infinite numbers of cartoons and animes watching for you to watch them.

b) On your Phone

The methodology of visiting the site is that equivalent to that of the PC. Using a VPN is additionally recommended to guard your device.

c) On Kodi

On Kodi, using this could be a bit bit critical and detailed. Thus, there are steps that should be followed to work in Kodi.

Kodi is an open-source media player that must be installed on a PC. After mounting Kodi on Windows operating system:

  • Run the applying and visit the settings.
  • Go to the add-on option and click on on Unknown sources.
  • Go back to the Kodi home screen and click on the System Page.
  • Click on the File Manager and choose Add-Source.
  • Download the zip file from uploads/2017/
  • Visit the Add ons from the Home screen of the Kodi.
  • Select the icon showing an open confine the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Find the install from the Zip file option and then hit it.
  • Choose the File you downloaded earlier.
  • Select Repository. Lucifer.-x.x. Zip. A notification will crop up saying Addon Enabled.
  • Next, hit Install from Repository.
  • Then click Install from Lucifer’s Repository.
  • Then, visit Video Add on and click on CartoonCrazy.
  • Hit install and find an ‘Add-on Enabled’ message from Kodi Again.
  • To watch your favorite Cartoon Contents in CartoonCrazy Kodi, you need to first check Kodi’s Main Menu and click on on Add on option. Then click on to the Add on items that say Cartoon Crazy.
  • Here you go.

What makes CartoonCrazy one among the simplest cartoon and anime streaming site?

CartoonCrazy is safe from malware and viruses. Not simply that, it likewise gives 100% lawful content. On top of it, it likewise consistently suggests utilizing Virtual Private Network both in telephone and PC, which shields your framework from all viruses and malware.

This, no doubt, is that the best site for cartoons and animes because it provides dubbed content. It associates and brings every one of the four corners of the world together. Animes clearly have originated from Japan. And animes are loved by people of all age groups everywhere the globe.

But understanding Japanese for binge-watchers can be a problem, and reading the subtitles deviates the main focus from the anime. So, this can be our complete savior. It facilitates dubbed animes all told the possible languages for the viewers to grasp them. It gets easy for anime lovers to urge the content quickly and be entertained.

Links to access Cartoon Crazy

  • cartooncrazy.vk

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Alternatives of CartoonCrazy

Following are some of the alternatives of CartoonCrazy:

Kiss Anime

Yes, this site is one among the foremost surfed sites for Anime-based fans across the globe. With different servers of this site, Kiss Anime is one among the largest providers of Anime shows (subtitled, para-dubbed and original) under one roof.

You can even surf the content directly from their site without paying one penny. From Infinite Dendrogram to God Eater, they need it tired store for you. Even virtually extinct contents of one Piece and Naruto Shippuden are available, much to the delight of all anime fans.


Well, if you’re rummaging for cartoon streaming options that provide you premium services with none charge, Gogo Anime are going to be the proper place. With thousands of shows and series in store, it’s one in every of the most important online cartoon streaming platforms within the world.

Anime Heaven

If you would like to delve into an imaginary and pleasurable world of anime and cartoons, Anime Heaven has future for you an unlimited list of comics and anime shows from round the globe. Specializing in Anime-based content, it boasts of releasing all the most recent episodes in high resolution before anyone can lay their hands on them.

With a secure and premium streaming service, Anime Heaven ranks amongst the simplest of cartoon-streaming sites, satisfying viewers over the years now.

Anime Land

If Disney has Wonderland to its name, Anime fans can boast of this site as their home to the foremost significant series of dubbed and high-quality anime content available yet. Choose between ample Naruto Shippuden and Dragon Ball episodes, stream them on your weekends and relish your regained childhood.


This streaming service application allows you to binge content from across the globe in numerous genres. Well, much to everyone’s delight, it also has all the newest US, Europe and Japanese cartoons/anime in its systems.

A Hulu subscription will provide you with the facility to watch all TV series, cartoons, and sports under one roof. Delightful, isn’t it? you’ll want to break through the monotonous schedule of streaming TV series all day long, and an anime episode will be a wonderful alternative to fasten on.


The most-known streaming app within the world of binge-watch content, Netflix is that the leading service provider of streaming services within the world. What the general public don’t know is that Netflix has, in its library, the foremost significant assortment of US-based cartoons for the younger generation. It’s also expanding its reach to anime and para-dubbed cartoons from across the globe.

The Netflix Kids section contains the most effective assortment of cartoon shows available in streaming applications yet. You’ll be able to now redeem gift cards and other amazing deals on Netflix while you pay.


If you wish to enjoy high-quality videos that are original from Japan, this site would provide you with what you would like. Not only you’ll be able to enjoy the service free of charge, but you’ll be able to also gain access to thousands of titles and episodes.

The site is usually updated on a weekly basis, so you’ll make certain that you simply will get the most recent and therefore the newest updated contents regularly. Finding your favorite films would be easy because the library is split into various categories of Genres, Latest Series, and also Popular Shows. Each category will have different options too.


The site has been referred to as one amongst the leading and also popular online website for anime collections. Anime lovers would love coming to the current site not only due to the whole and impressive collections but also due to the friendly interface and straightforward operation. Be happy to access it anywhere and anytime – users from everywhere the planet can access it easily.

The site originally designed to produce the first version of the Naruto Shippuden series that has been dubbed in English. Not only movie series, but you’ll be able to also enjoy manga, movies, and series of collections.


Not many websites would supply the classic (and rather old) anime series, so this WatchAnimeMovie is certainly one among a form. Whether you wish to enjoy the most recent anime series or the classic one, be happy to test their libraries. Since they need plenty of titles and episodes, their collections are pretty massive. This is often also one amongst the most reasons why this website is popular.

Just like other sites, this one has neatly arranged content with different types of categories, including Comedy, Horror, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Romance, so rather more. Each category has its own sub-section and that they regularly updates. And you won’t must spend a dime to enjoy the service. Quite cool, isn’t it?


This is actually a site that’s created and owned by Japanese anime production company, so it’s legit, legal and free anime streaming. Be at liberty to enjoy the service and also the superb streaming quality. You’ll be able to access the free service quite easily, but if you wish to enjoy premium-quality service, you would like to upgrade your account to a paid one. There are several contents that are only available in premium content, so if you wish to watch them, subscribe first to their paid service. itself includes a simple and yet nice design and layout that mixes well with the simple user interface. If you would like to enjoy the free service, be my guest. If you would like to enjoy the unlimited streaming ability with wider (and premium) content, you would like to pay. Another cool thing about this site is that the existence of the e-commerce section. In this section, you’ll be able to buy stuff that’s mostly associated with anime – including a number of your favorite anime!


This is another stage offering a free anime streaming service. The web site is comparatively new but it’s a reasonably impressive collection although most of them are hosted by other websites (third-party providers). Besides offering free service, they also provide high-quality videos that may be useful for your entertainment needs. The web site is good with direct features you may love coming thereto.


CartoonCrazy is down? You can’t find CartoonCrazy anymore on the internet? Please don’t worry 9Anime may best Alternative you must try!

9Anime is one among the simplest websites to watch anime online. Here you’ll be able to find plenty of collections of anime series with English subtitles. you will even be ready to search anime orders by alphabet name A to Z.


Another of the anime website, animeheaven is really a heaven for the anime lovers. The web site organize within the categories in order that you’ll be able to choose the anime category wise. You’ll share, download and stream the anime free of cost. All that you simply should do is create the account and you’re prepared to go.

The search box of the web site powered by an excellent search engine which shows you with all the appropriate options you explore for. So watch cartoon crazy on the last whichever device you would like.


Another platform to try and do the web streaming is that the YouTube. YouTube is amazing. It cannot happen that the new stuff isn’t out on the net platform. Every video lover uses the YouTube and therefore the same goes with the cartoon lovers.

Not just to view the content, you’ll be able to also use YouTube to upload the content. You’ll be able to either stream the cartoons over the channel or just create one by yourself. YouTube is that the home for the dubbed, original or the other cartoon which has been uploaded by the creator, channel or the people. It’s completely legal to watch the cartoons immediately onto the platform.

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Q1) What is Cartoon Crazy?

Cartoon Crazy was one among the most effective and best anime streaming sites until it absolutely was pulled down following some legal copyright issues, stirring a large problem for anime fans round the world.

Q2) Why was Cartoon Crazy popular?

It was one among the most important providers of anime series and episodes, quite the other site in the world. It also had a good site outlook and a remarkable user interface, toppling all competitors in its category.

Q3) IS CartoonCrazy a secure website?

CartoonCrazy is a safe website providing anime and cartoon content free, but be careful for the ads! Because it may be malware or a virus, don’t download software from unknown sources.

It’s tough to urge malware onto a tool if the user is simply browsing a given website and not downloading any files. The anime website doesn’t really provide you with any options for downloading files. Instead, you have got to stream the films and television shows you wish to watch.

Q4) Is the CartoonCrazy website legal?

In the event that you’re contemplating whether the site is legitimate or illicit, the arrangement is – Cartooncrazy is a lawful site. The content provided on the website is all legal and simple to watch.

Q5) Does this website have an app?

The site has yet not went into these obscure waters. There’s no app available for any system yet. The users can only visit the sites to watch the videos online at no cost.

Q6) Am I able to request a show on the site?

As a user of this site, you’ll be able to always request a show or a video that you just want to watch. There are some very easy steps that you simply have to follow:

  • Visit the web site
  • You will a help button on the homepage
  • You will see Request under the dropdown of the assistance button
  • Now enter your name, email address, and also the title of the show or movie you’re requesting for and click on on Submit.

Q7) Will I be able to open it anywhere?

Many countries have blocked these sites for a few security and copyright reasons, but you’ll be able to always surf at your own risk with the assistance of a secured and reliable VPN.

Q8) Did CartoonCrazy shut down?

CartoonCrazy is stop working because of illegal content issues, therefore the website is officially closed by a 3rd party, but the website continues to be operating under a special domain name.

Q9) What is better than CartoonCrazy?

There are several better then CartoonCrazy sites for watching anime and cartoons, like Animelab, KissAnime, GogoAnime, Crunchyroll and 9Anime.

Q10) What happened to CartoonCrazy net?

If you’re accustomed to CartoonCrazy net, but suddenly you can’t access the website, it’s closed. However, on the net you’ll be able to find CartoonCrazy sites with different domain names.

Q11) What are the most effective and best alternative sites to Cartoon Crazy?

Kiss Anime, Crunchy Roll, Movies4U and plenty of other sites are alternatives of Cartoon Crazy.

Q12) What are the required things to keep in mind when opening these sites?

Always remember to show on your VPN application to avoid any legal issues in your country or local area. Firewalls and Internet security are a requirement too. If you do not have premium antivirus installed, try the default Microsoft Defender which is additionally very helpful in preventing malware attacks.

Q13) How does one choose which site is the best for you?

Look into the website quality, interface and compatibility along with your device. If each of those basic features meets your expectations, don’t waste time and hop onto watching your favorite anime episodes.

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We know that Cartoon Crazy was at the pivotal point of success and recognition. However, an illegal practice was sure to die out soon, which has indeed posed a large problem for anime fans. But, the above alternatives and more anime based sites are excellent options to decide on from. If you do not find your favorite content or episode on an internet site, you’ll be able to quickly choose the opposite.

The modern audience wants every content to be available on their mobile and desktop screens.

Kids of today glues to mobile phones from a awfully young age. These streaming services allow you to require the chance of matters.


Techbenzy in no way encourages or condones any reasonably copyright violation or circumvention of restrictions. That features streaming illegal content as some services can host both legal and pirated content. You wish to try and do your own research to determine if these services and content are legal in your own country. we advise to always use a VPN while streaming or downloading anything from the net.

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