Cards or Ludo: Better to choose strategy & precision over luck. Know how

Cards or Ludo: Better to choose strategy & precision over luck. Know how – With the inception of online gaming, people have discovered a new mode of entertainment. Through these games, they not only get to earn real money but also improve their skills in the games. All you need is to stay connected to the online world of the gaming platform and play the games accordingly. While online games have started serving gold and killing boredom, it also lets you earn real rewards in the form of cash. And the most excellent games that let you earn money are card games and ludo games. So, if you are interested to learn more about card games and ludo games, here’s how GetMega and LudoMoney

are beneficial to play with the right strategies. If you want to learn more, keep reading.

Strategies to Play Card and Ludo Games

#1 Open all the coin pieces

One of the initial ludo strategies for victory is to get all of your coins out of the home base as soon as possible. You’re taking needless risks if you just utilize 1 or 2 coins to advance forward with each dice roll. You’ll soon be murdered by your opponent. If the number on its dice is low & you cannot rescue the key coin from an opponent with its number, opening the coins provides you greater options when moving them. As a result, you can concentrate on putting the coins to use as quickly. Check out LudoMoney’s newest ludo contest while playing with pro players to understand how you can win more games.

#2 Spread your coins on the board

When you wish for the strategic advantage in the ludo match, you must focus on spreading the coins around the board. Having coins tactically positioned shall allow you to move the coins freely when no opponents are near to the position. When you have 2 coins in that very same spot and surrounded by the opponents, moving the piece may result in the coin getting murdered instantaneously. Furthermore, you will be able to use the tactic to prevent the opponents from reaching houses & therefore win that particular game. Simultaneously, you need to check for the card games and enhance your skills accordingly.

#3 Always choose some attacking strategies to win the game

Even when your money is on the line, the most exciting element of ludo is attacking opponents. You must embrace an approach in ludo and become unbeatable. However, before you murder your opponent’s coin, you should carefully weigh the risks. If your coin is in the first or second quadrant, your strategy should be to attack your opponent even if it means putting your coin in danger. If the coin is in the 3rd or 4th quadrant, however, you must only assault your opponent if you can get away to a safe distance. As per the ‘Rule of Seven,’ the safer distance is always at least seven steps ahead. As a result of this rule, your opponent is less inclined to attack you. Learn and master your strategies with LudoMoney’s exclusive gameplay while playing with real and verified players.

#4 Patience is essential

You are supposed to be patient to win the game. If your coins are in the board’s star zones, for example, then opponents may not kill them there. It’s advisable to leave them in that safe zone if you don’t receive a decent number on the dice, particularly if the competitors’ coins are near yours. Alternatively, you can relocate additional pieces that are already in danger or aren’t in a safe place. Patience is essential for the protection of your money since one mistake move might send your coin back to base, forcing you to restart from the beginning. Simultaneously, you need to check your opponents’ moves before you give away your card in a card game. That’s how your patience level gets demonstrated.

All in all, you must stay calm in real money games. Strengthen your ability to stay calm with LudoMoney and GetMega’s amazing games.

#5 Your opponent should stay blocked

Distracting the opponent is the strategy for securely bringing your coin into the house. When one of your coins gets close to your house, your opponents will always look at it and try to kill it. To protect the pieces from the opponent’s onslaught, you should block them by pursuing the pieces. A solid approach is to constantly keep at least seven steps ahead of your opponents, as their odds of doing so are slim. The best spot for the coins is seven steps ahead of the opponents. In both Getmega and LudoMoney, you can use this strategy. For online card games, you need to enhance your skills to block your opponent’s moves. What you need to do is to make them distracted.

Summing up

So, these are the tricks and tips that you need to consider when playing card games or ludo games. From the given strategies, it can be stated that ludo games are a better bet to improve your knowledge and earn real money accordingly. 

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