Can I learn CCNA online?

In layman’s terms, CCNA is noted to be an entry-level networking certification, which will prepare you for the networking roles in the IT sector. Some of those are network engineers, network administrators, and network specialists. CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate, and it is one entry-level IT certification presented by Cisco. This form of information has been designed to validate the knowledge on the fundamental networking concepts, which are mostly requested in the networking roles in present IT positions.

A quicker rundown to address

Well, some of you might want to know if learning CCNA through online mediums is possible or not. Well, there are various online courses available from reputed educational institutions these days, and you can easily take an active part in any of those. Only the well-trained IT experts will be there and ready to train you in the best possible manner.

  • For procuring the CCNA certification, you will need to pass the 200-301 CCNA exam.
  • As of June 2021, for taking this CCNA exam, you need to spend around $300 along with the tax payment.
  • For taking this exam, you don’t have to focus on any prerequisite. But you have to focus on training and some experience with computer networks.
  • CCNA is mainly targeted to be a commonly requested IT certification course with more than 6000 job lists on Glassdoor and even 12,000+ on other job portal sites.

How much to pay for the CCNA exam?

This CCNA exam will cost you around $300, along with the tax. You get to use Cisco Learning Credits for purchasing your exam. These are noted as prepaid credits that a firm will buy so that the employees can tailor ways to spend credits on the Cisco platform to their said preferences.

  • In case you are trying to cut back down on the cost, then you can approach the manager to check if the firm will pay for an exam or the exam training cost.
  • Some firms will cover both exams and exam training costs as CCNA certification is proven to be highly beneficial for the employer. So, make sure to get that point straight.

A perfect foundation your career needs

Well, CCNA certification will prove that you have everything that it takes to navigate the ever-changing IT landscape. CCNA exams will cover all the IP services, networking fundamentals, automation and security fundamentals, and programmability.

  • The course is mainly designed for versatility and agility and will validate that you have the skills needed for managing and optimizing the most advanced networks of the modern world.
  • The training course and exam will present you with the foundation to make a career in any possible direction you want.
  • Whenever you certify with Cisco, you will be a living standard proof that businesses can easily recognize and trust to meet and then exceed present market demands.

You are always invited to come and join SPOTO Cisco certified internetworking expert training online to get the proper training you could have asked for. Make sure to check in with the course and training modules available and then get to choose the one that seems to be your primary choice to address.

No prerequisite required

No formal prerequisites are required to be a part of the CCNA online course module. But having one or more years of working experience to implement and administer Cisco solutions is highly recommended. 

It shows that you have a stronghold on the basic understanding of the CCNA platform and can then move forward with the formal training. Searching through the world of the internet will let you come across so many options, and you get to choose whichever ones seem to be the best. So, remember to get along with these basic ideas and experience before jumping straight into the course module.

Combination of multiple platforms

To help implement and administer Cisco solutions, reputed online centers will provide a combination of hands-on labs, lectures, and self-study. All these steps will actually prepare you to just install, operate, configure and then verify based on the IPv4 and IPv6 networks over here. Now, you can take an active part in e-learning course modules, online classroom training, digital subscription for videos, and more. There are private online group training sessions available as well. So, check-in with the options before the final call.

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